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Taken from Official Calc-TI and Graph-TI FAQ

There are several addresses which are associated with the
Graph-TI and Calc-TI lists, the Graph-TI and Calc-TI
message archives and the Graph-TI program archive. It is
important that you not mix these up, or you may end up
sending list server commands to the archive or even posting
them to the list. The following addresses are used to
access the lists and the archive.

Calc-TI Newsgroup:

Mailing lists
list server:||vrestsil
(for subscription requests)
Graph-TI list:||IT-hparG
(for posting to Graph-TI)
Calc-TI list:||IT-claC
(for posting to Calc-TI)

Graph-TI and Calc-TI list archives
via listserv:||vrestsil
via anonymous ftp:
(for archived Calc-TI messages)
(for archived Graph-TI messages)

Graph-TI program archive
via anonymous ftp:
via world wide web:

Commands relating to the lists like "subscribe" and
"unsubscribe" in general should be sent to the list
server. Messages which you want to post to all Graph-TI
list subscribers should be sent to the Graph-TI list.
Messages which you want to post to all Calc-TI list
subscribers should be sent to the Calc-TI list (or should
be posted to the Calc-TI Newsgroup).

Questions or comments of any kind can be sent to||serac-it

Question: What is Graph-TI?

Graph-TI was created by Professor Bert Waits of Ohio State
University and by Texas Instruments to provide a forum for
free exchange of educational information regarding the Texas
Instruments graphing calculators and associated products.
It has two forms: the list, and the program archive. The
list allows subscribers from around the world to share
information with each other relating to education and the TI
calculators. The archive is a collection of programs and
documents for the TI calculators; anyone may submit programs
to the archive or download programs from it.

do not post anything to Graph-TI unless it is related to

Taken from

ABOUT GRAPH-TI (TI-Graphics Calculator Interest Group)

From our attendance at many math conferences and institutes, the Texas
Instruments Graphics Team has learned that teachers want to keep in touch
with each other and keep current with the use of graphics calculators in
the classroom.

To aid this worldwide communication and sharing, The Ohio State University
has formed an electronic mail (e-mail) TI Graphics Calculator Interest
Group (GRAPH-TI) for educators. Data communication is available on Internet,
BITNET, and connected networks.

For a complete description of GRAPH-TI and instructions on how to use
GRAPH-TI to share programs and data, see the file GRAPH-TI.TXT on this
disk. For other questions, feel free to contact TI at 1-800-TI-CARES.

Now that you have TI-GRAPH LINK, you can take full advantage of GRAPH-TI
by having access not only to running dialogue about the products and
pedagogical hints, but also to the growing number of programs, data, and
interesting problems that are being collected in the GRAPH-TI library.
The TI-82/85 programs and data that have been accumulated are available to
you for loading into your TI-82/85.


GRAPH-TI is set up on Internet using electronic mail. E-mail communication
is based on the ASCII character set. TI-81/82/85 programs and TI-82/85 data
files are binary and will not transfer "as is" via e-mail. This disk
contains programs providing two different methods of turning binary files
into ASCII files and then reversing the process. Using either method, a
TI-81/82/85 program file can be included in an e-mail message to a colleague.

Programs to be submitted to the TI-82/85 library on GRAPH-TI should be in a
specific format (see "CREATING A STANDARD-FORMAT GRAPH-TI FILE" later in
this section), which incorporates both methods.