Crates 3D

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Crates 3D


Puzzle game


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Release Date

July 15, 2001 (version 1.1)





Crates 3D is a puzzle game for the TI-83(+)/84+/86 calculators. It was programmed by Adrian Grucza (Badja) in assembly.


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From the readme file:

How to Play

At the title screen, press the 2ND key to play the selected level set.
Crates 3D comes with one level set called "Standard".

Each level is built entirely from white crates. You control a black
crate, which you can move around with the arrow keys. The aim in each
level is to reach the other black crate and stand on top of it. The
first three levels in the Standard set are training levels.

On level 1, move all the way to the right. You will find yourself
hidden by a wall. You need to rotate the view with the Y= and WINDOW
keys to see what is behind the wall. Once you have moved past the wall,
move across to the black crate and stand on top of it to win the level.

On level 2, you will see that you can use crates as steps, just by
moving onto then in the normal fashion. You cannot step up or down more
than one crate high.

On level 3, you will encounter a gap that is too deep to cross. You need
to push a crate into the gap to continue. Position yourself behind the
single crate, hold down the 2ND key and move in the direction you want
to push it. The crate will fall into the gap, allowing you to pass.

You can change between levels with the plus and minus keys, and restart
a level by pressing DEL. Press CLEAR to return to the menu. When you
play the level set again, you will be returned to the start of the level
that you were on.

Laws of Crates 3D

Whilst playing level 3, you may have noticed the following three rules:

- Crates 3D does not obey the law of conservation of crates.
If a crate does not have anything to fall onto, it will disappear into

- Inert crates are not affected by gravity.
If a crate is pushed out from underneath another crate, the top crate
will not fall down but will remain suspended in mid-air.

- Some crates are immovable.
For a crate to be moveable, there must be a crate below it, but no crate
in its way.

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