Calc-TI Mailing List

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April 1994 — Calc-TI mailing list started by Texas Instruments to support the programming hobbyist with more technical information and discussions

Taken from Official Calc-TI and Graph-TI FAQ

There are several addresses which are associated with the
Graph-TI and Calc-TI lists, the Graph-TI and Calc-TI
message archives and the Graph-TI program archive. It is
important that you not mix these up, or you may end up
sending list server commands to the archive or even posting
them to the list. The following addresses are used to
access the lists and the archive.

Calc-TI Newsgroup:

Mailing lists
list server:||vrestsil
(for subscription requests)
Graph-TI list:||IT-hparG
(for posting to Graph-TI)
Calc-TI list:||IT-claC
(for posting to Calc-TI)

Graph-TI and Calc-TI list archives
via listserv:||vrestsil
via anonymous ftp:
(for archived Calc-TI messages)
(for archived Graph-TI messages)

Graph-TI program archive
via anonymous ftp:
via world wide web:

Commands relating to the lists like "subscribe" and
"unsubscribe" in general should be sent to the list
server. Messages which you want to post to all Graph-TI
list subscribers should be sent to the Graph-TI list.
Messages which you want to post to all Calc-TI list
subscribers should be sent to the Calc-TI list (or should
be posted to the Calc-TI Newsgroup).

Questions or comments of any kind can be sent to||serac-it

Question: What is Calc-TI?

Calc-TI was created as a forum for discussion of topic
related to all Texas Instruments calculators, but not
related to education. It is in many ways similar to
Graph-TI, except that all topics related to all Texas
Instruments calculators are acceptable on Calc-TI. Calc-TI
exists as both a list and a Newsgroup. Note, however, that
the Graph-TI archive serves both Graph-TI and Calc-TI.
There is no Calc-TI archive, and non-educational materials
are allowed in the archive.

The Calc-TI newsgroup and the Calc-TI lists contains
the same information. Any information sent to one of the
lists is automatically posted to the newsgroup, and vice
versa. Therefore, there is no reason to subscribe both to
the list and the Newsgroup. If you are able to subscribe to
the Newsgroup, you should probably do so, since a Newsgroup
has many advantages over a list. If you are not able to
subscribe to a Newsgroup you should subscribe to the list.