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Elcobbola's TI Pages

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Dave Cobb

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August 15, 1999

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1999 to 2003



Because life is too short to play a bad game…


TI-Basic Quality Alliance
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Elcobbola's TI Pages was the TI-86 and TI-89 program archive site created by Dave Cobb aka Elcobbola. The site provided detail descriptions of all its programs and games, helping to inform the gamer who downloads them to make an educated decision.

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Although the program archives were the main focus, Elcobbola was also a TI-Basic programmer. He specialized in making RPGs, and made two full-featured games called Slayer and Slayer II.

(Taken from Slayer page)


Slayer could best be described as a combination of Daggerfall, King's Quest and Diablo. On April 3rd (the third anniversary of its first release) I released Slayer v5.5. I did a full optimization, updated some quests, improved some pictures, and added a grayscale title screen. Then came this version, Slayer v6.0. Having fixed a small bug, updated pictures and reduced the size by 8100 bytes, it was ready to be retired. It has been three years in the making, and all good things must come to an end. This was my first public game, and I am proud of what it has become. If you played any of the older versions or if you are new to the Slayer series, give this game a try. Slayer is considered a classic by people familiar with my games. It is the start of a great adventure.

Site Significance

While there were other TI sites with program archives, they simply listed the programs and games with their respective names. This did not really help the person that wanted to know what the game was like before downloading it. So, Elcobbola's site provided a detailed description of each game and program — a full review, animated screenshot, and an assigned rating. His reviews were often very cynical and funny, featuring snarky comments about the author or areas where the game disappointed or could be improved.

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  • Dave Cobb (Elcobbola)

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  • http://www.geocities.com/elcobbola/
  • http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Bunker/3958/

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(Taken from Elcobbola home page)


Around mid August of 1999, I was meandering through various TI sites (I was very very bored, by the way.) I was bothered by what I saw. There were tons of sites, but none of them had anything helpful to offer. Their archives simply listed game names, author names, and if I was really lucky, they would add an insightful comment such as, "A nibbles type game." Since that comment would appear next to a game entitled "Nibbles," I was left feeling somewhat unfulfilled. That being the case, I decided to make my own page - not just another crappy one, but one with detailed reviews, screenshots, and clear-cut ratings. Although originally for just the TI-86, my site has become a place where both TI-86 and TI-89 users can come to find the most cynical reviews in the TI community. My goal is to inform gamers about the programs open to them in a easy to understand and humorous way. Once again, welcome to Elcobbola's TI Pages.


Elcobbola was a member of the TI-Basic Quality Alliance, the campaign headed up by SiCoDe Software to release the best TI-Basic programs under one banner to increase their visibility and subsequently to get more downloads. He was also one of the staff members for the TI-Programmers message board.