Christopher Mitchell

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Kerm Martian

cmitchell (at) nyu (dot) education



New York, United States

Years Active

2000 to present



Christopher Mitchell (popularly known as Kerm Martian) is a programmer for the Z80 calculators, in both TI basic & assembly.

Significance and Controversy

Christopher is well known as the author of the popular GUI shells Doors CS and Doors CSE (for the TI-83/84+ and TI-84+CSE calculators respectively), as well as CALCnet, a networking protocol for the Z80 calculators. In his early TI community days, he was seen by some other community members as focusing too much on quantity instead of quality when releasing programs on, with criticism about the hype created for CALCnet and Doors CS softwares, despite both being in very early stages. However, starting in 2005, almost every Kerm program release was high quality, often making headlines. Meanwhile, the previously criticized CALCnet and Doors CS both got finished and became seen as major achievements. His old softwares, screen-savers and hardware schematics remains available for posterity and nostalgia.

He also manages Cemetech, a community site for programming & electronics on a variety of platforms, including calculator programming for both the TI & Casio ranges.

Christopher is one of the highest ranked authors on, with over 370 released programs and over 1,100,000 downloads as of June 2014.


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(Taken from the Cemetech resume page)
I am Christopher Mitchell, a second-year Computer Science PhD student in the Networking and Wide-Area Systems group at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Science at NYU. I previously graduated from the Cooper Union in New York City with my Master's degree in Electrical Engineering in May 2010 and my BE in EE in May 2009. I am the administrator emeritus (with Deian Stefan) of Cooper Union's EE µLab and ICELab, a graduate fellow emeritus of the Center for Signal Processing, Communications and Computer Engineering Research (S*ProCom²) at the Cooper Union, and was a Continuing Education instructor for Cooper Union's Immigrant Retraining Program. My current research focus is novel implementations of generalized data-centric high-performance distributed computation and applications thereof, including the Oolong project. My recently-completed Master's thesis focuses on the novel applications of realtime computer vision algorithms to wearable computing for augmented reality; I have previously explored the parallelization of encryption and stochastic algorithms on FPGAs and GPGPU hardware. My personal research centers on the implementation of high-functioning hardware and software applications for low-resource portable devices.

I manage and oversee a 2,400-member technology-focused website and forum, Cemetech, where I publish most of my personal projects. In these pages you can find information about me, my publications, my past, present, and future projects, and view my résumé. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me at the email address at right.