Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly In 28 Days

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Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly In 28 Days


TI-83+/84+ Assembly tutorials


Sean McLaughlin

Ticalc.org URL


Release Date

May 10, 2004 (version 2.0)



Learn TI-83 Plus Assembly In 28 Days (sometimes abbreviated as 83pa28d) is a set of tutorials designed to teach Z80 assembly programming on the TI-83+/84+ calculators.


The 83pa28d tutorials have become the common reference point for new and even experienced assembly programmers. There are 28 main tutorials, starting with basic concepts of the Z80 registers and memory layout on the TI-83+/84+ calculators, then moving on to more intermediate and advanced subject matter such as bit math, system variables and the VAT, and then graphics, the LCD, interfacing with ports, etc.

There are also a number of reference and datasheet pages that contain detailed information on Z80 instructions (such as opcodes, number of clock cycles used, flags affected, etc.), key and scan codes, character maps and more.


The tutorials are in HTML format, so they can simply be downloaded and viewed on any PC, Mac or handheld device that can interpret HTML. All information is provided in a clear, simple to read format, including tables showing relevant information for each tutorial, and sections of example code.

How To Use This Guide
Don't be under the impression that you have a schedule to follow. If you can go through eight lessons in two hours, go ahead. If you feel you have to spend a few days repeatedly going over one section to understand it totally, no problem. Calling each lesson a "day" is merely this guide's "gimmick": I thought it would be more flavorful than just going "Lesson 6…Lesson 7…Lesson 8…"

Think you're ready? Then go to the Table of Contents, or just go straight to Day 1. You might also want to check out the Formatting used in this guide.

(Taken from the Welcome page of the guide)

Development History

In 2002, Sean McLaughlin expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of information available for assembly programming on the TI-83+ calculator (which at that time had been on the market for approximately 3 years). Many people were still referring to ASM Guru, which was designed for the TI-83, so many pieces of information weren't applicable, or in some cases were incorrect, leading to potential crashes on the TI-83+. Furthermore, Sean was not happy with the format of ASM Guru.

Based on these reasons, he started collating information on the TI-83+, also with the help of a few other members of the community, as well as other sources of assembly programming.

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