Ballistic Software

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Founding Date

Sometime 1994

Years Active

1994 to 1998

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T&A Software


Acidic Software


Ballistic Software was a TI-Basic programming group for the TI-82 graphing calculator. They released several quality programs and games including the Zilog series of RPGs.

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Contributions

pixelpaint1.gif pixelpaint2.gif zilog1.gif zilog2.gif
  • Missiles — Amass the greatest points possible by avoiding the sidewinding missiles to reach the other side.
  • Game Menus — This is a collection of 5 new graphical game menus which can be used with your games, if you program TI-82 stuff.
  • Modem Assistant — This will calculate your maximum download speed based on your connection. It's more complicated than you think.
  • Pixel Paint — A paint program with more than 20 unique tools for creating cool Pic files. This is great for anyone trying to design Pics for other programs including games or if you're trying to design a logo or even if you just want to kill some time. Here are some screenshots from it.
  • Password Lock — Password protect your programs with this utility. This one is actually difficult to figure out.
  • Periodic Table — The complete Periodic Table of Elements with a complete GUI and features atomic numbers, symbols, atomic masses, and valences.
  • Prime Number Generator — Generates prime numbers between any two numbers quickly.
  • VuePic — A simple, easy to use program that allows you to see the pic files on your calculator. It does not use any variables, therefore it's nice for programmers.
  • Zilog: Time for Revenge — Zilog is an exciting RPG for the TI-82 graphing calculator. Includes monsters, spells, shops, hitpoints, magic points, and a challenging overall objective.
  • Zilog 2: Adapt — Zilog 2 features a 6x6 map area per level, a set of 6 different spells, 5 different character classes, over 10 different opponents, and the ability to import your own maps using the Map Editor (included in the zip), plus much more.

Group Staff

  • Binary Fission (Avenger) — founder
  • TigerEye — founder
  • DragonSlayer — admin
  • Mad Hatter
  • BlackEye
  • K-Man
  • Xavier

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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Group History

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Welcome to BallisTiC Software. We are a team of programmers and artists dedicated to bringing you the best in shareware and freeware. We now have software related to WarCraft 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Hexen, Quake, and much more. Come on in and don't forget to fill out the survey and even find out how to become a member.

Welcome one, welcome all. BallisTiC Software is a small team consisting of 5 people. We started in 1994 and were originally made up of only two members (TigerEye and Avenger) and we used the name T&A Software. Now Tigereye quit and K-man, DragonSlayer, Blackeye, and Mad Hatter, and Xavier have all joined over the course of about a year and we renamed to BallisTiC Software. Since fall of 1998 BallisTiC Software has been on rest status due to other member interests.