TI Community Developers

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There have been many people involved in the development of assembly support for the TI graphing calculators:

(Taken from Phoenix readme file)

Joe Wingbermuehle For the fast TI-82 display copy routine, and
the Ion system for the TI-83 and TI-83+

Sam Heald / The Void Various suggestions, including using the routine

Andreas Finne / TCPA Converting previous versions of the game to Ion

David Boozer All of these people were instrumental in
Magnus Hagander developing assembly support for the TI-85 and/or
Dan Eble the Usgard system.
Rob Taylor
Sam Davies
Jimmy Mardell
Austin Butler
Mel Tsai

Dines Justesen Researching assembly capabilities on the TI-82
and developing the original Ash system.

Hideaki Omuro Developing the CrASH system for the TI-82.
Jeff Mears

Alan Bailey The Asm86 TI-86 development tools

Kirk Meyer The Lite86 compression system