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A linker that creates TI-83 executables to use with either Zasmload or any shell.


Hannes Edfeldt


Release Date

Sometime 1997





Devpac83 is a linker that creates TI-83 .83p files from assembled .bin files. These .83p files can then be run on the TI-83 calculator using either Zasmload or any shell, eg. Ion.

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Significance of Product

In the early days of TI-83 Z80 assembly programming, Devpac83 was the most commonly used linker to link .bin files into .83p files, ready for transfer to the TI-83 calculator.

When the TI-83+ was released, Scott Dial (Wrath) released a modified version of Devpac83 called Devpac8x, which was used to link .bin files into .8xp files for the TI-83+.


(Taken from the readme file)

Devpac83 v1.2
By Hannes Edfeldt aka movax

What is it

Devpac83 is a linker that creates TI-83 executables to use with either Zasmload or AShell83.

How to use it

I've included the bat-file zasm.bat which makes it really easy to assemble and link a program. Just make sure that you have TASM, Devpac83 and zasm in your path and then write for example:

zasm alien

if you wanted to assemble a file called "alien.z80". Now that didn't hurt, did it? =)


Version 1.0 - initial release

Version 1.1 - fixed a bug that made the program generate a faulty TI-83 programname if the name
had other characters than uppercase or lowercase letters in it.

Version 1.2 - fixed a bug that caused Devpac83 to malfunction under DOS 6.xx (thankyou for the
help Florent Dhordain!)


This program is of course freeware and you may freely distribute it as long as all of the files (, devpac83.doc and zasm.bat) are included and not modified in any way.


I can't possibly imagine how this program could do any harm to your computer. But however, I take no responsibility for whatever the use of this program may cause to your computer. Hmm, that wasn't very original. Well ok, if you can prove that my program did any harm to your computer, I'll buy you a Coke next time you come visit me here in Stockholm. I promise.


Please send bugs and comments to es.tenogla|xavom#es.tenogla|xavom

And oh yeah, start using AShell83 if you haven't already. It lets you run programs up to 26kb in size with only 1kb free and makes it really easy to save highscores among other features (Zasmload has a 13kb limit because of the fact that it copies the program to another location before running it. So if you wanted to
run a 5kb program you needed another 5kb free).

Have a nice day!

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