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Welcome to TI Story, the TI graphing calculator community history! If you are a first-time visitor, please visit the about page to get you up to speed on the site. We encourage you to not only get involved and to contribute your knowledge and memories of the TI community, but to come back often to see what changes or additions have been made. And above all else, enjoy your stay!

Featured Person

Ahmed El-Helw was one of the most prominent and active members in the TI community. He not only created and ported many games and programs, but was a staff member for multiple TI sites and groups: ticalc.org, Dimension-TI, TI-Files, TCPA, and Void Productions.

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Featured Group

MaxCoderz Software was one of the longest running programming groups in the TI community (2001-2010). The group was involved in several of the community happenings over the years, including major program releases, group mergers, site startups, and site wars.

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Featured Site

As its name implies, TI-News (TI-Net) was a site dedicated to reporting the latest news from around the TI community at one central location. Although there had been previous attempts at a TI news site, TI-News was the first well maintained site with constant updates, and allowed people to submit news and post comments.

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Featured Product

Alien Breed is a series of top-down view shoot-em-up games across many of the Z80 calculators by James Vernon, based on the series of the same name for Amiga/PC computers by Team 17. The first 2 games in the series were written in TI-Basic, then the rest are written in assembly, introducing more features as the series progressed.

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