Cahal Technologies

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Sherman Cahal

Founding Date

Summer 1997

Years Active

1997 to 2004

Programmed For

TI-8x, Computer


TI-Basic, Assembly
Visual Basic, C/C++


Shermco Industries
Cahal Technology Corporation



Cahal Technologies (originally called Shermco Industries) was started by Sherman Cahal in Summer 1997 as a one-man programming group. The group released several notable products including Assembly Suite, Shermco Studio, Z80 Decompiler, and Titanium Multimedia, with the latter even being featured on It was one of the TI sites that got hosting through Dimension-TI ( The group later moved away from TI development, and switched over to web development.

Group Significance

They released several notable products for both the TI graphing calculators and computer: Assembly Suite, Page Creator, Simple FTP, and Titanium Multimedia.

Group Products

  • Assembly Suite
  • Cool Media Player
  • Matt 3D Designer
  • Memory Viewer
  • Page Creator
  • Shermco Studio
  • Simple FTP
  • Talk Show
  • Titanium Multimedia
  • Z80 Decompiler

Group Staff

Some of the members were involved with other TI sites and programming groups including Nata Buda (Dimension-TI, TI-News) and Jonathon Capps (SiCoDe Software, Basicoderz Software).

  • Sherman Cahal — founder
  • Frank Schoep
  • Nate Buda
  • Kenny
  • Albert Shieh
  • Kevin Shain
  • Dave
  • Jonathon Capps
  • Gajendra
  • Kyle McAdam

Group Milestones

  • September 2000 — Shermco Industries gets hosted through Dimension-TI

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Group History

(Taken from Cahal Technologies about page)

Today, designers are looking for the most efficient product possible; one that does the job, and one that does it right. We provide that, and since 1998, we have strived to be the most innovative, while being efficient and doing everything right. And so far, that philosophy has worked.

In 1997, Cahal Technologies was founded by Sherman Cahal under the name of Shermco Industries. Running a one man company during high school, he created popular programs, such as COS, Shermco Studio, among others. The name Shermco Industries was changed to Cahal Technologies in Summer 1998.

In 1999, Frank Schoep joined the team, and created innovative programs such as Titanium Multimedia, Matt 3D Designer, and more.

In Februrary of 2000, Nate Buda came in with fresh ideas that kept the company together.

On October 1, 2001, Cahal Technologies reached a milestone. A new server was purchased, which included POP3 e-mail boxes, large web-space, and more.

Kenny, from Hong Kong, China, joined our team in Februrary of 2002. He is currently coding Page Creator and Talk Show Live, both internet applications.