Flabberghast Software

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Alexander Weissman

Founding Date

Sometime 1999

Years Active

1999 to 2002


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BASIC Guru Online


Flabberghast Software was a programming group for the TI-83 graphing calculator. The group released a few notable programs including a Roman numeral converter and a string/number manipulation package called Zealot ZSUBs, as well as a comprehensive TI-Basic optimization guide. They also had a couple interesting projects under development including a graphical RPG centering around a kid named Max and a TI-NES controller that could be implemented in games as a more natural gaming interface.

Their site was part of the TI Programmer's Network webring.

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Contributions

  • List of their programs and games
  • Include a screenshot for some of their best games/programs

Group Staff

  • Alexander Weissman (PyroFrog9) — founder
  • David W. (Pac Mak1)
  • TI83 Maniac
  • The Love Robot

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

Site URLs

  • http://odin.prohosting.com/flabber/
  • http://www.flabberghast.xs3.com

Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of Group homepage circa year)

Group History

(Taken from site intro page)

Yes, we know that its spelled 'flabbergast'. The 'h' makes it funny, but there's nothing funny about calculator programming! Unless its a random joke generator.

Flabberghast Software is a programming organization conceived in 1996 by PyroFrog9 and birthed in 1999 by PyroFrog9, TI83 Maniac, and Pac Mak1 (talk about a long gestation period!) The idea is that PyroFrog9 began working on TI83 BASIC software under the name of SooperKool133TProgrammerz (immediately renamed to Flabberghast Software). Anyway, Sooper -err Flabberghast Software continued as a project for three years until PyroFrog9 decided to make it official and network with other programmers, namely TI83 Maniac and Pac Mak1.

Our main goal is to work on projects that span the skills of both professional and self-taught programmers and engineers, and publish the results for the greater internet community. Now, allow me to digress for a moment and explain what I mean by 'professional' and 'self-taught' techniques. Professional programmers and engineers refer to those members who are enrolled in a course-based education system (high school or college), while 'self-taught' members are those who have had to teach themselves and come up with their own techniques. Before entering the University of MD, I was mainly self-taught. Indeed, I still teach myself when a course is not available.

Our projects are mostly calculator-based programming projects (both assembly and BASIC), but we work on hardware engineering projects as well as computer programming from time to time. Take a look at our Projects page to see what we are working on now, or the archives to check out completed projects and their assessments.