Concept Apps

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(Taken from Concept App page on TI website)

What is a Concept APP?
A Concept APP is a Calculator Software Application PROTOTYPE that demonstrates a new concept area.
A Concept APP is shared with our customers, educators, and students before the product definition and testing are complete.

Concept APPS are free APPS that may be distributed via the web store in one of two ways: as an APP that can be shared from calculator to calculator, or as an APP that is assigned to a specific calculator through the web store. These applications may contain software imperfections and/or incomplete coding areas. They are "alpha" software versions.

Why is TI releasing Concept APPS?
The intent of Concept APPS is to allow TI to share these products with our customers EARLY, for the purpose of receiving feedback regarding:
1. Whether or not you like the application at all.

2. Any suggestions you have that could improve the design of the application, making it easier to use, or including other functionality that would make it even more useful.

Therefore, we will provide an email address where you can send your comments regarding any of the Concept APPS. This email address will be for Concept APP feedback only.

Where will Concept APPS be available?
Concept Apps would be available on our web site at the same location as Free apps and For Purchase apps (in the TI Online Store).
If a Concept App is available for a particular flash calculator, you would see a new category, denoted Concept, in addition to the Free and For Purchase categories of software applications.