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David Lindstrom

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July 2001

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2001 to 2003

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TI-Basic, Assembly


MVG! Solutions
Detach-head Solutions


The Calc Site
Prokul Interactive
Outer Limit Software
Nexus Programming

Cirrus Programming was one of the programming groups that was hosted on the TI-Galaxy network of TI community sites, including The Calc Site, Nexus Programming, Anthem Software, and Prokul Interactive. Cirrus later merged with three other sites — CalcBasic, Outer Limit Software, and Prokul Interactive — to form United-TI (UTI), an extremely active and popular TI community site.

Group Significance

Cirrus had a very unique tool in the TI community: an online hex disassembler (URL: which allowed you to convert TI-83 Plus assembly programs into hexadecimal. That tool was very useful for people who don't have a link cable, because they could copy ASM programs on their calculator without one, something that is impossible with TI-Graph Link and while they open fine in Source Coder, many special characters cannot be copied on the calculator and it's not guaranteed the program will run fine even if you manage to copy it fine.

The main project was NimbusOS, an assembly shell for the TI-83 Plus. Justin, David, Donnie, and Pascal were involved in working on it. NimbusOS was designed to be better than MirageOS, with a nicer interface and more features and functionality. The project was never really finished, however, and the most recent version was eventually released on United-TI.

Several of the members had their own group or personal site:

  • The Calc Site (Alan Hamlett) —
  • JB Productions (John Barrus) —
  • CalcBasic (Justin Birkhofer) —
  • Outer Limit Software (Bryan Thomas) —
  • Nexus Programming (Brian Jost) —
  • DE3 Software (Tressley Cahill) —
  • Maarten Derickx —
  • Donnie Jones —
  • Pascal Miller —

Group Staff

  • David Lindström — founder
  • Alan Hamlett — admin
  • John Barrus — admin
  • Justin Birkhofer — admin
  • Bryan Thomas
  • Maarten Derickx
  • Brian Jost
  • Donnie Jones
  • Tressley Cahill
  • Pascal Miller
  • Justin Wales
  • Jonas Lindgren
  • Chris B

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Group History

(Taken from Cirrus history page)

It is late night, I should be in bed, but before I go to sleep, I thought I would write something about this site, myself, and all the people involved.

It all started when I got my TI-83 Plus in 1998. The first thing I did when I got it was to read through the whole manual. By and by I learned how to program it in TI-BASIC. The programs I wrote became more and more advanced as time went by.

At this time, I didn't have own a computer, so I couldn't publish them for download on the Internet. However, me and my brother bought our own computer, which paved the way into the TI-community. I started uploading my programs to Besides, I started constructing my own homepage where I could publish my own programs (July 2000).

The website wasn't that well designed, and didn't have much relevant content either. Take a look at it.

In 2002, I considered myself fully skilled with the TI-BASIC programming language, and I was prepared to proceed with the assembly language. During the summer holidays 2002, I got plenty of time to get started with it, and so did I. I recall that I wrote my first assembly program in July that year. My website hadn't been updated for several months, so I felt that it was time for a real remake.

At the same time, a boy named Alan Hamlett contacted me. He had a website just like mine, and we helped each other with developing and improving our web pages. Then I decided to make my site a programming group since I wished to get in touch with more people that shared the same interest. I chose to call the group "Detach-head Solutions", alluding to another group named Detached Solutions.

The first member was Alan Hamlett, who joined us on 2 August 2001. Another milestone was when we changed our name to Cirrus Programming on 10 August 2002. Our third member was John Barrus who joined on 12 September. Now we were three members, and we now functioned as a real programming group with unity. Take a look at the previous color scheme of this site. (MHT file. Can be opened by Internet Explorer).

The website continued to grow, and more members that contributed to the community have joined us along the way. I think this site has turned out very well and beyond my expectations. This is first of all a result accomplished by the members, and I'd like to thank the members for being a part of this project, keep up the good work!

-David Lindström
Founder and webmaster of Cirrus Programming