Destination Software (MidKnight Software)

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Kodi Mosley

Founding Date

September 1997

Years Active

1997 to 1999
2002 to 2005

Programmed For

TI-89, TI-92


TI-Basic, Assembly


Destination Software, Inc.
MidKnight Software



Destination Software was a programming group for the TI-89 and TI-92 graphing calculators. They specialized in creating high-quality RPGs, with advanced graphics and gameplay. In fact, their Final Fantasy Destination RPG even won the prestigious Program of the Month (POTM) award for October 1999 handed out by

The group went inactive and disappeared in 1999, but later reappeared with a new name — MidKnight Software — and new members in 2002. The reason was because they wanted to finish their Zenith Saga game, and to bring some new ideas to the table.

Group Significance

  • Final Fantasy Destination — A large scale, award winning RPG that expands upon the spectacular story of Final Fantasy VI created by Squaresoft. Now released for nearly 2yrs, FFD still tops the charts.
  • Zenith Saga — In development for over to 2yrs now, and written completely in M68k assembly, Zenith Saga, our all new and original RPG, will set the standard of how a TI-RPG should be done.

Group Contributions

  • List of their programs and games
  • Include a screenshot for some of their best games/programs

Group Staff

  • Kodi Jerod Mosley — founder
  • Luis Miguel Lebolo — admin
  • Aaron Chernosky — admin
  • Wilson Guillaume
  • Jamil Gonzalez
  • Isidro de Prat

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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(Screenshot of Group homepage circa year)

Group History

(Taken from MidKnight Software about page)

MidKnight Software was born as Destination Software in September of 1997 with only two original members, Kodi Mosley and Luis Lebolo. Now we are a strong group of six with members stretching from Florida to Texas. The original company name, Destination Software, was given in honor of our 1st RPG, Final Fantasy Destination. This game put us on the map and set a new standard that we intend to break with every title. However, in April 2002 we decided to change the name of our group to MidKnight Software. Now, with lots of hard work, we would like to become your major source for TI-RPGs.


They were one of the TI sites that got hosting through Dimension-TI and (or both, in their case).