Calc Haven (CalcHaven)

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Calc Haven

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Master Jc

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Fall 2003

Years Active

2003 to 2008






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Calc Haven (CalcHaven) was a popular TI community site from 2003 to 2008. They primarily consisted of a forum and an IRC channel, where members would post their projects, get programming help, or just converse about miscellaneous things. The site was created by the merger of other TI community sites.

Although they came at a time where the TI community was saturated with small new websites, CalcHaven enjoyed some success in terms of activity, reaching 9000 posts on its original forum and 3000 on its second one, making them one of the larger TI community websites during their Invisionfree days. However, many site restarts, URL changes, disputes and a shift to almost entirely off-topic discussion has led to a loss of interest by their members and staff and eventually, their demise.

Their original Invisionfree forum is still online as of 2015, but access is difficult due to pop-ups and redirect scripts. Registrations on that board is still possible, as well as posting, but it is inactive.

Site Content

(Taken from live chat page)

How To Join the Live Chat

If you would like to get help in a live chatroom environment, or would just like to chat and get to know others who share a similar interest, you might want to consider visiting our IRC channel. We host a channel on called #calchaven, which was set up through our friends at Feel free to visit!

If you need help getting started with IRC, continue reading this tutorial.

There are several programs that you can download in order to run IRC, as well as web interfaces that do not require you to download any software.

If you would not like to download any software, simply use the web interface at

There are several disadvantages to using a web interface, which you may or may not care about, so it might be a good idea to download an IRC client.

Some clients include:
-mIRC (Windows)
-.IRC (Windows)
-irssi (MacOS X, Linux, BSD)
-ircle (Mac OS 7.0 through 9.2.x or Mac OS X 10.1 or newer)

Also, many non-MSIE browsers have IRC clients, including Mozilla and Opera.

Each client has a different interface, so you'll need to figure out how to set it up. This may include setting up a default "nick" as well as an "ident." Setting it up should be pretty straight forward. Just a note, the network #calchaven is on has a 9 character nick limit, any nick longer than this will be truncated.

Once you have an IRC client installed and running (if you are using the web interface linked to above, ignore this step), join the efnet server. Some clients will do this automatically. On a chat prompt, simply type:


and hit enter. There are many different servers, but any of them on the efnet network will have access to #calchaven. Once you are connected, (web interface users should start again here (after you have logged in with your nick)) type the following on the chat line and hit enter:

/join #calchaven

This should take you to our channel.


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Site Staff

alex10819 was involved in multiple TI sites including his own site (Alex10819), Ti-Programmers Union, Calc Haven, and Cody Moats Programming (

  • Jc — founder
  • Andy — founder
  • JincS — admin
  • XX — admin
  • alex10819 — admin
  • BCTurk — admin
  • Tikiman — admin
  • Mystery Man — admin
  • Quiet Chaos — admin

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