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Kenneth Hammond

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November 25, 2005

Years Active

2005 to 2006

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Goose Commons was a short-lived (lasting from November 2005 to October 2006) TI-Basic programming group that programmed for the TI-83+ calculators.

Group Significance

There were no programs released under the group banner, although the individual members did release their own programs. In particular, Weregoose wrote several TI-Basic math routines that were small in size and scope, and performed their function in an extremely efficient manner. Weregoose has since become renowned throughout the TI-Basic community for his optimization prowess.

The group also had their own IRC channel called #Optimize (URL: opened through their connection to United-TI:

"For those of you who are looking for a good place to stay—where TI-Basic knowledge is vast, where functions and routines are explained and fully understood, where refined coding techniques are handed over upon request, and where line-by-line optimization is about as abundant as the conversations that take place—if you're willing to be part of this group, then join us and call us by name. Enter #Optimize. —Weregoose"

Group Staff

Some of the members were involved with other sites in the TI community. In particular, Kenneth Hammond was involved on United-TI (UTI) and TI-Basic Developer (TI|BD) as an administrator, while Thomas Dickerson was an administrator for both Cemetech and Omnimaga.

  • Kenneth Hammond (Weregoose) — founder
  • Jesse Pirnat (Radical Pi)
  • Thomas Dickerson (Elfprince13)

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(Screenshot of Goose Commons circa 2006)

Group History

(Taken from Goose Commons home page)

I am well pleased to offer the unveiling of Goose Commons. My name is Weregoose, and this place is dedicated to TI-Basic programming enthusiasts with a prominent understanding of the language. It also presents itself as a serviceable tool for beginners, and as a means for the intermediate to hone their skills well above what they surmise.

If you are interested in becoming among the first members, please visit the Members section to assess the prerequisites. For small, powerful scripts, look to the Routines section. I'm afraid the Projects and Tutorials sections still await content, but you could change that!