[BASIC 83x]

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[BASIC 83x]

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Chris Hermann

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May 20, 2001

Years Active

2001 to 2003



Webpage for the TI-83(+)


BASIC Guru Online

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[BASIC 83x] was another short-lived TI community site that tried to compete with ticalc.org and Dimension-TI. It specifically focused on providing content for the TI-83+ graphing calculator. The site was part of the TI Programmers Network, and several of the members were regulars on BASIC Guru Online.

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  • Chris Hermann (RessurectoR)

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  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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  • http://basic83x.netfirms.com
  • http://www.geocities.com/basic83x/

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(Screenshot of Site homepage circa year)

Site History

(Taken from homepage)

What is this site all about? It is about the Texas Instruments Graphics Calculator - TI-83, and its later model, TI-83+. The site features many programs (Found in the archive), some have been written by me, even more have been submitted by BASIC 83x's members, and yet even more are from the general world population. More than just about programs, BASIC 83x also has writes articles for you. The first - "Overclocking the TI-83" is already up, and my second - "Making your own TI-Link Cable" will be ready very soon. You can also join and submit your own programs, and you will also benefit by receiving the weekly newsletter. As the site matures, more member-only features will be added, ensuring that signing up for membership will be a worthwhile action, reaching beyond simply just having your name on the members page. So explore, take in the goodness and download from our fine archive, and please come back soon!