Greenfire Software

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Vincent Junemann
Shane Fry

Founding Date

January 14, 2003

Years Active

2003 to 2004

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Greenlight Software
Spitfire Productions
MaxCoderz Software
Revolution Software

Greenfire Software was a short-lived assembly programming group for the TI-83+ graphing calculator. Although they had several projects under development including Mega Man, Dig Dug, Army Men Battle, Monopoly, Slippy, and Quake, the only three games released under the group banner were Pixel Madness, Jigsaw 83, and Lights Out.

When the group eventually disbanded due to member inactivity, some of the members joined Maxcoderz Software while some other members formed their own programming group called Revolution Software. Tadd Nuznov was also involved with Kevtiva Interactive.

Group Significance

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Group Contributions

pixelmadness.gif jigsaw83.gif lightsout.gif
  • Lights Out! — A lights out clone for the TI-83(+)
  • Jigsaw 83 — A simple game where you try and reconstruct a picture
  • Pixel Madness — Some nice old-school effects, such as 3D tunnel, rippling water and wavy flag

Group Staff

  • Vincent Junemann (kv83) — founder
  • Shane Fry (nindoja) — founder
  • Benjamin Ryves (bryves) — admin
  • Travis Supalla (Madskillz)
  • Jonathan Janevski (Calv!n)
  • Michael Nock (chickendude)
  • Jason Clardy (Epik)
  • Tadd Nuznov (rushjet)
  • Jonathan Nicholas (SuperVegetto)
  • Kristopher Root (kroot)
  • Hans Törnqvist (coelurus)
  • James Montelongo Jr. (?)
  • Sean Gearhart (?)

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Group History

The Greenfire programming group was started January 14, 2003 with the merger of two other programming groups — Greenlight Software owned by Vincent Junemann and Spitfire Productions owned by Shane Fry — with the name obviously being a combination of both group names. Both groups were quite small in size, and had only existed for a relatively short time (2001-2003 for Greenlight and just 2003 for Spitfire).

Although there were a few members in the group with their own interesting projects (including kv83's slippy game and chickendude's TI-83+ rendition of Monopoly), not much was released under the Greenfire banner and most of the members were inactive. So, they decided to disband the group on September 28, 2004, with some of the members joining MaxCoderz Software (Vincent Junemann and later Benjamin Ryves) and some of the other members starting their own programming group called Revolution Software (Jonathan Janevski and Travis Suppalla).


Greenfire Software held a joint programming contest with MaxCoderz Software in February 2004 (see news article).