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<Racko> you have to be an ass don't you?
<MeltMan> i'll have to check my program
<MeltMan> yep, look at it, right there, on line 2
<MeltMan> 2 Be an Ass
<MeltMan> line 1 is Lbl A
<MeltMan> and line 3 is Goto A =)

<MeltMan> ihafarm: bend over in front of shauna..and well..
<MeltMan> get more ram

<lordgoat> i've been here in this channel 3x longer than she has and BAM she (Misty) gets ops for giving Matt a taste of her cookie

*** Xetov9C1 sets mode: -silk panties

<atom> lordgoat: you're kinda like a mix between Lord_I and allah's goats…

<Jag00> misty's dogs are lesbians…i saw then with my own eyes!!!!!
<War1ock> did you want to join in?
<Jag00> yeah, but they wouldn't have me

  • Luke727 gets the opposite of an erection

<JeepMan98> do you become a girl?

<aardvarq> Actually I am still asleep. You are either reading the ramblings of a well-programmed bot or the incoherent feedback of the EMF in your phone lines.

<Luke727> i did jack today
<Xetov9C1> whats his last name?

<BlueCalx-> the size of channels should not be regarded on IRC in the same way penis size is regarded irl

<BlueCalx-> Snowballs has the impeccable ability to show up at a moment's notice at awkward times
<BlueCalx-> like he has sirens and buzzers go off all over his room whenever ANYONE types the word "ticalc"

<Crashnbur> I'm gonna bite the bullet and get a graph link from Service Merchandise… only $37
<tas246> Crashnbur, - 24 bucks
<BlueCalx> yeah but shipping is a bitch, Crashnbur
<Crashnbur> tas246: thats cable only
<Crashnbur> but… i could get the adapter for two bucks up the street
<Mattchris> At you have to give Adam your CC#….and I personally think you deserve anything that happens with all that.

<IEATLINT> hey! it's just gay porn?!
<IEATLINT> wrong channel
<Jag00> what channel you on?
<IEATLINT> #dim-ti
<Jag00> that explains it all………
<Jag00> :)

*** Crashnbur changes topic to 'To admit to being a sex-craving teenager/young adult, type "unf"'
<CharlieS> unf
<Crashnbur> unf
<brandons> unf
<elohEEm> unf
<Emp> I'm not craving, I already get some ;)
<MeltMan> unf.

  • TheBadger rolls his eyes

<Crashnbur> TheBadger: no luck, eh?
*** [ElCiD] changes topic to 'If you're happy and you know it, spank your penis! -whack whack-'

<Elchupa> Hey You Guys… I'm going to hang out with these Lesbian Druggies later on….

[17:25] <CalSoft> k, i'll send that out tomorrow hopefully.. along with the package of TNT addressed attention: postmaster who ran over a package between here and Georgia ;-)

[18:29] <CalSoft> the envelope looked like it had been run over (the tire print sorta hinted that)..

<Luke727> i still play with my porno-legos
<Luke727> more like i still play with myself

<jag00> nricciar: ok fine i copyrighted the name "nricciar" you can't use it anymore,
please change your name or i will sue you!!!

<ihafarm> So what's the hooker's name?

<egalmoth> I used up all my sick days so I called in dead

<Ouija13> best buy doesn't have the TI listed under video game systems on their
site :(

<bryan> assume that everything has a penis

<sUgArHiLL> how do u get ops in here?
<tErMiNaTo> u join #2,000
*** Parts: sUgArHiLL (ten.hsalf.042-51csated|brd#ten.hsalf.042-51csated|brd)

<bryan> I'm gonna go into #teensex and say that porno pix of my 15 year
old girlfriend are on :)

<tErMiNaTo> go find him and beat the sourcecode out of his hair with a

<Concordia> high school students and open flames. never good

<Ouij|PAGE> your not in #gaymilitary are you?
<tErMiNaTo> nope
<tErMiNaTo> #ti
<Ouij|PAGE> same thing

ð SpoLiTio watches TIon fool with something in his pocket
ð SpoLiTio watches a slow grin appear on TIon's face
<tErMiNaTo> and a stain on his pants
<TIon> Fuck It didn't work!

<tErMiNaTo> i keep trying to sell my sister to my friends…

<Xetov> note to self: do not cut and paste stuff from tables

-TIMaze (~moc.vatc|tlukit#moc.vatc|tlukit)- DONG… I mean PONG

*** DGhost is now known as DSatan
<dulce> very fitting

* Concordia kicks Ahmed in the groin
<Ahmed> groin?
<Concordia> Hahaha
* Concordia kicks Ahmed in the nads
<Ahmed> nads?

<John5> TI calculators have chips and wires inside… interesting

<Adamman> is it safe to be here?
ùíù SignOff Quija13: #ti-files (Connection reset by peer)

ùíù TiMan was kicked off #ti-files by tErMiNaTo (stop i said damnit)
<tErMiNaTo> thats not abusing ops
<tErMiNaTo> thats called conflict resolution :)

<CoNcOrDiA> DJ: If a girl said you had a 4inch peter would you be offended
or grateful? =)
<DJacKaL> Ed> I'd be worried that she can't read a ruler properly :P
<[ElCiD]> If a girl told me I had a 4 inch, she'd be about right =)

ð [ElCiD] rapes a cow

<[ElCiD]> Ya know, if you take the glass off your monitor, you can feed me

<Synth> tErm: Uhmm…you spelled mbm backwards there :()

*** KuraiKat has quit IRC (bb in one sex)

<Retupmoc7> Im not gay anymore
<Retupmoc7> er…ever

<tErMiNaTo> the day ie goes on my hd is the day u pry my linux cd from
my cold dead fingers

ð CoNcOrDiA is pretty damn tired of being raped everytime he comes in here
ð tErMiNaTo rapes cd

<dulce> hmm…that new 83 asm tutorial at ticalc has a buncha mistakes
<CoNcOrDiA> dulce: Ahmed wrote it?

<tErMiNaTo> Goemon: is your name pronounced "Gay-man"?

<tErMiNaTo> i feel like a cheap whore
<tErMiNaTo> everyone has their client in my ports :P

ùíù [Users(#ti-files:21)]
[ |I|I|I|I| ] [ _turtle ] [ IlIlIlIlI ] [ FantasyRe ] [ IlIIlIIll ]
[ Sk0ggie ] [ lIIlllIIl ] [ lIIIllIIl ] [ IIlIlIlIl ] [ IIllIIlll ]
[@Quicktel ] [@IlIlIlIII ] [@lIlIIlIll ] [@lIIlllIlI ] [@pHIpSI ]
[@kaine ] [@InsaniTI ] [@terry_P ] [@IIIlIIlIl ] [@XetovGONE ]
[@DJacKaL ]

<Randman> i'm unnukable dumbass
ùíù SignOff Randman: #ti-files (Connection reset by peer)

<LonEagle> there's an idiot in #ti
<DGhost> LonEagle : just one?

ùíù SignOff fukie: #slashdot (burning, ack ack, on fire.. … no wait..
burning CD forgot.. bbiab)

<Zoobs> I bent my wookie

<CalSoft> hmm we have alot of ti-warez on the philes

<BliTzBoY> what's telnet???

<WorryRock> save what quote

<GreenFrog> how do u make calc porn
<GreenFrog> please tell me

ð Izz|PORN *LOADED BY: Izzy11*
ð Izz|PORN is away. Reason: looking for a good FREE celeb porn site
ð Izz|PORN will be back in until I find a good celeb porn site that is
ð Izz|PORN It's 6:47 where Izzy11 is

ð TheBadger/#ti-files wonders if we have a Quotes.txt
<Mattchris> We used to…

<WorryRock> i'd get myself a pic, but i'm too ugly to be on the net

<Sk0gGiE> why do ppl send in such lame emails??? I mean I know ryan is a jack-ass
but they are just making the problem worse
<Sk0gGiE> fucking clogging up my email
<aArdvarc> Sk0gGiE: If you have an e-mail clogging problem, get AOL. They randomly
delete 25% of your unwanted letters (and 90% of the wanted ones).

<Izzy> this script kicks I'm kicking someone off right now
*** Quits: Izzy (Excess Flood)

<Sk0gGiE> my dick fell off and I couldn't feel it, is that a problem?
<aArdvarc> no Sk0gGiE. They grow back

<CalSoft> SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. (Reuters) - An argument in an online chat room exploded into violence
when a group of men allegedly went to the home of a chat room participant and beat him with a baseball
bat, police said Tuesday.
<CalSoft> The men, all of Filipino descent, had been arguing for several weeks in an America Online
chat room used mainly by Filipinos, said Lt. Ron Schmalz of the South Brunswick, New Jersey, police

  • WorryRock has to admit..when he thought Hanson were girls..he thought Taylor was cute

<BoOgA> whats wrong with the bots, they wont respone to anything
<JaGMaN> cuz they're bots!
<JaGMaN> stupid

*** sets TexyChic On_Fire

<Luke727> do not attempt any sexual encounters, as years of radiation from your computer screen has left your genitals whithered and useless…….hehe
<TheBadger> I've looked at it and I can't tell what it is

<Allah> ti-files is like iraq and the U.S
<SugarHi||> only the pres of screws goats instead of interns

  • CoNcOrDiA is gonna be the first black president

<Mattchris> CD: You aren't black
<CoNcOrDiA> uhoh….
<CoNcOrDiA> didnt think of that…

  • [ElCiD] rubs his ass on his computer screen

<MeltMan> Markin your teritory eh?
<[ElCiD]> Yeah
<[ElCiD]> With a large shit streak

<TheBadger> "In the beginning there was nothing; which exploded."

<tErMiNaTo> IE5 is GHEY
<[ElCiD]> Yep. Internet Explorer summed up in one word

*** TiMan was kicked by [ElCiD] (rotflao users will be shot on site)

*** CalSoft changes topic to 'Nurse fired after disclosing crisis hotline was really sex hotline'

[1:39] <SugarHill> !seen DJacKaL
[1:39] -TexyBabe:#ti-files- SugarHill, I last saw DJacKaL in this channel (netsplitted) 1 day, 8 hours, 56 minutes ago
[1:40] <Mattchris> hmmm
[1:40] *** Joins: DJacKaL (ten.bp.830stt-ppp|lakcajd#ten.bp.830stt-ppp|lakcajd)
[1:40] <DJacKaL> howdy

<atombomb> how big is yours?
<RabidCow> 2"
<atombomb> how big is your PROGRAM

<[ElCiD]> Playing any Spice Girls song at 2x speed will give your dog a seizure
<[ElCiD]> As my neighbor's dog unfortunately found out..
<WorryRock> Cid: Why on earth do you have a Spice Girls CD?
<[ElCiD]> Umm it's my sister's

<XetovSS> So turn it off
<[ElCiD]> But then I wont know when I get new mail…

  • RabidCow has a moment of silence for rape victims everywhere.
  • WorryRock coughs

<Odd-Eye> i just revealed my masturbation secrets to everyone in #ti-files… again!!!

  • WorryRock accidentally deleted the archives..OH FUCK

<Odd-Eye> im the most auto-sexual man in #ti-files

  • Luke727 decides not to talk to Odd-Eye……ever

<Sartre82> i am sure #Ti would like you

<^Frohike^> tampons give me sexual pleasure

<atom> poor kids
<Odd-Eye> hehe scary thought isnt it
<Odd-Eye> those kids are budding homosexuals
<Odd-Eye> theyre like "HI ODD-EYE"
<Odd-Eye> and then they always try to touch my ass
<^Frohike^> i play gynecologst with them

<Odd-Eye> wtf did you add that quote??
<[ElCiD]> Cuz
<[ElCiD]> Its funny
<atom> When I babysit I just eat all the food
<Odd-Eye> I made an ass out myself so many times
<[ElCiD]> Aint it great

<MeltMan> nah, this hardcore raping fun 4 everyone

<MeltMan> * WorryRock has to admit..when he thought Hanson were girls..he thought Taylor was cute
<MeltMan> thats a classic quotes.txt moment

  • KGBHitman agrees with Worryrock on that one

<KGBHitman> Quotes.txt is dumb
<WorryRock> KGBHitman: really? well since you're about to be added…

<JayGee1> [elid]? Where is the C?
<[EliD]> I got hungry
<[EliD]> I ate it

<Odd-Eye> I was b/f ed by some other guy in my locker room today

<WorryRock> there's something i need to tell you….
<MeltMan> WorryRock: what?
<WorryRock> i used to be on tv…remember thar show Perfect Strangers?
<MeltMan> yep
<WorryRock> well..i was Balkey
<MeltMan> no you wernt.
<WorryRock> yes i was
<WorryRock> i was balkey
<WorryRock> and it was cool
<MeltMan> hehe and i was Cousin Larry Appleton
<WorryRock> you?
<MeltMan> hehe
<WorryRock> one thing
<WorryRock> i am sick of you saying "oh my lord"
<MeltMan> when nerds get bored.

  • SCaBBy is going to get a can of cock instead

<SCaBBy> err coke

*** Joins: Odd-Eye (||ddo)

  • Crash_Bur unrapes Odd-Eye *fnU* *fnU* *fnU*

<RabidCow> The second that the gov't starts coming in people's houses
and searching their 'puters for mp3s is the second that I'll delete them all.

<Emp-> Shit?
<darkcalc> Emp-:, also see mirror, leach, copy

<WorryRock> Time for my annual check of the outcoming programs to see that the only
one there is by the section maintainer, Ahmed. THEN, I laugh my ass off.

<WorryRock> a kid at my school sold his BRAND NEW 83 to a girl for $8..and i thought the Indians
selling Manhattan Island to the Dutch for $24 worth of beads was bad…

<Ater> I got a good mind to fly up to Quincy, grab WorryRock and let him meet my purple 5.4 inch

Top 100 Quotes.txt from #ti

<myrnez> what is a "j00 n3wb33 ll4m4hs"??
<SquareBoy> u ppl can leave me alone cuz i go to like every day
<proton> I think some or all of the #ti ops might be corrupt
<infocalc> It does not matter the place Allah is in life, only the person Allah is on top of.
<_bryan_> All i want is some love and compassion <BryanR2> I wish I was a girl
<RealTurok> I put 27 volts through my dick. It emmitted light.
<Ater> you know, it would be funny if all the #ti regulars scanned pics of their cock and then played "Match The Cock" <Ater> hmm that short little brown one is meltsai's!
<[myth]> whoa <[myth]> tipics is scary
<BlueCalx> i don't want mel jacking off to my sister
<whimsy> dammit cubic…go out and get laid <Cubic> I only have $20
<MelTsai> I want monica lewinski to drop my pants and call me Fire Marshall
<Ater> whimsy i hope some chick with gonnarhea and aids and herpes seduces you tomorrow and MelTsai i hope your dick turns red from masturbation as you choke on a lo mein burrito !!!!
<Cubic> phear my phive inches of phury
<Implosion> you are BC's dad? <MickeyD> you bet your enter key! :)
<akaria> BlueCalx, what's your favorite color?
<Cubic> we should buy mel a Feels-So-Real false vagina
<MelTsai> okay time to stop talking about calculators :)
<_bryan_> my balls may be the size of raisens but damnit teen pregnancy is a NON-ISSUE :)
<whimsy> um, this should be obvious but i want pussy
<nolabels> Bryan I'm gonna meet you and wear a shirt that sez "DO ME" on it just to embarrass u :)
<Timelord3> Anyone know who took over #kosovo ??? <Cubic> Timelord3: the serbs
* Jester_24 has quit IRC (newbie-status)
<_bryan_> dude, you flip her nipple at 0C and it'll break off :)
<whimsy> you don't realize just how big your penis is until you compare it to common household objects ;) <BlueCalx> hey! my penis is bigger than this eraser!
<Timelord3> wtf is a leenocks?
<Zoobs> TI should make a TI-69 with a One size fits all port
<_Chewy_> I don't fuck anything that has two legs and a vagina.
<ldspartan> I bet I could write some ereet code <ldspartan> if I could code :)
<mIcRos> i have 10 people on #ti-files who will say i'm not a lamer
<NATO_F-15> Could you help me and tell me all the human #ti ops so I can ban all of them?
<crAshNbUr> who can suck whose schlong? <crAshNbUr> oops.. wrong chan
<atombomb> well at least the #gaysex bots have a good !seen
<ldspartan> the next person who kicks my bots will get a full tower shoved up his ass
<Cubic> kansas is the place to be if you want to have lots of heterosexual sex
<Flinn> I'm almost 6 times as lame as you
<KiFyre> Is there a separation between ticalc and ti-files? What's the deal?
<tiberius^> hmm im convinced that sometime, someday, ill make it into quotes.txt, but by that time it'll be so lame noone will care
terry_P changes topic to "<Odd-Eye> [something stupid to get attention]"
<atombomb> and there is nothing wrong with being gay =)
<jakers> are u circumsized? <[pi]> are you gay or just socially awkward as hell? <jakers> i dunno
<Odd-Eye> I love laughing at stupid people so i guess that means ill be in #ti-files
<ransacked> whimsy is lame <ransacked> whimsy = ater!
* Cuteguy- is now known as lesbian17
<methanol> man, i kick ass.
<UHF> i'm porting Ultimate Doom to the TI-86
<nolabels> allah's pic isn't bad. I thought he'd look like bryan or something.
<Filler> odd_eye : if fucked up were hair, youd be exocomp.
<_bryan_> I wonder how many 12 year olds have tried having sex and filled some poor girl full of piss
<|ERiC|> go to <intel> ON PURPOSE? hell no
<_bryan_> bonzo: I don't hold a grudge, I just happen to hate you :)
<Calcbert> ticalc, forget jesus
<mint> centimeters were invented to exaggerate dick size
<CuCullin> ive had oral more times than you guys have used your calcs
<Luke727> my teacher won't poledance for us…. :(
<Tybstar> i just don't talk computers around girls … the two things just don't mix :)
<ldspartan> yobert==flinn==odd-eye==nacho==|2aZeR
<StealthRT> i popped my brother
<BlueCalx> TI-DVD! PHEAR!
<aleph2> mirc is cool
<CalSoft> he just looks smart because he's 95% hair
<Blister> neither eXocomp nor his hair scare me
<BlueCalx> OW!OW!OW! <BlueCalx> my think thingy broke again
<Quardox> there are menthol cigarettes?
<BryanR2> eXo: if so, I am gonna find where you live and burn all your star trek porn posters =)
<Cubic> Is there a chan for ppl who are never gonna get any? <BlueCalx> #ti-files?
<nolabels> i hate it when i forget and wear my bra to bed!
<Whimsy> ummm don't talk calcs in here…they are the lamest things in the world
<whimsy> i thought intel=terry_p
<Filler> wearing no pants is too fun to contemplate
<whimsy> well i've an urgent need to fuck and you don't see me raping the couch do you?
<infocalc> i swear! ldspartan is getting too much n0rp and i cant run fast anymore!
<CalSoft> i can honestly say i NEVER have gotten one single file from
<aselle> life is 339 lines of TI-BASIC code
<Rudiger> I'm glad to know that my .txt file pissed you off - thats what I was aiming for :)
<Allah-> are we currently on EST or EDT? <JonathanL> EST <BlueCalx> EDT
<iMiT8> bah.. Ellsworth asks me what kind of shoes to buy.
<Argonoid> hey, my ass is kinda mushy
<MelTsai> my ass is damn sore… you really have to build up an ass-resistance
<Filler> well, im gonna go watch a porno of yalls mommas. ttyal.
<Quardox> by the way, wtf is a gibson?
* Err can imagine Allah has Texas Instruments tatooed on his scrotum
<Flinn> I'm too scared to open the window
<Habeeb> I had a wierd ass dream there was a ti-99 that was like a small etch-a-sketch
<MelTsai> calculator hardware is like a drug
<xevious> dood "word up to muh peepz cuz im ell-dee-ess da crackmasta" is SOoooooooooo a folk phrase
<BlueCalx> All roads lead to sex in #ti
<Lord_I> you are getting taken over in 1 week
* KOSOVO is not only waiting until marriage to have sex, he is waiting until his 50 wedding anniversary to have sex
Now talking in #68kasm *** Topic is '#ti is a bunch of lewsers and lamers'
<Ater> why the hell have i been added to the subscription list for daily sluts newsletter???
<Odd-Eye> i feel like im a reject d&d character who has a 5 in charisma
<_Chewy_> BlueCalx: so anyways, the question now arises… did you get laid in paris? :)
<whimsy> …kids tend to scream when they have sex…
<_bryan_> dave letterman could stand up there and say 'i beat myself with my mom's 42" rainbow dildo every night because nobody wants to sleep with me the way my teeth look' and people would laugh their asses off at it
<methanol> we have big dicks and small brains
<UnEven> 187?
<Timelord3> My cat just farts to attack me.
<Quardox> uNF html codex0ring * BlueCalx gets the keyboard sticky thinking about it
<terry_P> quotes.txt sucks

<Jason_K> hey Sean, They say Milk does a Body good… j00 must be drinking A Lot of milk!
2: <BlueCalx> it takes up that much real estate in your pants? my word <Wing> yah
3: <Wing> i was bummed that you werent gonna die <BlueCalx> oh, fair enough
4: <BlueCalx> my penix is small and shriveled.
5: <Wingy> well…. jason may know more than i… <dulce> no, it's just that's never happened before…
6: <YodaToad> you know you've become accustomed to broadband when you cancel the transfer of a 4MB file bc it's going to take more than 1.5 minutes to download
7: * SMN|away sets up a phoenix auto-downloader to beat mirage
8: * Jason_K needs food. he was discouraged earlier after accidentally dropping a plate of ravioli on the floor and having to clean it up. he will brb after food.
9: The ability to conceive is the power to achieve.
10: <redux-> he's getting a sex change operation <Jason_K> redux: from what to what?
11: <dulce> the government reminds me of TI sometimes…
12: <smn> TI reminds me of the government sometimes…
13: <filler> why the fuck am i here? *** Parts: filler (ten.cact.741-291-tciv-mdc|rellif#ten.cact.741-291-tciv-mdc|rellif)
14: <alh> If laws were outlawed, only outlaws would have laws :)
15: <greening> I'm excited.
16: <br4nd0n> sw: do you want to see what I look like (I am pretty) and not very homley but more of a HOMIE FUX YA
17: <scabby> i couldn't sleep <scabby> may as well surf some pr0n sites instead
18: <Wing> lately… i've been typing /m3 instead of /me ;)
19: <YodaToad> I'm not stupid
20: <Wing> ten.xinep.tseggib.eht.sah|werdna#ten.xinep.tseggib.eht.sah|werdna
21: <SMaRt‘> .chattr SMN +k #tcpa
22: <BlueCalx> SMN: you know who you remind me of? <BlueCalx> my mom
23: * BlueCalx anally penetrates SMN with his firm, hard… oh never mind
24: <BlueCalx> jason, if you lose potm, i’ll make you an animated screenshot anyway, okay? :p
25: <PatD|Away> Just give me her name, address, phone#, SSN, drivers license #, and 2 certified copies of her birth certificate, then I will help to retreive it
26: <dul|food> smn: I'd rather have stupid people than assholes, but that is probably just me
27: <Batman89> Who here actually knows soemthing about the compatibility of a ti83 with a ti92 plus?
28: *** Now talking in #freespeech *** aardvarq sets mode: +mnt
29: <mhl‘> SMN: I have discovered a side of you that I like :P
30: <YodaToad> LTJ - I think I love you <SMN> I play that one for my mom
31: <aardvarq> Making the Band?! That show sucks. <SMaRt`> No it doesnt! <aardvarq> It’s supposed to appeal to preteen females but it's far too boring to do that.
34: -=> SignOff SMN: (abuse (oper req) (2000/08/02 04.00))
35: <Perly> smn: oh btw, 1500 people hate you.
37: <SMN> are you still killing people?
38: * Joins: NudeWoman (moc.rehtom.pets|apc#moc.rehtom.pets|apc)
39: <YodaToad> heh… I thought it said *
Farts: NudeWoman (moc.rehtom.pets|apc#moc.rehtom.pets|apc)
40: * YodaToad waits for his seX0r
41: <scabby> you have the perfect ass? <Wing> scabby: i do
42: <detached> I don't know who could_be_a_big_fat_motherfucking_asshole,_but_i_think_Scott_Noveck is.
44: <dulce> smn: all four of us should team up to write a nifty BASIC extending library <wrath_> 4? <SMN> four. that appears to be it
45: <wrath> detached needs to strip
46: <Jason_K> damn, this fruit punch is addicting. im taking it in shots now..
47: <Jason_K> dulce: for MirageOS v1.1, we need to incorporate something that blocks out ARPGCS games from being run…
48: <Jason_K> my 83 is the most prettiest, I decorated it with glitter :)
49: <BlueCalx> termites was in the java applet <BlueCalx> seen it <detached> I don't know who it is.
50: <wrath_> smart: ask smn | <SMaRt> SMN: Wanna help me? | <SMN> no | <Wing> hah
51: <SMN> yay, I scored 4 penices! new record! | <vortexx> fag
52: <vortexx> i really don't enjoy feeling stupid
53: <jimbo456> what is hw1? I never heard of it…can I get it at
54: <Jason_K> Leno reads stuff off a monitor. <dulce> SO do I…
55: <SMN> woah! I'm a dumb fuck
56: <Yottabyte> penis+pussy=fun | <mhl‘> not necesseraly
57: <SMN> when i see smart, i get this tingly feeling inside…
58: <mhl`> when did I become special?
60: <Jason_K> alh… the man… the myth… the, err well thats enough.
61: <alh> nicks dad suck. His page crashed my netscape.
62: * SMN|away sex0rz dulce
63: <kickurbal> asm is 8mhz
64: <thespyder> 89 is good for calculus <kickurbal> 92+ is better at calculus
66: <}InFuZeD{> the screenshot staff at is a little too happy <}InFuZeD{> we dont need screenshots of math programs
67: <BlueCalx> i have to ram }InFuZeD{ up the ass again :\ | <}InFuZeD{> AGAIN? :)
69: !qadd <BlueCalx> i've touched only yours [penis], SMaRt <SMN> wing, do that for me
70: <BlueCalx> i've touched only yours [penis], SMaRt <SMN> wing, do that for me
71: <humphead1> what does brb mean <PatrickD> It's an acronym for "Boring. Really Boring." <humphead1> yotta: roms are brb
72: * mhl desperately needs … help
73: * SMN_2k wants moc.sinep|ttocs#moc.sinep|ttocs
74: <SMN> my doggy just turned 3! | <Wing-> HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SMN's DOGGIE!!!!
75: <dulce> read while showering…I'm not even going to ask
76: <SMN> or you position yourself so that the water flows where it feels good— wait, that's only for females
77: * YodaToad is away, The Great Female Masturbation Pr0n Search
78: <BlueCalx> i only remember wet dreams <BlueCalx> hrm, i shouldn't have said that one :p
79: <SMaRt‘> I still don’t see any problems <Patrick_D> I just hope the rest of the world doesn't see them either
80: * Join: aardvarq (moc.loa.tpi.9EF0A8CA|kravdraAgt#moc.loa.tpi.9EF0A8CA|kravdraAgt) <detached> j00 n3wb33 l4m4h!
81: <SMN> the only good way to waste time involves Alyssa Milano and pornography
82: <Nanaki> when Patrick_D dies… phoenix will be advanced enough to update itself
83: <bra|> Yah I use a lighter to burn my cds
84: <bra|> smn's dick hurts from whatching the man show
85: <mhl> Too bad [fuzzy] does not have ebola.
86: <mhl> I try not to associate with pure, unadulterated crap like vb
87: <brand-n> hump: how old is your sister? <brand-n> is she hot? <humphead> no <brand-n> so any ways do you have a pic.?
88: <humphead> im not an amateur; im a semi-intermediate beginner
89: <connect4> jason: I didn't realize you were into the bondage thing…..
90: <SMaRt‘> I was a dumb fool
91: <Halide> am i on auto-kick? *
Halide was kicked by YodaToad (no)
92: * detached sets mode: +vb SMaRt` smart!*@*
93: 17:10:48 * mhl goes and does some work 17:10:55 * mhl is away, nap [log:ON] [page:ON] [UIN:29369077]
94: <Keev> then why does it give me a "domain error"? <brand0n> cause your domain is causing an error
95: <Halide> I can’t speak English, sorry.
96: <Wing-> man…. needs an internal overhaul <PatrickD> Yeah, delete all the BASIC programs
97: <Wing-> Hc000: dude… anyone with half a dick can make a millionaire game… thats like half a millimeter above "Jim Bob's Guess a Number 16.2342"
98: <mhl> my script [kicking] works when you are SMaRt‘ and not SMaRt *
SMaRt` is now known as SMaRt
99: <Yottabyte> i had a dream laast night that i was eating cds
100: <SMaRt> Sorry, i got excited
101: <SMaRt> I THOUGHT THAT SAID ’WE'RE GETTING IN YOUR BED'!!!!! <SMaRt> gah <SMaRt> scared me
102: <Generalme> Your an IRC adict: If your child ignores your request, and you wonder: "he must be lagged."
103: * Quits: brand0n (my sister HAS to use the computer for homework!! WhaT FUCKING WHORE@)
104: <}InFuZeD{> people sell drugs in my QBasic class
105: * SMaRt is very very very happy <BlueCalx> SMaRt: penix? <Jason_K> SMaRt: recent bj?
106: <brand0n> php gives me a hard on
107: <Jason_K> Paradox is Wing's bitch <Wingy> only cause i pay him :)
108: <brand-n> you [mhl] look so normal it is disturbing
109: <Wing> OMFG!!!! this one chick drove up… and she didnt stop or anything but i look over and she was topless!!! made my day… thats why i stayed out there so long… was hopin she'd come back thru
110: <Jason_K> someone was being an ass this morning <Jason_K> joined #tcpa with the nick detacheds <Jason_K> or is that the backup name for detached? <BlueCalx> that's the backup name for detached, you twit
111: <Halide> im trying it now :) but my port is loose!! ahahhhhh
112: <Jason_K> What do you think about pr0n? <SMaRt‘> OK FINE! <SMaRt`> I ADMIT IT! <SMaRt`> I’M ADDICTED! <SMaRt‘> SOMEONE PLEASE SAVE ME! <SMaRt`> THE TORTURE!! <SMaRt`> THE PAIN!!! <SMaRt`> AHHHHHHHH!
113: *
Joins: paradawx (||cire)
114: <kc8apf> Luke727: but, the sheer size of it is massive
115: <Dj-FLuff-> whats asm and whats basic?
116: * Joins: SMaRt (moc.loa.tpi.38C90ACA|tRaMS#moc.loa.tpi.38C90ACA|tRaMS) <Assembler> [SMaRt] Bow down to the moron.
117: <mhl> Yeah, you can change your memory to one hundred mega bytes. Its under the ’mode' button.
118: <SMaRt> I been using a pencil and it kept braking inside the hole
119: <SMaRt> see yaz hootie | <mhl> !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*() | <mhl> dont leave me!
120: <SMaRt> i'm playin wit muh vizor!
121: <one[2]> leave some batteries out for a while <NoidMan> Like how long? <one[2]> to like… let it forget how you fucked it up
122: <}InFuZeD{> scabby…program…no getting drunk | <scabby> gttooo laaaaaaate!
123: <}InFuZeD{> !quote 71
124: <scabby> you sounds like booclax <scabby> ie a sad cunt
125: <scabby> what's with the mass orgasm? am i missing something? <brand0n> scabby: You didn't get the private message to stick your finger up your but from Assembler? <scabby> no?
126: <micros> my friend pheared when i said that i knew patrick davidson
127: <asmand> they dipped tampons into the booze and shoved it up their ass
128: <}InFuZeD{> I can only pick up chicks on IRC that live 3+ hours from my house
129: <PatrickD> Oh no, when TCPA members kick out other TCPA members, you know the planet is going downhill
130: <SMaRt‘> quote!
131: <ubergoat> this college empties out on weekends <ubergoat> and the people who aren’t going home are getting drunk, so i take advantage of the bandwidth
132: <SMaRt‘> wb simmmy <asim> wtf does wb stand for? <SMaRt`> it means ’Welcome Back' <asim> hey, that makes sense! <asim> you folks are nice in here
133: <SMaRt‘> What the !*$% is an asymptote?
134: <PatrickD> When in doubt, use the image of the Phoenix ship as a button
135: <Jason_K> stop looking at me detached!^$!$!
136: <nickd> BlueCalx84: maybe fate is something made up by hallmark to sell shit
137: <}InFuZeD{> the link port is like dead | <asmand> too many penetrations? | <}InFuZeD{> heh | <}InFuZeD{> it wasn’t mine
138: <brand-n> smart got a BJ! | * asmand really tries to think of what BJ could mean
139: <halide> what is uNF
140: <PatrickD> I was trying to h4x0r, but I didn't succeed
141: <bra|ph00d> there are a LOT of hot chicks in that town [Miami] let me tell you <bra|ph00d> I Don't think they let ugly girls in the city
142: <asmand> last winter we had -40 for a week | <PatrickD> -40 is very bad, as it is likely to damage the LCD of the TI-82
143: <YodaToad> i've had ppl w/ dynamic IPs wanting subdomains
144: <asim> how big is it?
145: *
Quits: detached (
146: <brand0n> nick: if I write on my ass and take a picture can I be on Are you going to be like stile?
147: <scabby> don't you just hate it when you overfill your glass with beer and it overflows onto your mousemat?
148: <YodaToad> we're not as mature as the great patrick davidson…
149: <PatrickD> That needs to be added to our quotes
150: <PatrickD> I type 50 WPM on the TI-85 <PatrickD> but, I don't know my speed on a normal keyboard
151: 23:38:29 <TG4W-CSMS> what's phoenix
152: <PatrickD> syBlaq: I think you are a bot
153: <PatrickD> I'm sure you can stay awake 15 minutes longer to port the game
154: <McTwist> im going to go do some crack so i can get myself a tv show
155: <dulce> I have two calcs…they can't both be "special"
156: <scabby> i do not wish to see blue coming
157: <scabby> my TI has no speaker <pjpoes> mine has 2 <pjpoes> and a camera
158: <pjpoes> i dont like incompetence
159: <pjpoes> a squirl is a fuzy rodent… * pjpoes (moc.rr.ynts.081-94-49-42-mgb|jP#moc.rr.ynts.081-94-49-42-mgb|jP) has left #tcpa
160: <Jason_K> its all clear now <Jason_K> fuck <Jason_K> fell outta my chair again
161: <detached> *PatrickD @ -1h quit: newbie-status
163: <SMaRt> Jason_K: Can I crash one of the bots?
164: <Fandu> I think it also ate Ztetris once
165: <BlueCalx> i have fucking ash t-shirts now <BlueCalx> do you have any idea how three one three three seven that is?
166: <asim> folks, just pay for domains……it's always cool to be able to do your own DNS <SMaRt> i dont like paying *
Quit: dulce (And I though I was cheap…)
167: <ephesus> ephesus: hey
168: <BlueCalx> atem: when i was in 2nd grade my teachers and principal thought i had some kind of mental illness because i would never talk to kids
169: === (nick\change) Perly �> I8PUSSY
170: <lordgoat> i feel dirty <lordgoat> i went into #tcpa
171: <SMaRt> <Wing> <mhl> <SMaRt> <Wing> <SMaRt> <Wing> <mhl> <Wing> <SMaRt> <mhl> <SMaRt> i hit the power switch on my battery
172: [22:27] <Jason_K> Patrick Davidson is actually a team of chimpanzees with laptops
173: <redux> I'd rather vote for Snowballs than Gore =D
174: <Wing> i have oscar <Joef‘> what is oscar?
175: <asim> You [asim] have a 71% chance of dying during sex.
176: <asmand> sleeping rulez
177: <vort> but when trying the custom f1 thingy it gives me shit <PatrickD> What is this "shit" ?
178: <mhl> Who was the original author of Jack and the Beanstalk?
179: <BlueCalx> your botnet sucks my cawk.
180: <at0m> yes, I was downstairs getting high <at0m> you caught me
181: <Crashnbur> adam: you a virgin? <SMaRt> sounds like an offer adam
182: <at0m> say i if you’ve given Crashnbur a blowjob <at0m> i <Crashnbur> atom: well, you suck at it
183: <TheBadger> who'se Jennifer Aniston?
184: [19:37] <t}{[> i mostly sit on my ass, watching porn on the computer, while i masturbait
185: <Drippy> you know you are a very helpful person? | <Drippy> oh, i mean when you're not being who you are of course :)
186: <t}{[> awe… my butt itches | <t}{[> …… | <t}{[> not anymore
187: <asmand> smart, there are news on the TCPA page <SMaRt‘> no way!!!!!!!!
188: <Hitokage> PatrickD: are u the webmaster of
189: <SMaRt`> This world is going to crap… <SMaRt`> no pd! <SMaRt`> TCPA is going to crap… <SMaRt`> Thats better
190: <Joe_F> damn i have to go to church again tommorrow
191: <Jason_K> why is Adam the only one not oped?
192: <t}{[> …… i’ve been talking to someone that's not here
193: <aardvarq> No. There's not any way to divide by 5 in Z80. That's why TI chose to use the Z80 in their calculators.
194: <Dan_E> It only just occured to me that if I want to talk on IRC, I have to connect to it :)
195: "Calculus and alcohol don't mix. Never drink and derive."
196: <Jason_K> scabby is constantly drunk but still manages to write ingenious code
197: <Blankware> lord <Blankware> who made VTI?
198: <Lucien> someone who is finally finishing a project he began long time ago! <Lucien> Joe_F great!
199: <mhl[z80]> what do you program for? <Lucien> 89-92-92+-computer <Lucien> u? <mhl[z80]> all kinds of stuff, but really nothing
200: <Lucien> kwak kwak <mhl[z80]> what're you a chicken or something? <Lucien> yes, I am a cop
201: <Joe_F> ld a,Lucien <Joe_F> ld b,isstupid <Joe_F> cp b <Joe_F> kick z
202: <|Jeff|> wow <|Jeff|> opeed <|Jeff|> opped
203: <Joe_F> nEED to RESTART CAN't TyPE RiGHT
204: <Dan_E> I just thought that it would be cool to have glasses and braces.
205: <Dan_E> I was really weird when I was younger (not that I'm not now…)
207: <Dan_E> I was one of those real newbies. I had a hell of a time figuring out how to get things assembled and linked correctly.
208: <mhl> I think it took me a week to figure out how to compile. <mhl> and ~50 emails to ahmed
209: <t}{[> i think that if it hadn't been for jason, i'd like z80 a shit-load more
210: <Dan_E> What does Jason have to do with z80?
211: <t}{[> SMaRt‘…. yeah, i know sexually active 11 year olds <t}{[> hell… it’s probably great, nothing to clean up
212: <SMaRt‘> What does evolution have to do with sex?
213: <|Jeff|> forget about human evolution <|Jeff|> talk about calculator evolution
214: <scabby> and setting up a website!! MY GOD , that’s just plain obscene!
215: <scabby> DAMNIT fucking irish wanker just made me turn it down
216: <mhl> now <mhl> why do my parents have to pay public school taxes when I go to private school?
217: <t}{[> if i didn't know i had to have been this bad when i was starting, i would have given up a long time ago
218: <Jason_K> look, it's Patrick Davidson. <atom> eye ph34r
219: <scabby> mouse pad just sounds plain stupid to me > i'm going to beat your bot up with a big stick
220: Jason knows who I am <Lucien> in fact he didn't <mhl[z80]> do we all know who you really are? <Lucien> mhl[z80] try to imagine it
221: <SMaRt> (Dan_E): Will you marry me? <SMaRt> Dan? Honey? Please. <Dan_E> Our relationship is done. <SMaRt> NO!!! <SMaRt> Please. Dan. <SMaRt‘`> After all we’ve been through
222: <SMaRt> (Dan_E): Will you marry me? <SMaRt> Dan? Honey? Please. <Dan_E> Our relationship is done. <SMaRt> NO!!! <SMaRt> Please. Dan. <SMaRt‘`> After all we’ve been through <SMaRt‘`> We were twisted that one night…… But that was after a few beers.
223: <t}{[> you think dogs like to watch other dogs having sex….. like we do
224: <JamesV> who is that t{}[ guy anyways? <Dan_E> some schmo
225: <akadajet> Im borrowing a ti-89 from a friend, I tried to put stuff on it once, but the only thing I could +gt to work was pheonix :P
226: <ZeroGX> what’s the best BASIC shell for the 85?
227: <scabby> YOU'RE LAME SMART!!!!!!!!!!!!! <asim> scabby: now, now, no need to state the obvious. :) <SMaRt> I KNOW!!!! 228: <t}{[> heh... wait a minute... dying eyes is larger than an app? heh 229: * redux gives SMaRt a golden shower
230: <Dan_E> see…this is a time when I need to talk to olle…
231: * at0m likes potatoe chips <at0m> that e was intentional. really.
232: <Jason_K> poor armadillo
233: <t}{[> did you know that realistic looking dildo's are illegal in texas?
234: <Fu_Q> Jason_K……. you are pertty mean to newbies
235: <SMaRt‘`> You people… Call me "SMaRt’… not "SMaRt" <Andrew_M> how about smartass 236: <t}{[> damnit SMaRt….. i'm not the one that gave up on ASM and can help people with basic, gesh
237: <Joe_F> webpager's block? <scabby> is that where you realise that HTML is actually a load of bollocks and you'd be better off sticking your head down the nearest toilet?
238: <SMaRt> wing | <Wing> yah | <SMaRt> IDRAW! | <Dan_E> YOUDRAW, WEALLDRAW, for ice cream… | <Dan_E> nevermind… | <Wing> haha
239: * asmand just produced some natural gas
240: <t}{[> when i need a laugh i don't look to alh's sorry since of humor
241: <Dan_E> They said it would have to be sent in (with $50 fee) for repairs. I asked what caused the problem, they said probably a game. <Dan_E> Seeing that this was rediculous, I decided to play around and said, "Oh, so you mean any old game can permanantly erase my calculator. These calculators sure don't seem reliable, maybe I'll get an HP" <Dan_E> Of course, the person then said, "No no. I never said it was a game, I said I don't know what
242: [22:32] * t}{[ sticks his finger up his ass [22:33] * t}{[ is relieved to find no fever… but concerned that he's liking the finger thing
243: smr2x: Bye bye | at0m: bye sweetie
244: <vort> i can't click links if they keep moving up the screen!
245: <AKAdaJET> Hehe, maybe I could just start writing calc programs again and get some hosting with :)
246: <t}{[> yeah… things are rarely better than buttfuckin Blankware….. true story
247: [23:38] * Joins: Hitokage (ten.llebcap.12cfns.lsd.44-31-702-36-lsda|egakotiH#ten.llebcap.12cfns.lsd.44-31-702-36-lsda|egakotiH) [23:39] * Quits: Hitokage [23:39] <Joe_F> right then [23:39] <PatrickD> you scared him away
248: <Blankware> !qadd t}{[ "damn joe, it's tight back here….. arey ou a virgin?" <Blankware> wish i could do that
249: <PatrickD> you send mail to vog.esuohetihw|tnediserp#vog.esuohetihw|tnediserp with subject 'you are an idiot' and text 'subscribe assembly-83 or I kill you'
250: <t}{[> tios games own my nuts
251: <vort> must kill statewidemachinery <vort> laundry company that keeps stealling my money <Wing> [ vort ]: you're not drinking again… are you?
252: <vort> what is wang?
253: <t}{[> should i be embarised if i shit my pants?
254: <t}{[> i can't read, heh… or type…. i'm sooo stoned, hehehe
255: <asim> he's [patrickd] really just an infite amount of monkeys sitting at a terminal hacking out ASM code. <t}{[> i want a monkey like that
256: [19:08:23] * t}{[ pokes XxGTxX in the ass……….. [19:08:31] * t}{[ ……… with a 2x4 [19:08:44] * XxGTxX screams: "OWWWW FK!!!!" ………. bwahahaha
257: <Joe_F> the oposite of t}{['s motto is cogito ergo sum
258: <XxGTxX> <— 100% newbie <XxGTxX> well maybe 99.9% now * Joe_F notes that everyone here is only .2% different from him
260: <Blankware> wish i could do a!qadd
261: <XxGTxX> 313337 means? <t}{[> 3=e 1l 7=t
262: <t}{[> ohhh…. harder….. XxGTxX, you better hurry up, or i might go for SMaRt‘ first *
Quits: XxGTxX
263: [23:33] * Joins: PatD|Away (UDE.yelekreB.PIH.851-4-3sa|dap#UDE.yelekreB.PIH.851-4-3sa|dap) [23:33] <XxGTxX> Pat… are you gay?
264: <vort> i hate java nothing good will ever come from its existence
265: <Dan_E> We have 500 different tunnel games and it makes less difference.
266: <SMaRt``> bahahahahahaha I printed the acceptance e-mail from TCPA…..
267: create a really cool prog and all you get is crap:)
268: <vort> yeah i think mirage needs to be 32k
269: <vort> hmm that reminds me i need a rife to the liqour store tomorrow
270: <Blankware> is tinews working yet?
271: <Blankware> and why is that a funny quote
272: <Blanwkare> vort: what? pd has programmed something!
273: <Blanwkare> vort: what? pd has programmed something?
274: <MMfan> ??? !qadd???
275: * akadajet is stupid when it comes to IRC <SMaRt`> And real life
276: <Joe_F> Blankware: you have an overblown ego
277: <Blankware> i think im gonna go read some more confusing c++ tutorials
278: * Fandu checks his download queue. 1.1GB queued, current download speed: 4.6k/sec
279: "Too low they build who build below the skies."
280: "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. "
281: "He who has begun has half done. Dare to be wise; begin"
282: "A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is finished when he quits."
283: <PatrickD> <root|> <root|> beat ya..
284: <XxGTxX> lol patrick, your site’s layout is soo good
285: <Joe_F> that implies that PatrickD is stupid
286: <XxGTxX> hey patrick.. what is !qadd?
287: <XxGTxX> Im a better ASM programmer then PatrickD!
288: <PatrickD> He is a member of 'BASM Programming' <root|> uh oh…
289: *
XxGTxX was kicked by detached (j00 n3wb33 l4m4h!) * XxGTxX has joined #tcpa <XxGTxX> whats: <XxGTxX> (j00 n3wb33 l4m4h!
290: <asim> !quadd <XxGTxX> whats: j00 n3wb33 l4m4h!
291: <XxGTxX> Hey… Whats an IP and where can i get one?
292: *
PatrickD is now known as detacheds
293: <XxGTxX> sad <Jason_K> remind me who you are again… <Jason_K> (PatrickD: This guy doesn't sound very bright…) <XxGTxX> You newbie lamer
294: <XxGTxX> Makes me feel not wanted <PatrickD> isn't that the purpose of IRC?
295: t}{[ is here, wishing he has the last few files of Win2k [have:SOME] [need:MORE]
296: <t}{[> do you have the sprites done? <Blankware> no <Blankware> itll take 4 sex
297: * Joe_F realizes that no one in tcpa has control over the channel
298: [23:31] <t}{[> please? [23:31] <t}{[> i'll give you a free rim-job lesson
299: * t}{[ kicks Blankware in the nuts
300: <asim> you know nothing about hardware, yet you deal with a programming language that deals almost directly with it? <Blankware> asim: i do?
301: <asim> you know nothing about hardware, yet you deal with a programming language that deals almost directly with it? <Blankware> asim: i do? * t}{[ just lost all respect he might have ever had for Blankware
302: My eyes! The goggles do nothing!
303: <Wing-> i'd look silly to add my own quote
304: * t}{[ hugs his computer that broke last night for the opprotunity to get a new computer
305: <Blankware> t}{[: youre poor and you just go out and bout a 1600 dollar computer?
306: <t}{[> PatrickD's having fun with the quotes tonight
307: * jhfj is now known as SMaRt * t}{[ should have guessed it was SMaRt(ass)
308: <Blankware> whats q3 written in?
309: <Blankware> !seen my dick <detached> No matches found: my dick!*@*
310: <jhfj> It took me to a gay porn site
311: [22:13] <Crashnbur> /ctcp anus FINGER
312: [00:54] <t}{[> i was a super pimp [00:55] * mhl is a super pimp
313: [02:17] * t}{[ needs to shave his balls [02:18] <_wrath_> trust me, never shave pubic hair
314: [02:21] <_wrath_> not only that, but it pokes [02:22] <t}{[> bahahaha….. _wrath_ got a penile implant
315: [02:40] <_wrath_> WinME system uptime: 1day 2hrs 9mins 22secs [02:41] <Blankware> _wrath_: unix or win?
316: <mhl> tigcc is deity.
317: * _wrath_ is back (1625wks 3days 22hrs 46mins)
318: <_wrath_> I hate you ppl and your damn cin and cout… overloaded operators should never be used like that!
319: [00:36] *
Joins: aardvarq (moc.loa.tpi.E967A8CA|kravdraAgt#moc.loa.tpi.E967A8CA|kravdraAgt) [00:37] * mhl creams in pants
320: <Blankware> _wrath_: hahah - like anyone really visits anymore
321: <aardvarq> Phx | <scabby> phux? | <aardvarq> No, scabby, but I visit j00r m4m4 there on the weekends.
322: <Blankware> and some dork made his nick NickServ and he got my pass
323: <SMaRt> I got it up
324: ��[topc:#tcpa] SMaRt [#tcpa: where EVEN YOU can beCOME the victim of smart's homoerotic fantasies!]
325: * asim has set away: (SLEEP) | * SMaRt climbs into bed with asim
326: <Blankware> seriouslyt
327: <SilentWar> what opens a .nfo file
328: <Fandu> LO< Pat, your mean
329: <Fandu> Pat's just a big meanie! :-�<SilentWar> i dont mind… <SilentWar> me and pat go way back
330: * vort relizes hes been a dumbass for the past 6 months
331: * vort relizes hes been a dumbass for the past 6 months <t}{[> that's ok vort….. i've always been a dumbass
332: <SilentWar> wow…this server SUCKS
333: <vort> please quote that
334: <XxGTxX> i feel so pathetic… when ever i have a problem of ANY sort… no one knows how to fix it
335: <XxGTxX> whats a bios?
336: <XxGTxX> damn patrick… have i set a record for most quotes yet?
337: <XxGTxX> Damnit that hurt! I got my computer like all tooken apart so i can see stuff inside when the computer is running… <XxGTxX> I just tried to touch the processor… gives a little shock
338: <SMaRt> you are frickin dumb <vort> i cannot stop laughing <XxGTxX> vort, why? <SMaRt> because you are dumb! <XxGTxX> Blankware is not dumb <XxGTxX> oh you where talking about me
339: <Fandu> LOL, man, Pat is on a roll tonight
340: <t}{[> yeah…. damnit, Blankware always ruins the mood
341: <Blankware> XxGTxX: now you're just trying to get quotes
342: [23:50] <XxGTxX> hey i said no oral if you cheated again!
343: [01:50] <vort> why would there be 3000 errors in my
344: <Blankware> i BEAT misscle command <SilentWar> is that what you call your penis blankware? ;)
345: <t}{[> we'll release it <Blankware> like in a year <asim> you two should go to couples counciling. <asim> t}{[: how did you ever end up working with him on anything?
346: <asim> you two should go to couples counciling. ( Blankware, t}{[ )
347: <asim> t}{[: how did you ever end up working with him on anything? <t}{[> why is telling the truth considered being mean?
348: <SilentWar> damn patrick is knowledgable. <JamesV> he sure is
349: <mhl> omg <mhl> oh my god. <mhl> oh. <mhl> my. <mhl> god.
350: <SMaRt> She's ugly. <_wrath_> that is a dude with tits <SMaRt> no!!! <asim> that's like a dream come true for smart <SMaRt> Oh yes!
351: <AKAda|Awa> omg, you should all be banned!
352: <t}{[> cuz i don't think you could accidentally close a door on your dick
353: <mhl> yeah, I'm sorry. <mhl> I'm a retard. * t}{[ agrees <SilentWar> indeed.
354: <t}{[> If idiots could fly, this would be an airport.
355: <mhl> Yeah, I mean, obviously I'm the one that needs help. I mean, who would have thought that the guy who doesn't look at penises stuck in doors needed help.
356: <vort> anyone gotten sick of the conversation? <PatrickD> yeah <SilentWar> I'm sick of it * mhl has quit IRC
357: <vort> i have yet to gain any respect for c++
358: <t}{[> 4,1(8 WinME 4)15 system uptime : 4(8 0hrs 21mins 5secs 4)15 Best : 4(8 0hrs 28mins 7secs 4)
359: <greening> wow, I think I'm finally starting to fully understand the stack (stupid me)… :)
360: <vort> heh who didn't have trouble compiling?
361: [23:24] <XxGTxX> t}{[… i have a confesion [23:24] <XxGTxX> t}{[… i went out with a girl… she didnt mean anything to me… i promise
362: <SilentWar> so from now on when I think of you, I will probally think of supid. <SilentWar> your nick is now a synonym of stupid. <Blankware> ass *
Blankware is now known as Stupid
363: <Blankware> ive decided to quit fucking around and actually sit and figure casino out
364: <SilentWar> sierra's support is like getting fucked in the ass by 5 porn stars at once.
365: <}InFuZeD{> stupid 52 day uptime <}InFuZeD{> I want MORE!!
366: <SilentWar> you…suck… <}InFuZeD{> I know <}InFuZeD{> =)
367: <t}{[> t}{}{()(
368: <t}{[> asim….. whether you want to believe it or not, i'm actually pretty damn smart
369: <ephesus> i'm going to go out on a limb and say that you're all smarter than me
370: <asim> english class sucks my pasty white ass * SMaRt‘ pictures that. <asim> SMaRt`: you know you like it <SMaRt`> asim: :-)
371: <}InFuZeD{> Size of quotes.txt: *General Protection Fault in PatrickD.sys*
372: <ephesus> hey now, seriously, why does everyone hate scott?
373: <}InFuZeD{> Scott raped me
374: [00:10] <t}{[> sorry had to get my mom online… stupid whore can’t figure out how to start IE :/
375: <XxGTxX> hey anyone: How hard is it to make a shell like ion?
376: <mhl> 1470 SAT isn't *that* great
377: <XxGTxX> mhl: whats ei do? <PatrickD> exterminate idiots
378: <alh> broadband.. like something to tie up girls with during S/M games?
379: <Jason_K> S/M ?
380: <alh> hmm.. the sun is returning… I guess it's time for me to go to sleep.
381: <Blankware> dont ban me!
382: <vort> its great to feel like a newbie all over again
383: <vort> well even blankware is inefficient
384: <seltzered> i wish i could h4x0r
385: <XxGTxX> i can [h4x0r].. thats about the only thing im good at on computer.. lol | <XxGTxX> well ok i cant
386: <Blankware> has he [xxgtxx] realized that he is a complete and utter moron yet?
387: <t}{[> NO….. I MADE MY OWN SCRIPT, WILL YOU STOP BEING DUMB FOR AT LEAST A FEW MINUTES?!? <t}{[> once again, stop being a stupid shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
388: <Wingy> [t}{[]: i think you need to just get some balls <Wingy> i dont think you have any right now ;)
389: <Wingy> i finished my chem "studying" | <Wingy> also known as typing notes into my 89 :P | <vort> i finished my "partying" | <Wingy> sitting alone in a dark room with a party hat and a beer? | <vort> not a bad idea let me grab a beer and turn off the lites
390: [23:17] <Dan_E> !seen waldo [23:17] <detached> No matches found: waldo!*@* [23:17] <Dan_E> me either, beginning to get on my nerves.
391: <Dan|Food> Crashing Flash Debugger isn't all that hard…
392: <vort> there is no way this will compile <vort> well it'll compile it just has no chance of running
393: [23:40] <XxGTxX> WHERE CAN I GET IT!!!! [23:40] <SilentWar> bitch, check your caps lock then retype that last sentance. [23:40] <XxGTxX> where can i get it!!!!
394: 15,0110<15SilentWar10>15 I bet he's 11 [XxGTxX] 15,0110<15PatrickD10>15 is that supposed to be his age or his IQ ? 15,0111<15Joe_F11>15 both
395: [00:22] * PatrickD was kicked by Patrick_D (die lamer !!!!!) [00:23] <SilentWar> oooohhoooooo [00:23] <SilentWar> baby please don't go
396: [00:29] <SilentWar> now they just suck horrible bloody ass. [00:29] <Wingy> who sucks ass? [00:29] <Wingy> and is it bloody from all the sucking? [00:29] <PatrickD> basm programming
397: <SilentWar> I know I shouldn't go to cause something sick is there… | <SilentWar> OOH FUCK! | <SilentWar> never again.
398: <SMaRt‘> sucks
399: <_wrath_> I am fucking retarded… I was editing the wrong damn fucking copy of the damn…. damn… file <_wrath_> still doesn’t work though
400: <Joe_F> my hands smell like copper
401: <}InFuZeD{> stupid ti-store bastads
402: <}InFuZeD{> because if you're running a WinEgg you've done the ultimate sin <}InFuZeD{> NOOOOOOO!
403: <_wrath_> damn, I can't even do mIRC scripts, god I am lame
404: [22:12] <}InFuZeD{> try #linux =P [22:13] <greening> nah, then I'd be a newbie.. a channel with people I know talking about a subject I'm knowlegable in… [22:15] <_wrath_> #gaysex
405: <mhl> the more and more I think about it, the more and more I begin to think that PatrickD is a bot… :)
406: SMaRt‘ takes off his pants | <asim> oh dear god no! | SMaRt` walks towards asim with a big grin on his face | Joe_F is away..
407: <seltzered> my mom keeps telling me "it’s never too late" and crap <asim> um <asim> your mom is moron
408: orgASM
409: <Blankware> <--- just got over 9000 downloads! <mhl> people can't get over the crashing-their-calc-and-seeing-dark-blue-and-hoping-they-can-get-color-in-a-game syndrome.
410: <IceMaster> basic is good.
411: <Joe_F> Phoenix II 0nwz m3
412: }InFuZeD{ seems to have 2 servers, one of which is and works, and the other of which hosts other stuff and never works
413: <Joe_F> SMaRt‘: why the hell doesn’t seti@home work <Joe_F> usually <Joe_F> everything works for you and not for me
414: <mhl> i need to see a chiropractor
415: (3/13/2000) 15,0110<15vort10>15 vti supports the 83+ now?
416: (3/13/2001) <vort> vti supports the 83+ now?
417: [20:04] <Jason_K> then disregard that 30 minutes of everyone's life I took up when we were discussing the sql query thing :) [20:04] <Joe_F> damn [20:04] <Joe_F> that's 30 mins I'll never get back
418: <Joe_F> if I don't get this routine fixed I might die
419: <mhl> Fortran? What happened to Colbol?
420: <Joe_F> PatrickD 0wnz me
421: <_wrath_> you [Blankware] do me… <Blankware> one more time mhl
422: 15,0110<15Dan_E10>15 $50 says TI releases a version of the TI-89 with more memory… 15,0111<15Joe_F11>15 more? 15,0111<15Joe_F11>15 what the hell does it need more for?! 15,0110<15PatrickD10>15 so you can use it as a warez server, of course!
423: * SMaRt‘ visits once a month. <Jason_K> I go there once every hour on the hour!
424: <t}{[> ok, who in here wants to fuck me?!? * SMaRt` does <Jason_K> there was action earlier <SMaRt`> There’s action in my pants
425: <t}{[> ok, who in here wants to fuck me?!? * SMaRt‘ does <Jason_K> there was action earlier <SMaRt`> There’s action in my pants
426: [22:51] *
Quits: |Jeff| [22:51] <Jason_K> Jeff was here?
427: <Jason_K> I have a 115 KBps connection <root|> your connection rocks, but you suck
428: <PatrickD> !qadd *
429: <Wingy> Jason doesnt suck…. thats what SMaRt is for <Jason_K> no, thats what people Pay smart for.
430: <Joe_F> we are always scaring people away * Quits: Joe_F <vort> scared himself away?
431: 15,0110<15Blankware10>15 ive never been that good at vb, so…
432: <Joe_F> you don't think, therefore you aren't
433: <XxGTxX> i thought detached was a bot
434: [15/03/01 08:41:10 pm] <XxGTxX> pheonix? Whats that
435: <t}{[> i'm stoned, i'm gettin a quarter tomorow, kirby is spendin the night, and we're gonna get fucked several ways at once
436: <XxGTxX> how much harder is asm then ion?
437: <Masta_Yod> irc is being dumb and saying that xxgtxx is still on
438: [23:29] <redux> my bot > your bot [23:29] <Blankware> my dick > your dick
439: <greening> if you count taking a gig's worth of screenshots of NES ROMS and spend 3 painstaking days on copying all the sprites out of it, I have a lot of artistic talent.
440: <scabby> WOW!!! i have a ship on screen! <Joe_F> cool!
441: <scabby> hm you can now fly around firing ships out of your ship which always points upwards in my asteroids game.. great :) [22:42] <Joe_F> ships out of your ship [22:42] <scabby> yeah didn't draw a bullet sprite yet :) [22:42] <scabby> haven't drawn an asteroid yet either.. hrm
442: [22:43] *
[TI-85] is now known as [TI-86] [22:43] <Joe_F> uhh oh [22:43] <Joe_F> patrick d has upgraded
443: [17/03/01 10:00:40 pm] * Joe_F was kicked by JoeF (i don't like you)
444: [17/03/01 10:00:40 pm] *
Joe_F was kicked by JoeF (i don't like you) [17/03/01 10:00:41 pm] * Joins: Joe_F (moc.rr.submuloc.6120759pchd|F_eoJ#moc.rr.submuloc.6120759pchd|F_eoJ)
445: <Jason_K> hah, my portamonkey took a dump <Jason_K> what it does to the rabbit, thats terrible
446: <mhl> Patrick owns us all. <SMaRt‘> mhl: Agreede
447: [00:52] <mhl> IVE GOT A DANGLING ELSE
448: * SMaRt` kisses scabby
449: <}InFuZeD{> "<SMaRt`> Windows is running:" that’s an oxymoron =)
450: <}InFuZeD{> ahhh…the good 'ol days <}InFuZeD{> I was a script kiddie way back when
451: <}InFuZeD{> *
Tim sets mode: +g0d }InFuZeD{
452: <Blankware> GODDAMN VB
453: 15,0110<15SilentWar10>15 smart is gay, cofirm by showing us uptime 15,0110<15SMaRt‘10>15 Time is 10:11pm, computer has been up for 2d 21h 49m 10s
454: <}InFuZeD{> anyone have a d/l link for IE6 for 89?
455: <Wingy> i’m not a dumbfuck
456: <t}{[> what's that song that goes like "i want you to want me. i need you to need me. i love you to love me…." and so on <Wingy> that would be the "Gay Butt Buddies Theme 2000"
457: <vort> now does linux have any development tools?
458: * fu-que (t}{[) goes to blow his nose, and clear his ass… <fu-que> hmmm…. that felt a lot better than it shoud have
459: <JoeF> PatrickD: how might I change the current drive?
460: <asmand> that's just pr0n <t}{[> bwahahahahaha…… it's a guy, i'm sure of it <PatrickD> t}{[, you would know
461: 15,0110<15}InFuZeD{10>15 I'm such a napsterbator
462: <akadajet> Outlook 2000 is a big jump from AOL, this is my first time puttiing up w/ it :P
463: <JoeF> what are divs?
464: <Blankware> !qadd * PatrickD changes topic to 'Adam_K = the dude who wrote purple haze' [Adam_K] well actually half wrote * PatrickD changes topic to 'Adam_K = the dude who half wrote purple haze'
465: <PatrickD> [ti-85] [rom] 10.0 [os] Usgard 1.5 [uptime] 0d 0h 24m 8s [cpu] 1-z80 4600KHz [ram] Usage: 30717/32768B (93.74%) [screen] 128x64 1bit 175Hz
466: * SMaRt sets mode: +b *!*ten.dbbtnirps.oc.32-001-1-66-epc|resu#ten.dbbtnirps.oc.32-001-1-66-epc|resu <XxGTxX> smart dont send out my ip like that
467: <XxGTxX> PatrickD: Whats wrong with using vb for a bot anyway?
468: <Dan_E> Patrick very rarely believes that someone can actually program well. Or so it seems anyhow :)
469: <PatrickD> Maybe should re-open its message board for April Fools <at0m> or release something <Dan_E> atom: hehe, if I could only remember the password ;)
470: <XxGTxX> smart: Whats faster… DSL or Braud Band?
471: <XxGTxX> Is Dan_E a begginer at asm?
472: <Blankware> !k xxgtxx bitch *
XxGTxX was kicked by PatrickD (requested by Blankware (bitch)) <Blankware> xx: whats the site? ??? <PatrickD> blankware: you can't ask questions to someone not in the channel <Blankware> oh yeah <Blankware> that explains why the nick completer didnt work
473: * PatrickD sets mode: +b ir!htarw.y|dh#htarw.y|dh
474: <Dan_E> I, on the other hand, think we should delete the all the quotes altogether.
475: <Wing> [PatrickD] you're too smart
476: <lenaphax> This channel releated to the law passed in 91? <lenaphax> Telephone consumer protection act
477: <}InFuZeD{> I killed my keyboard yesterday <}InFuZeD{> I spilled Cinnamon Toast Crunch and milk all over it =p
478: <teenslut> freak.
479: <mhl> randmp3[Martin Luther King Jr. - I Have A Dream (Full speech)] [16m14s/7.44mb/64kbps]
480: <Blankware> id hav to learn to create oprograms
481: <SMaRt> | <SMaRt> duck.
482: <SMaRt> [moo] [uptime! 15m 46s] <SMaRt> MY STUPID SISTER!
483: <vort> roomates suck
484: <SilentWar> YAS 1.0 has protection built in :) <Jason_K> protection? <Jason_K> oh, I thought YAS 1.0 dispensed condoms <vort> it'd be a damn good reason to carry an 86 around…
485: <SMaRt> Don't think they're pubix | <SMaRt> piblic | <root|> public
486: <SMaRt‘> There is nothing more important than iRC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
487: <SilentWar> ….sarcasim. | <root|> sarc’asim' ? ;-) | <SilentWar> everyone, sarc asim | <root|> Behold, a new verb!
488: <root|> now we need a definition… | <asim> I wanted it to a euphism for sex | <SilentWar> sex sounds good | <SilentWar> how about drunk sex? | <SilentWar> yeah! | ��[join:#tcpa] SMaRt (ten.htuoslleb.aim.531-352-36-lsda|trams#ten.htuoslleb.aim.531-352-36-lsda|trams) | <SilentWar> quick, everyone sarc smart! | <root|> SarC! sARc! SaRc! SARC!!!!
489: <Blankware> hold ion 2 sex
490: <mhl> maybe we can have flame wars on again
491: <pjpoes> i need a lifeline <connect4> [Fred] you can try asking the audience…. <connect4> or phone a fred…. <pjpoes> i dont know any freds
492: <Dan_E> !qadd <connect4> oh darn, 1 short of 500…
493: [Wednesday, April 11 21:11] <Blankware> april13 is thursday
494: <Blankware> fuck, im flying on friday the 13th? shit!
495: <}InFuZeD{> Dominoes is a game?
496: <}InFuZeD{> that's a dumb quote :P
497: <}InFuZeD{> man…topics change too fast in here for me <}InFuZeD{> from ZKart 3D, to Bryan Rabeler sex, to Save The Whales
498: <filler> THIS MADE MY FUCKING DAY :)
499: <t}{[> <Blankware> i had to explain to my sisters what "cherry poppin daddies" meant <SilentWar> first hand experience hey?
500: <}InFuZeD{> yeah, the most fun I've had in the past 3 days was when my chair tipped over and I fell backwards this morning
501: <Vej|ita> Man, thats just wrong. <Vej|ita> I've got a faggot on my line. *
at0m is now known as Vejita
502: <}InFuZeD{> I was gonna be on c4s phone a friend list but Regis said I was too unfriendly.
503: <}InFuZeD{> Regis is being a bastard again…
504: <vb> what a PUSSY
505: <Fandu> He's screwed for getting a GF now. :-) <Said in the nicest possible way>
506: <asmand> man, I feel drunk <}InFuZeD{> asmand: been with scabby eh?
507: <Vejita> I'm special. <}InFuZeD{> haha
508: <Lucien> Jason knows who I am <Lucien> in fact he didn't <mhl[z80]> do we all know who you really are? <Lucien> mhl[z80] try to imagine it <Lucien> it takes the controll
509: <}InFuZeD{> I hope girls hyperventilate when they talk to my band too | <}InFuZeD{> in particular, me
510: <Vej|Wet> However, I don't think using the name Vej|Wet to message a gay guy is that good of a strategy.
511: <aardvarq> Someone auta take a look at Remius's random number generator. I think it's picked blankware the last 29 times in a row. * asim whistles and avoids eye contact
512: <MJMendl> basic = ? <MJMendl> !asm
513: <SMaRt‘> Don’t steal my calculator!
514: <}InFuZeD{> PatrickD: I'm betting I've played Phoenix even more then you've developed it :)
515: <Vej> Pad: you punk, you crashed irc and made the server reject any reconnects.
516: <mhl> dino puzzle, though? you all must have tried to come up with a name that gay <Dan_E> mhl: I don't remember if we or TI came up with that name… <mhl> I'll pretend like TI did
517: <t}{[> because halt will make it stop until the next intupt is called…. but if interupts aren't enabled, then the processor never starts back up again <Blankware> that could be useful
518: * Blankware is vejita's source for knowledge
519: <SilentWar> I was trying to be as gay as you (t}[[)
520: <SilentWar> I was trying to be as gay as you (fu-que a.k.a. t}[[)
521: <SilentWar> I was trying to be as gay as you (fu-que a.k.a. t}{[)
522: <PatrickD> notice lame 83+ basic programmer who whined about my releasing the 86 version on's message board | <PatrickD> I bought an 83+ just so I could ensure that nobody will download his programs
523: <t}{[> Vejita, what kind of progs have you made?
524: TI is being paid for everyones work
525: <SilentWar> uptime(win2k): win(3h 22m 39s) serv(1h 44m 46s) today(18h 25m 9s) xirc(1h 44m 49s) best(5d 13h 3s) <SilentWar> I have better uptime <SilentWar> wait, no I don't…
526: <SilentWar> does ayone care to see my penis? | ��[kick:#tcpa] SilentWar [no] by Superman
527: <Jason_K> what is ion?
528: <Joe_F> derevitives are not fun
529: 15,0110<15t}{[10>15 i might do them tonight 15,0110<15t}{[10>15 just depends on ASMish i feel
530: <Dan_E> Because VTI is…shall we say…crappy?
531: <Dan_E> There's a though. We can deoptimize MirageOS…
532: <Dan_E> On the other hand, if all the programs were good, it would make me very bored as I'd have nothing to complain abgout.
533: <Wing-> mount /dev/sex /gf | <Wing-> touch /gf/* | <Wing-> fsck /gf
534: <paul248> i know how to add more code to mirageos | <paul248> just start adding hundreds of routines so that people don't have to do any coding at all | <paul248> like a Phoenix routine | <Dan_E> You've missed a vital problem. | <Dan_E> Adding hundreds and hundreds of routines means I have to write hundreds and hundreds of routiens.
535: <paul248_2> someone DCC to me if you want to see the mona lisa in ascii | <Dan_E> Thank you, but no. That is just one of those things that I can live me entire life, and never regret not seeing.
536: * PatD^Away is now known as PatrickD <Joe_F> log(PatrickD)/log(PatD) = Away
537: 15,0114[15k0a14]15,0115,01 02mode 14(15,0112#tcpa14)15,01 15-o SilentWar 14(15,0112SilentWar14)
538: [] mode #tcpa -o SilentWar (SilentWar)
539: <Paul248> i'm on Juno with no banners… it's the best isp i've ever used (seriously)
540: <Paul248> i'm on Juno with no banners… it's the best isp i've ever used (seriously) <Paul248> i can stay on for weeks without getting disconnected
541: *
Mode change "-o SilentWar" by SMaRt‘ <SilentWar> ahhh <SilentWar> that felt good.
542: <}InFuZeD{> people are actually working on TI-News <}InFuZeD{> it’s scary
543: 15,0110<15Vejita10>15 I got smarter today.
544: <}InFuZeD{> <—-gay
545: <Vej|Fool> My little brothers almost older than I am!
546: * Vej|Fool is now known as XxGTxX <SilentWar> don't disgrace yourself vej.
547: <Blankware> i found out this hot chick at my work is a lesbian <SMaRt‘> yes!!
548: <paul248> ti should change their site to
549: <paul248> this should be easy <paul248> don’t quote me on that
550: ( to t}{[ ) <paul248> i just realized that that's TXC… i thought it was just some weird symbols
551: <Vejita> No one cares….screw ACZ…..bye.
552: <seltzered> Jason_K : are you really jason kottke?
553: <alh> alh tip of the day: never try to solder something with a cigarett or something similar smokingenerating thing in your mouth
554: <Joe_F> geezus? <Joe_F> if your gonna use the lords name in vain at least spell it right
555: <Blankware> lol <Jason_K> oop, still talking backwards I see <Jason_K> you said loud out laughing
556: <vort> heh didn't relize that much stuff would fall out of a keyboard if you just turned it upside down
557: <paul248> wow, the PNG graphics format is really efficient <paul248> i took a 256 color GIF and converted it to a 256 color PNG, and it got 50% smaller <asim> that's the idea.
558: <Dan_E> I just got this mail to moc.sdehcated|egarim#moc.sdehcated|egarim "Hi, I have figured out how to port basic programs to MirageOs and I am almost <Dan_E> positive you know how to but I just thought if you didn't I could tell you
559: <}InFuZeD{> I hate this stupid IRC thang. ItS not ELITE enough for 5c1p+ k1dd135 like ME!!!@!!!!! | <paul|food> you can send messages to every person but one?
560: <mhl> I think I know a total of three girls…
561: <paul248> efnet is shutting down in 5 seconds!
562: <SMaRt‘> [14:48] *
Joins: dino (yl.gnilliw.sbojwolb.sevig.retsis.sdneirflrig.ym|onid#yl.gnilliw.sbojwolb.sevig.retsis.sdneirflrig.ym|onid)
563: <Vej> PAD II: Its Naked Time!
564: <|Jeff|> BRB, I finally found something that wastes more time than IRC. =)
565: <aardvarq> Anyone want an addy?
566: <@aardvarq> C’mon Silentwar, you can figure out the answer to that one. Which person would I call a sicko, the guy who likes pron, or the guy who makes shells with TI-Basic?
567: <aardvarq> Deep Blue Sea sucked. There was only one cool scene in that whole movie. | <aardvarq> Of course, the cool scene could have only been done that way in a movie that sucked, so… | <aardvarq> In no other movie would, right in the middle of his "we must work together to survive" pep talk, the black guy get eaten.
568: <SMaRt‘> c4 got a girlfriend in college… <asim> nah, she just wants his money ;P
569: <SilentWar> i almost pissed to bed…
570: <wrath_> SMaRt`: your name is sean?
571: <vort> whats ’<g>' ? i've never seen that html tag before
572: <SilentWar> they say on sunday, I will be an IRCop…
573: <SilentWar> I lied horribly, I just tried to liven the channel up a bit. :)
574: <MJMendl> Vej: maybe it is you who is stupid
575: <Drakkun> what channel is this?
576: !qadd <scabby> WOW TIM! LET ME SEE YOUR DICK! <}InFuZeD{> I don't think so <scabby> damn.
577: <PatrickD> oh no, how will we live without Jason_K ?!?!?!?!?! <scabby> gleefully
578: <SilentWar> yeah, but you [PatrickD] are practically illiterate, you can't even write a decent game in assembly :)
579: [signoff!rap] Ping Timeout: 31337 seconds
580: <_wrath_> I got the idea after reading a website that claimed that tetris was about sexual domination
581: <SilentWar> no no, I like being lazy :) <SilentWar> it keeps me off my toes.
582: <vort> so how long is it going to take for someone to kick blankware?
583: <vort> so how long is it going to take for someone to kick blankware? <Blankware> trhat should be a !qadd!
584: <greening> I think I've got it..<Dan_E> Why Ford will lead sales in hybrid cars?
585: I'm surprised road runner hasn't been like "hey bitch, cut that shit out."
586: <Joe_F> I need to fix Bam 1.1 <Joe_F> I've turned into a regular patrick d!
587: <Joe_F> I need to fix Bam 1.1 <Joe_F> I've turned into a regular patrick d!
588: <}InFuZeD{> I was reading a Viagra ad | <}InFuZeD{> it says… "In the rare event that an erection lasts longer than 4 hours, seek immediate medical help." :p
589: <SMaRt> What happened to Vejita's finger? <SilentWar> I think he fingered t}{[ personally. <t}{[> yeah <t}{[> so?
590: <Joe_F> wtf is that? | <SMaRt> 2600 Meetings | <Joe_F> of what? | <asim> 2600…..
591: <asim> PH33R D4 C0WZ
592: <aardvarq> Hmm… he probably only wanted me to send one ping. Oh well. <aardvarq> Ping, DoS attack, same difference.
593: <Blankware> I NEED DAN!
594: <SilentWar> the first time I had sex we did it 5 times <SilentWar> until I no longer had juice in my pecker.
595: <aardvarq> hatchoo <Icy2k> bless you
596: <t}{[> and she also jokes with it, freaking filling my stocking with condoms :/ i hate that
597: <detached> <Jason_K> hey Sean, They say Milk does a Body good… j00 must be drinking A Lot of milk! <SMaRt> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! <SMaRt> BLAH! * SMaRt kills mhl
598: <scabby> ended up in the pub last night for 4 hours and drank about 10 pints.. felt quite hung over at work today :) <scabby> got loads done though.. hangovers are ace for increasing your concentration span :)
599: <PatrickD> someone just wrote me an e-mail demanding I mail him a graph-link
600: <t}{[> 12 months….. you must be gay to have a girl like you that long
601: <vort> so i guess you need to find a hexagonal-star-screwdriver:) <Dan_E> A more daunting task than one might suspect.
602: ��[topc:#tcpa] SMaRt‘ [I love you mhl and vort….]
603: <Joe_F> smart isn’t very smart <Joe_F> he cannot read
604: <t}{[> well….. i know i've been at the computer too long…… my neck hurts | ��[quit:#tcpa] t}{[ [] | <_wrath_> his neck hurts from trying to give himself head
605: * Icy2k is back (sleep) Gone: 1640wks 22hrs 18mins 30secs
606: <Dan_E> I might have to *gasp* plan it out on paper. That's never happened before. <mhl-> couldn't be that great of an idea…
607: [21:07] * SilentWar will go ahead and masturbate, I'll be done before this download is.
608: <SilentWar> stop that, your giong to make me get nut on the keyboard.
609: <SilentWar> ok, that's it, I'm nutting all of your name <SilentWar> it might get all the people below you too <SilentWar> oh shit, I'm below you… <SilentWar> I'll have none of that!
610: <_wrath_> heh, my app has 1 source file and 11 dependencies… <Blankware> sounds like mine * mhl- notes he must be behind, he only has 4 dependencies
611: <SilentWar> whipidy do! someone has their panties in their anul cannal!
612: <SilentWar> MASTURBATION MAKES YOU DEAF!!!!!! | <SMaRt‘> WHAT?!?!?! | <SMaRt`> I CANT HEAR YOU!
613: * Icy2k is now known as Icy|pr0n | <SilentWar> I don’t want to know when you are going to masturbate | * Icy|sory is now known as Icy|Nap | <SilentWar> its too late, we know you are going to masturbte
615: <PatrickD> now if you could just find out the serial numbers of the 200 or so people on my enemies list, I'd pay $1000 for it
616: <Icy2k> what does l4m4h mean in english?
617: <SMN> they download pr0n executables <SMN> then again, a lot of pr0n is worth a few viruses
618: * Joins: BS_SUCKS (ten.htuoslleb.aim.93-352-36-lsda|trams#ten.htuoslleb.aim.93-352-36-lsda|trams)
619: [19:12] * }InFuZeD{ notes not to wear the same socks 3 days in a row
620: [20:40] <SMN> detached: do you have inverted nipples? because I imagine you do
621: [21:22] <asim> then connect to asimwe.borg [21:22] <aardvarq> .borg?! Wow. I want youcannotresistthe.borg
622: <aardvarq> "Let's have the Olympics in Los Angeles in 2012 instead of some third-world country with no electricity, choking pollution, and a shortage of police officers."
623: <Dan_E> Hmm… "excrement" is not the first, nor second, nor third, nor fourth definition for "poop" on, but the fifth…
624: <Joe_F> Air Conditioners are like Computers; open Windows and they become useless.
625: [15:07] <}InFuZeD{> "Could you please send me SOR 3?" [15:07] <}InFuZeD{> "I've only got the executable, but here" [15:07] <}InFuZeD{> 4 days later… [15:07] <}InFuZeD{> "Could you please send me the readme for SOR 3?"
626: <t}{> oh god…. how did this happen?!? where did a TI-86 get the money to buy me?!?…… i'm going insane set me free!!!!!!!!
627: [11:25] <t}{[> damn everyone's got something fun to do but me [11:28] <SilentWar> go masturbate…that can be entertaining.. [11:29] <t}{[> nah… not right now, i'm starting to give myslef a case of dick rash or something…… it hurts
628: <SilentWar> someone come play with me | I want to play withs omeone I know | its funner that way
629: [15:14] * Cubeman slaps detached around a bit with a large trout [15:16] <SilentWar> unslap him [15:16] <Cubeman> How? [15:16] <SilentWar> by typing /quit slap! detached rocks. [15:17] *
Quits: Cubeman (slap! detached rocks.)
630: <SMN> it would be cool if something took shit for code <SMN> cause then I'd be paid to crap!
631: [13:19] [Blankware] ges veeb ub gere a kit [13:19] [Blankware] hes been in here a lot
632: <Blankware> ges veeb ub gere a kit <Blankware> hes been in here a lot
633: <paul248> the atari uses an athlon, right?
634: <mhl-> how bout them sixers? | <paul248> what?? | <SMN> paul: see, there are these things, outside under the day-star, that aren't on computers…
635: <SMN> the plot is senseless, although I don't think that ruined the movie
636: <aardvarq> SMN_2k: I thought the supreme court ruled that you couldn't participate in boys state until after your surgery.
637: <SMN> mhl: but I liked Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut! (actually, haven't seen it)
638: <SilentWar> asim: j00 know what I want! <asim> and you're not going to get it right now :)
639: [19:31] <aardvarq> asim: preparing for hibernation or something? [19:32] <aardvarq> I didn't know humans could eat that much.
640: <Chris5> so you people still play with calculators? <mhl-> Chris5: and for a profit nonetheless
641: <erikd> damn! <erikd> it itches!#@$
642: <SilentWar> I'd rape the goat as long as I got to wear a mask!!!
643: <Jason_K> SilentWar: you'd be a Porno Clean-Up Man, haha… | <SilentWar> Jason_K: lol, hell yeah :)
644: <Joe_F> I just deleted the 16k hello app that I had
645: <Dan_E> I was just reading :)
646: [21:36] * Blankware has quit IRC [21:41] * SMN has joined #tcpa [21:42] <SilentWar> trade one lamer for another…
647: <SilentWar> hmm splash screen? <SilentWar> isn't that with the liquid crap in it?
648: <paul248> ok, now i just added 12 bytes, bringing my total optimization to -1 bytes
649: * Topic is 'I am bored out of my mind' * Set by Kouri on Mon Jun 25 06:04:46
650: <Dan_E> There is a serious problem here…My radio is playing music, but it's off.
651: * PatrickD is now known as si1entwar <SilentWar> I saw that, and I thought I was a op!
652: [14:04] <Dan_E> I saw Canadian Bacon on television the other day…Prety funny. [14:05] <Dan_E> It's about the US starting a cold war with Canada in an attempt to boost the economy…
653: <Dan_E> I've just about, nearly, almost, vaguely approached getting fraction stuff to work correctly. <Dan_E> (Disregarding the fact that the calculator thinks everything is zero of course)
654: [21:21] <SilentWar> ooooh shit… [21:21] <SilentWar> its commmin…brb… [21:21] <SMaRt‘> TAKE IT UP THE AAA…. nevermind [21:21] <SilentWar> AAA batteries?
655: <SilentWar> pfft, if I owned a ti-83 I might kill my….ant farm.
656: <dan_E> SMN: Dunno, I’ve having fun playing around with my 83P. <dan_E> Well, it's having a sort of identity crisis. <dan_E> It thinks it's a TI-73.
657: <vort> who is thomas nussbaumer?
658: [08:22] <JJB6486> i ph33r 1cy. please dont kick me.
659: JJB6486 declares a topic change.
660: [16:22] <autismuk> If you've ever tried to use a UNIX box at 300 baud over the phone dropping 1 char in 3 this ain't too bad.
661: [17:47] <mhl> STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Staff at a company in southern Sweden have finally tracked down the cause of mysterious stains appearing on their cars — a vast swarm of bees. [17:47] <mhl> Construction firm Peab was so puzzled by the pale yellow stains, which mostly affected lighter colored vehicles, that they posted guards at their car park in Forslov. [17:47] <mhl> The miscreants turned out to be bees from a nearby hive which were defecati
662: [20:01] * SMN IS addicted to pr0n… just sloooow pr0n
663: <_wrath_> !seen * <detached> j00 n3wb33 l4m4h! <SMN> !seen * *
SMN was kicked by detached (j00 n3wb33 l4m4h!)
664: <Joe_F> Paul248: | <Joe_F> errr | <Joe_F> helps to put a message there
665: <_bLAcKcaT> except when its "its not a bug but a feature" | <SMN> it has many sporadic-crash-features!
666: [10:18] <Joe_F> redux is in there [10:18] <Joe_F> run!
667: [10:35] <Joe_F> The Affinix homepage was created using Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop. It is best viewed with a monitor.
668: [15:21] <SMN2k> yay my new zip disks came in!!! [15:22] <SMN2k> and it comes with cool bubble wrap!!! [15:22] <SMN2k> oops, i scared my dog =(
669: <SMN> pad: TI would pay you lots to do stuff for them! <}InFuZeD{> SMN: I don't think PD is in to molesting executives
670: [20:37] <}InFuZeD{> she's like…vertically challenged [20:37] <SMN> HEY! FUCK OFF THE SHORT-PEOPLE-BUSTING!
671: <SMN> HIV positive? I sure hope not, I haven't even gotten laid yet =( <Joe_F> that depends on your definition of "laid"<}InFuZeD{> what about Ater?
672: <SMN> are you abstaining from all sex till married? | <}InFuZeD{> yepz0r - that includes you even
673: <+Joe_F> SMN: check out leno | <+Joe_F> hot chick on there | <+SMN> DAMMIT!
674: 1221 01PING reply of 0110 min 35.979 s from 01detached
675: <@aardvarq> SMN: we're talking about asim here. If she was hot, do you think he'd even be trying?
676: <t}{[> fell bout 13 feet on to a 2" diameter bar :) <_wrath_> he should be glad that that 2" bar didn't go up his ass
677: <+SMN> seen my0.1father | <@beanbag> I don't know who my0.1father is. | <+SMN> beanbag's a bastard? I'm sorry to hear that =( | <@beanbag> a bastard who can kickban you no less
678: <}InFuZeD{> if only you were female smart
679: [17:59] <}InFuZeD{> Female and looked it [17:59] <}InFuZeD{> I don't want a man-woman [17:59] <SMaRt‘> I wish I was a female too [17:59] <SMaRt`> Play with myself all day
680: [18:00] <}InFuZeD{> Is it me, or do 90% of the main quotes involve me, the female I wish I had, and sexual activity?
681: [18:00] <}InFuZeD{> Is it me, or do 91% of the main quotes involve me, the female I wish I had, and sexual activity?
682: <+Dan_E> I’m not perfect you know :)
683: <def^^> SMN: I am virtually paying you more than I get paid, what with me filling out the invoice and spending 34 CENTS on stamps and who knows how much on envelopes monthly
684: [14:36] *** PatrickD is now known as ^[-_-]^
685: [15:17] <vort> ahh man no tinews no ticalc and no girlfriend for blankware things just couldn't get worse [15:17] <Jason_K> I just spilled Ginger Ale all over my mousepad
686: <scabby> i'm sober as A SAUAGE!!!!!!!!! | <@asim> scabby….sober?
687: [21:50] <SMaRt‘`> Win2k juust crashed. I’m amazed,
688: <_wrath_> or <SMaRt‘> scottd porn! <SMaRt`> I would!
689: <Dan_E> If we extend the US borders by about 50 miles, Canada will have three people left.
690: <SMN> Osama bin Laden is my bitch!
691: <BillCosby> j000000 will Eat the JELL-O Pudding!!!!
692: [12:02] <asim> 212 files in pending. [12:02] <PatrickD> the only one you need to worry about is phoenix [12:02] <PatrickD> actually that’s the only 5 [12:03] <PatrickD> (and of course anything from France is also very important)
693: [18:55] <Blankware> a gay guy asked me out today [18:56] <Blankware> and, ya know, i would have been really mad, except my GIRLfriend did a lot of stuff to me for my first time two days ago
694: <+mhl|away> fuck me | <+SMN> eww
695: <Jason_K> woah, no errors or warnings… I remember this moment 3 years ago when I started learning assembly.
696: <SMaRt‘> wb simmmy <asim> wtf does wb stand for? <SMaRt`> it means ’Welcome Back <alh> nah.. it stands for WorkBench. everyone knows that.
697: [19:59] <Icy2k> [20:00] <_bLAcKcaT> welcome to the wonderful world of windows!
698: <Cubeman> Black and white are not colors.
699: <scabby> hm i wonder how many calc games i could code in one weekend <SMN> 18.725, give or take 3.418
700: <}InFuZeD{> I do enough TI-News (when it's up)
701: [19:38] * Quits: Cubeman (Too much useless discussion is hogging bandwidth)
702: <+Dan_E> You know what, all of a sudden hit me once, after I read an email. TI employees have meetings, like other employees, and they sit in their meetings and talk about calculators!
703: <+t}{[> any of you wanna lick my balls? | * SMaRt .
704: [21:15] * connect4 is back: Idle 30 minutes (1wk 23hrs 17mins 58secs)
705: [21:15] * connect4 is back: Idle 30 minutes (1wk 23hrs 17mins 58secs) [21:15] <mhl> that's a long 30 minutes [21:15] <connect4> yea, well, when you get distracted it can take a while
706: <SMN> hmmmm, Corey is programming "Advanced Finance"… I don't want Corey touching MY finances…
707: <Dan_E> But it means I could actually release a lot of the loads of crap I've got that I can't currently release. <mhl> you can't release loads of crap? don't they have medecine for that?
708: <mhl> damn splelling
709: <mhl> I go outside once and a while just to see what it looks like <mhl> see if it's changed any since the last time
710: <_wrath_> Pinging with 32 bytes of data: <_wrath_> Request timed out. <_wrath_> Request timed out.
711: <Cubeman> IX is my favorite register.
712: <SilentWar> "Susan, we've been talking for a long time now. All this talk about calculators has made me incredibly horney, I need you now. Be on around 9pm est. tonight for some good cyber. See you then sexy. don't forget your ti-89."
713: <Cubeman> Nothing about TI is optimized.
714: <asim> blanware is my age? <asim> well, fuck <asim> actually, fucking sounds good right about now * asim has set away.
715: [22:05] <Cubeman> Graphlink just ate 40% of my system resources. [22:06] <Cubeman> and won't return them.
716: <paul248> i found a spider in my computer
717: <Cubeman> Well at Radical Software we thrive on stupidity :)
718: <SMN> !coffee SMaRt‘ head | * radsoft gives SMaRt` head0 a cup of coffee. :)
719: <SMN> Ah got muh hash pype! <_bLAcKcaT> stoner
720: <_bLAcKcaT> is phnx2 dead?
721: <vort> why doesn’t ti just use tigcc?
722: [16:14] <Joe_F> the screen is black [16:14] <Joe_F> with wieod red symbols [16:18] <Joe_F> I had the moniter plugged into the wrong spot :(
723: [13:20] <SMN> !k JJB6486 [13:20] <SMN> damn, too late =P
724: <def^arrgh> Hi-Bounce Ball complete with flashing LED and TI logo: $5.95 <def^arrgh> TI-logo'd baseball cap: $8.95 <def^arrgh> Translucent FM Radio, also with TI logo: $12.95 <def^arrgh> Code from Susan: Not bloody likely! <def^arrgh> Some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's
725: <root|> heh, my sis has an edited Limp Bizkit CD.. <root|> it's pretty funny… <root|> half the songs are silent… <root|> music… silence… music… silence…
726: <SMN> aah! It sprayed in my eye! I'm blind from masterbating!
727: <Jason_K> woah ooh woahh… I got my hash pipe.
728: [14:22] <green|mad> I've been reading for the past 30 minutes and I didn't miss a thing.. that's what's so great about IRC.. =)
729: [19:43] *
Cubeman was kicked by detached (mass kick, go sit in a corner)
730: <Blankware> i want flags! * Cubeman throws a pile of flags at Blankware, from various countries.
731: <BW|APP> t}{[ puts small wigs on his hand and puts lipstick on his fingers to pretend
732: <SilentWar> I'm scared of being stoned by a village
733: <@aardvarq> SilentWar: it doesn't count when you have to pay them.
734: <@aardvarq> SilentWar: it doesn't count when you have to pay them.
735: [13:25] * Quits: paul248 (efnet is shutting down in 12 seconds!!)
736: [+SilentWar] ok, I'm good with smn for atleast a day now.
737: [+SilentWar] ok, I'm good with smn for atleast a day now.
738: <+SilentWar> nah, I bet he was thinking about sticking his banana in the middle of some hot chicks thighs.
739: *
Joins: JJB6486 (…) | * beanbag sets mode: +b … | * JJB6486 was kicked by detached (banned: requested)
740: <Blankware> DISP "I AM GAY" | <Blankware> theres a program for you
741: ain't working
742: <kaos> Theres a guy on techtv saying "I'm an avid user of adult sites. I visit them on a regular basis"
743: <aardvarq> Hah. Gandi is the Taco Bell of registrars.
744: <def> ha, 3 emails from Susan today
745: <def
> ha, 3 emails from Susan today <SilentWar> she wants you sooo obad. <SilentWar> SOOOOO BAD <SilentWar> she wants your link cord, in her link port NOW
746: <@asim> mmmm….sex.
748: * SilentWar calls for a kick | <+SMN> !k SilentWar requested
749: <asim> someone submitted an 82 basic game to called "Let's have anal sex!" | <mhl> no doubt smn did it | <SMN2k> when was this submitted? | <mhl> you should know, you did it! | <SMN2k> asim: no, couldn't have been 12 minutes ago. I was busy having anal sex then. | <SMN2k> i mean, uh | <asim> …
750: *** detached changes the topic to '<vort> what is wang?' <vort> i forgot the answer to that question too….
751: <aardvarq> sex with femal friends > sex > friends > * > sex with asim
752: <connect4> what, we're getting PHILOSOPHICAL in a calc channel?! | <mhl> c4: me and smn get philosophical all the time… | <connect4> oh gosh….. the world's about to end, isn't it? | connect4 looks outside for the 4 horsemen
753: <smart_> smart_: Dude, just admit that you're going to go masturbate. Don't call it a doggy, either/.
754: <paul248> SMN: condoms costs $86.64 |<+SMN> fuck protection | <paul248> SMN: abortion costs $53.37
755: <smart_> smart_: Your hand wont mind if you dont use one :-)
756: <mhl> get smart marathon | <+SMN> i hope he didn't "get" you in the ass | <@SMaRt`> mhl can get me any time he wants
757: <SMN|away> yes, it fits! =)
758: <alh> just sitt still and nature will move you at the astonishing speed of one second per second.