Hitoshi Koizumi

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United States

Years Active

2001 to 2003


TI World
MaxCoderz Software
Alienhead Productions
Advanced Basic Technologies

Hitoshi Koizumi was a pioneering programmer for the TI-83/83+ calculators. He was one of the first TI-Basic programmers to incorporate assembly libraries into his programs, which allowed him to create very complex and high-quality games with decent graphics and speed. Although each TI graphing calculator provides built-in programming support in the form of TI-Basic, the language is rather restricted in its capabilities and speed, thus limiting the quality of programs.

When he was affiliated with Alienhead Productions, he developed notable RPGs such as Stardust, Stardust 2, and the famous Final Fantasy: Tales of Magic (FFTOM). Under MaxCoderz Software, he released the highly anticipated sequel to his FFTOM RPG. He was set to work on and release another FFTOM sequel and Space Cowboy: Bounty Hunters (A Cowboy Bebop style game) before he moved out of the TI scene. Hitoshi briefly reappeared on the MaxCoderz forum in late 2003, and informed the community that the data for FFTOM 3 was lost due to a hard drive crash.

Hitoshi was a member of multiple programming groups including the aforementioned Alienhead Productions and MaxCoderz Software, as well as TI World and Advanced Basic Technologies (ABT).


  • Final Fantasy: Tales of Magic
  • Final Fantasy: Tales of Magic 2
  • Pokemon vs. Digimon
  • StarDust 2: Sweet Revenge
  • Word Searcher
  • Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout Scouter

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