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Mike J

Founding Date

December 2000

Years Active

2000 to 2003

Programmed For

TI-89, TI-83


TI-Basic, Assembly, C



CalcWare was a programming group for the TI-89 and TI-83 graphing calculators, and they programmed in TI-Basic, assembly, and C. They released several high-quality programs and games, including Checkers, SubHunt, and Command to Conquer; the latter game was even featured on

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Contributions

  • Acal
  • War of the Arthropods
  • Bloop
  • Checkers
  • PalmCalc
  • Dhunt
  • Period
  • Command to Conquer
  • Pong
  • Dodge Ball
  • TI-89 OS Remover

Group Staff

  • Mike J — founder
  • Prestone Clark
  • Ty Taylor
  • Josh Neumann
  • Daniel Green
  • Mike Tate
  • Bialar Crais
  • Eric Burgess
  • Andy Wong
  • Lance Negron
  • Pierre A
  • Jonathan Lamb
  • John Mitchell
  • Robert Mohr
  • Aleph Mobius
  • Jesse Stephenson
  • Travis Butler
  • Carl Mitchell
  • JW McNay
  • Mitchell Polifka
  • Jon G
  • Michiel Martens
  • Matthew Pagliaro (Ziggy999)
  • BrettD

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of Group homepage circa year)

Group History

(Taken from CalcWare about page) was started at the end of the year 2000. Before its final resting place on this server and this domain, transfered to many different free hosting companies and many free domains. Enough cash was finally raised, and the domain and hosting were purchased.

CalcWare started out as a simple html-and-frame site with 2 programs. I created a new design with a few ASP scripts to make the site better. After a while, I stopped working on that design and began the design process for the site you see now. All the pages were dynamic and at the site's heart, a database, to allow for expansion and user accounts. The staff continues to grow and new programs are added constantly. Also, many features are being worked on to improve the overall site. was handcoded (except for the basic table layout) and most scripts have been written by the founder, Mike J. The forums are written by another company in PHP. The news system is written in CGI. Several other people have helped contribute to the design and interworkings of this site.