Metroid II: Evolution

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Metroid II: Evolution


A quality version of Metroid in hybrid TI-Basic


Fred Sparks
Kevin Ouellet


Release Date

November 2007




TI-Basic hybrid

Metroid II: Evolution was a high-quality RPG created with TI-Basic using the xLIB Flash application to handle the graphics, and the more speed and memory intensive parts of the game. The game was featured on, and was heralded within the TI-Basic community as the next evolution in quality TI-Basic games.

Product Screenshots

metroid2.gif metroid3.gif metroid4.gif

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From the game's ReadMe:
To install the game you need to send all programs located in the Met_Archive folder to your calculator ARCHIVE memory. Afterward send all programs located in the Met_Ram folder to the calculator RAM. Once done go in the APPS menu and select xLIB. When viewing xLIB title screen press [1] and [3] to enable it and quit. After that go in the PRGM menu, select A and press enter twice to run the game. Refer to TI-Connect or whatever linking software you are using documentation if you need help sending files to your calculator.

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