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Welcome to TI Story, the TI graphing calculator community history! If you are a first-time visitor, please visit the about page to get you up to speed on the site. We encourage you to not only get involved and to contribute your knowledge and memories of the TI community, but to come back often to see what changes or additions have been made. And above all else, enjoy your stay!

Featured Person

Bill Nagel was one of the pioneers of assembly language for the TI-83 and TI-86 graphing calculators, releasing the first assembly game and shell for each. He was also a staff member on TI-Files, where he wrote the assembly columns.

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Featured Group

MaxCoderz Software was one of the longest running programming groups in the TI community (2001-2010). The group was involved in several of the community happenings over the years, including major program releases, group mergers, site startups, and site wars.

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Featured Site

Ticalc.org is the premier site in the TI community. It is not only the place where everybody goes to find and upload programs, but it is the very face of the community itself. It has been online since 1996, and is the only TI site from that time period that is still actively maintained.

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Featured Product

Virtual-TI (VTI) was written by Rusty Wagner of ACZ for Microsoft Windows, and was the first viable emulator with support for all of the TI graphing calculators. It features a graphical debugger, a grayscale display, data transfer between computer and emulated calculator, black link, parallel link and much more.

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