Programming Groups

There have been several programming groups in the TI community over the years. Creating your own group was especially popular back in the heyday of the community from 1998 to 2002, with new groups popping up all of the time. Most groups only lasted for a short time (1-3 years), however, as they basically operated as individuals making programs by themselves with the group name merely slapped on before the programs were released to the public.

It was also common for individual people to start their own made-up programming group or software company, a gimmick designed to give the person a sense of authority and to lend credibility to their programs and games. For example, Alex Highsmith created Dark Prism Productions and Bill Nagel created Aurora Technologies. These "groups" are not included on this page, however, as a group must consist of two or more people.

Due to the sheer number, the groups have been broken up into three classifications — best, notable, and minor — based on their impact and contributions to the TI community.