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Brandon Whaley

Founding Date

Summer 1999

Years Active

1999 to 2000


Programmed For



TI-Basic, Assembly



DWFPS was a short-lived two-person programming group for the TI-83 graphing calculator. The only thing released by the group was a levelset for the TI-83 SOS version of Diamonds game made by Joe Wingbermuehle. They had an interesting project under development to be able to play and record MIDI files as compiled programs.

Brandon Whaley also provided some assistance to Joe Wingbermuehle with the development of Ion.

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Contributions

  • List of their programs and games
  • Include a screenshot for some of their best games/programs

Group Staff

  • Brandon Whaley (Red Picasso) — founder
  • Freeze

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

Site URLs

  • http://go.to/dwfps
  • http://dwfps.tripod.com

Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of Group homepage circa year)

Group History

(Taken from homepage)

DWFPS is a programming house consisting of Red Picasso, and FREEZE. We have many talents using programming languages such as Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML, QBASIC, and Z80 assembly for the TI-83 & TI-83+… We have many programs under our belts and will continue to create many more… Thank you and enjoy the fruits of our efforts…