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Dan Koester was a staff member on TI-Files, as well as being the person that originally hosted the site.

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Hi My name is Dan Koester, but you probably know me as Dan1son. I'm 16 years old, and am a sophmore at Oakville Highschool in St. Louis, MO. I've been living in St. Louis my whole life. I grew up in a nice sized 2 story house since I was 3, and am still living in that very house. My dad worked with electronics since he was about 20, and I got involved with them just by watching him make pcb's and various other things. We've built amps, radar alarms, and so on. I went to public school my whole life, and was in the "gifted" classes ever since Kindergarten (there was only one other kindergartner in there with me). Throughout k-3rd grade I was one of the smarter kids in my classes. I was reading higher level books and doing the harder math stuff. Then in 5th grade my district had it's annual academic olympics where I won for math. In 8th grade my parents got divorced and it was sort of different having to go to a different house to see my dad. It wasn't to bad. I like it a lot better now. School was always pretty easy for me so I decided to go to DeSmet Jesuit highschool (an all boys school) for freshman year. Upon going there for a few months I realized how crappy the school was and I hated it to death. I did what I could to get out of there. I almost left halfway but I didn't really want to switch schools. After freshman year (My GPA was around 1.8) I switched schools back to Oakville (Public!!!). Now I'm working my gpa back up there (It's at around 3.0 now).

My graphing calculator stuff started in freshman year at DeSmet where I saw some kids playing games like "drug wars" and "arkanoid". It sort of hit my interests and I decided to look around the internet for info on them. I looked around the web and saw ticalc.org. When I went there I noticed that ASM was the big thing at the time, so I went to IRC to see what people had to say. I was in #calc-ti for quite a while before really deciding which calc I wanted. But I eventually decided to get the 83. Mainly because my math teacher, and Bill Nagel's page. When I bought the 83 I downloaded some games from kids at school and wasn't to impressed with how slow they were (ALL BASIC!!!). So after about a month or so I made myself a $4 serial link cable. I still use it to this day! :). The first thing I did when I got it was load "tetris83" and "tbout" onto my calc. I WAS AMAZED! I brought my new games to school and everyone was blown away. So I kept looking at sites and looking for games. I then came upon some thing called "chat" on Bill Nagel's page. I went in and saw Harper Maddox sitting there. I started talking to him, and we became very good friends. Over the time I was in there I talked to Bill Nagel, and some other people that didn't really come and go much. While talking to harper one day he mentioned that "Alex Highsmith" e-mailed him about wanting to start a new web page. We brainstormed about names and ideas about it. The rest is history…..

I was with the ti-files for about 9 months before I just couldn't do it anymore. I was a senior editor, and helped out quite a bit with maintaining the site on my INLINK web space. I just couldn't do much anymore because I got a job at Best Buy, and a girlfriend. I had not free time. I never really left the philes(as it was then called), I still had full access and all that. But I wasn't on the member page. I still went into the irc channel #ti-files quite a bit. About a month ago I decided to see if I could become a member again because I was getting the hang of having so little free time. So here I am.

I really like being a part of one of the biggest ti based web sites in the world. I'm trying my best to do my part, and to keep this site huge! Without sites like the philes I don't think the ti community would be nearly as big as it has gotten. WE ARE THE TI MARKET! :)

Thanks for your time and PLEASE e-mail me at gro.selif-it|nos1naD#gro.selif-it|nos1naD with any tech support questions, and or COMMENTS about the site. I'm here to help you. I know quite a bit about these little calcs and I want to share my knowledge with everyone else.