Matthew Christenberry

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Matthew Christenberry was one of the staff members of TI-Files, a large TI community site similar to and

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Hey there, and welcome to our site, completely re-vamped and rearin' to go. My name is Matthew Christenberry and I am the guy in charge of the Reviews. I'm a cute 19 year old guy from Athens, GA. "Sorry Girls, he has a great girlfriend." It's been a while since I've sat down and done "stuff" on my calculators. In actuality my 85 is still in the possesion of my ex-girlfriend. My 86 is the one my brother uses, and I have my old 82 back. Of course the 86 is mine when I ask for it. I got started on my 82 writing the first programs at my school. Then I moved up to the 85, and soon the Internet opened the world of assembly programming to me. I got my 86 lastly, and I love it. What do I detest the most in the world of TI Calculators? The blasted 89! It brings the power of the 92 to the masses. Now, don't get me wrong…everyone should have access to n-nth derivatives, but from what I've seen of the 89 purchasers crowd. The people who could use them are buying the 92, and those looking for cool games are wasting their money on an 89. Ok, enough rambling..

It really doesn't take much for you to get your name on the reviews page. All you need to do is send me a review, you can send it in *.txt or as a *.htm, just follow the format!

But enough about my job… I'm a true, "Dave: I wanna be a member," story. All it takes is writing some reviews. Best bet is to find someone, like me, and get to know them through IRC. It won't take too long…then beg for work! I'll be glad to give you some ideas for reviews. All it takes is time, and some luck! We gotta have a spot open for you. I even helped Dave take care of the TI-85 Basic archive for a while before I was a member. Just don't give up, and you can be a member.

If there's anything on the site you need help with, just ask any of us.

Ok…back to my personal life…not like you care, but this is my page! I love to watch both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Party of Five, hey, don't diss them till you watch them. Anyone can quickly see that the two fine women on the show make it worth watching easily. That's why I joined two other web-teams devoted to them, both Sarah, and Love, have excellent pages on the net that you should stop by and see. I guess that's enough rambling for now…enjoy the site. And I'll see you on Efnet