Drubu Productions

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Mike Gallagher

Founding Date

Spring 2003

Years Active

2003 to 2004

Programmed For



TI-Basic, Assembly




Epic Programming Studios
Revolution Software
Maxcoderz Software
Nexus Programming

Drubu Productions was a programming group that only lasted from 2003 to 2004. They primarily programmed for the TI-83+, although they did attempt to lure in programmers for other graphing calculator brands (including HP and Casio). When the group disbanded due to inactivity and internal disputes between members, George Daole-Wellman and Jake Finley started their own programming group under the Dysfunction Programming banner, which was mostly dormant since 2003 then renamed to Epic Programming Studios (EPS) in late 2004.

Group Significance

Group Staff

Several members of the group were involved with other TI sites and programming groups including Reggie Tucker (Epic Programming Studios, Dysfunction Programming), Josh Mottaz (Nexus Programming), Hans Tornqvist (Maxcoderz Software), Bryan Thomas (Outer Limit Software, United-TI), Bram Tant (Epic Programming Studios, Dysfunction Programming, Revolution Software), and George Daole-Wellman, Jake Finley (Dysfunction Programming, Epic Programming Studios).

  • Michael Gallagher (.: Drubu :.) — founder
  • Reggie Tucker (stickboy/gimpynerd) — admin
  • Josh Mottaz (Gerhalt)
  • Hans Törnqvist (coelurus)
  • Alex Simon (Alex)
  • Matt Mullins (mokomull)
  • Mike (dmcmaster)
  • Yunchang Kwak (Computerwiz2489)
  • Bryan Thomas (Breemum/Big B)
  • Ben Trettel (Ben)
  • Jesse Stark (calcprgmer)
  • Bram Tant (the_unknown_one)
  • George Daole-Wellman (Dysfunction)
  • Jake Finley (CrimsonCasio)

Site URLs

The only site URL that Drubu used was http://ti.drubu.com.

Group History

(Taken from home page circa 2004)

Im sorry. The group has been deleted.

Ive deleted the group because I am tired of all this shit.

The fighting between immature members…

All the members, Im sorry, you are all cool… keep it real homies.

Last but not least…

May this group be forgotten and never again thought of. This group was a total waste and mistake. Long live Maxcoderz!