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Patrick Prendergast (commonly known as tr1p1ea) is a programmer from Australia, well known for his quality releases on the TI-83/TI-83+ calculators.

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Icarus Productions was one of the premier assembly programming groups, featuring Jimmy Mardell, Matthew Shepcar, Andreas Ess, and Clement Vasseur as members. They released several quality programs for the TI-85 and TI-86, such as Sqrxz, Vertigo, and Rascall.

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Dimension-TI (Calc.org) was one of the three major TI sites along with ticalc.org and TI-Files, and was involved in much of the TI community happenings and drama. It introduced many innovations and enhancements to the community, and was arguably better than both ticalc.org and TI-Files at their respective peaks.

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Joltima was a classic role-playing game featuring several hours of gameplay, and was created by Justin Karneges in assembly for the TI-83 graphing calculator. Just like with Dying Eyes by Alex Highsmith, the game was eventually ported to all of the TI graphing calculators by other people from the community.

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