Macross Software

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Mikel Blanchard

Founding Date

Sometime 1997

Years Active

1997 to 2003

Programmed For

TI-85, TI-86, TI-89







Macross Software was a programming group that developed several high-quality programs and games for the TI-86 and TI-89 graphing calculators.

Group Significance

The group released several notable programs and had some very ambitious projects that they were working on. In particular, Mega Man 86 (a high-quality clone of Mega Man in greyscale for the TI-86) and XeonTech (an advanced greyscale RPG for the TI-89).

  • Macross Software has found a revolutionary new way to access the Internet — from your calculator at school. Called Wireless TI, this is a package of documents and utilities that allows you to wire yourself in a new, interesting way.
  • Cullen Sauls released Megan Man 86, a full-featured greyscale rendition of the classic mega man game.
  • Haroon was developing Mortal Kombat for the TI-86.
  • Jigsaw 86 is jigsaw game where you can put a scrambled picture back together. Pieces can be stored in a "tray", and puzzles are customizable with piece size and the type of cursor. It even comes with a puzzle creator so you can make as many puzzles as you want.
  • The first beta of Xeontech, their flagship Action-RPG game engine for the TI-89
  • Mikel Blanchard has released The Quest III Chapter 1 for Usgard. This game is geared to be a mix between Diablo and Final Fantasy VII, and is only the first in a series of chapters to be released. This game also takes up all the memory on the TI-85, but for RPG fans, it is probably worth it.


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Group Staff

Some of their staff members were involved with other TI sites and groups, including Hideaki with the development of Crash for the TI-82 and Haroon with the TCPA.

Group Milestones

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Group History

Macross Software was started by Mikel Blanchard sometime in 1997.


They were one of the many TI sites and groups that was hosted by Dimension-TI.

The group and their projects were featured on several times.