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Ben Davis was a TI-Basic programmer for the TI-82 graphing calculator, and one of the original staff members of TI-Files.

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Our History and information
My Name: Ben Davis
Age: 18
Hobbies: TI-82 programming, Computers, Basketball, and of course Sleep

Over the past 3 years I have endeavored to become a great programmer. I spent a great deal of my time working in any programming language I could get to. But what I have found is that for a high school student with little to no money trying to get programing materials is impossible so I was forced to use what I had. Since I am either always at school or work, school is my only time to program games, so I decided to relay on my trusty TI-82 Calculator for fun.

Chapter 1- Davissoft Software

When I was a sophomore I started to work on serious programing, I mean the complex stuff you just seem to catch on to as you go along. I decided the first real program I would do was windows. I made it pretty realistic and close to windows 95, but it was limited to my programs which sort of made it useless. Well at that time I started distributing my programs to friends as i did not have a graph link to my computer and such had no access to computer upload. Unfortunately I lost windows a few weeks later when my batteries died. Then I tried to make a version of zork. No luck with that as I ran out of memory half way through. so that lasted all of 3 weeks too. Finally i decided I would like to distribute my information to the world so I went out and got a graph link. Thus began Davissoft software.

With Davissoft software I began by posting my favorite games that were presently out by other authors such as Alex Highsmith, the creator of the FFX series, Dan Koester a great page designer and Dave Jacklitsh The runner of the famed TI-archive and MegaMan games. I eventually decided to make my own game- Mystic Quest, an RPG of my own with an overhead map and dragon warrior style battle mode. I spent months on Mystic Quest but eventually gave up due to the excessive number of code errors and slowdown problems.

Chapter 2- The TI-Files

When I was working alone on my page I happened across a bunch of unique individuals who were all into TI computing and but all owned TI calculators. We all had Homepages that covered different areas and felt that there should be one page for all ti related programs. Thus with a spark, a server, and a will to program- the TI-files were born. As one of the original members I helped to create reviews of many games, programs and also to update and research files such as Soundscape and OShell82 for the TI-files.I remained with the TI-files for 8 months until I resigned in June 1997 to continue with other work.

Chapter 3- Davissoft Software part 2 and 82ASM- Myth or Mystery

About a month after i resigned from the TI-files I began to work on my own page again of which I had been neglecting. This lasted 3 weeks. I haven't updated it since. That's what this page is is the first update. since June 1997. I also had started a page with former programmer Kyle Simmons called 82ASM: Myth or Mystery which was created just a few weeks before the release of Oshell82 the first TI-82 ASM shell. That page did not last long. I had been taking an electronic Technology course so i decided to use what I had learned and created the TI-glow, a lighting mechanism for All TI- calculators. really its just a three LED set of lights in a parallel circuit that works like a front light.

Chapter 4- Crystal Dynamics and the future.

Recently I became infatuated with a space shooter called Tyrian for the PC. I decided that it would make a great 82 game, even in basic, so i decided that if I was going to program a new game, I might as well make a page to compliment it. Thus Crystal Dynamics Was Born. Tyrian 82 is going well and should be ready for demo release by at latest 6/15/98. I will notify you of any further updates on the Tyrian 82 Page.
Well if you actually read this whole thing you really must love to hear about past pages and this page came about so…