Millennium Awards

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Millenium Awards Nominations
Posted by Andy on 1 January 2000, 01:07 GMT

In a joint venture with Dimension-TI we have decided to create the millenium awards. These awards will be voted on by both users and Dimension-TI users. The first step of this awarding process is nominations. For additional information, visit the Millenium Award Home Page. Please take the time to participate.

Update (Nick): Ti.Fr has joined up with us for the Millenium Awards. For more info, please click on the link to the front page above. Ti.Fr has translated our Millenium Awards pages to French for all our visitors.


(Taken from Millennium Awards homepage)

Welcome to the TI millenium award official site. We hoped that through a cooperative effort, we could celebrate the achievements that have been made in Texas Instruments Graphics Calculators. From its humble beginnings with ZShell on the TI-85, the TI community has grown leaps and bounds. With continued enthusiasm, we have no doubt that in the next century this will continue. Please take the time to participate in the selection process.

Users nominate programs and authors in the categories that we have created. After two weeks of nominations, these nominations are tabulated and a list of nominees in each category will be created. Users will then vote by ranking each program or author in a category in the order they would select them. Finally, the tabulation will add the number of rank points given to every program, and the program or author with the least rank points in each category will win.
Additional Information
In addition to the awards being selected with our nomination and voting process, we wish to celebrate the achievements that have occurred in the past. For this reason, we have compiled a few pages on the history of graphing calculators. These can be seen in the right sidebar.

Note: You may be saying to yourself.. "Hey, isn't millennium spelled with two 'N's?" You're right, it is. However, as any educated individual should know, the millennium doesn't start until 2001. With that said, you may be saying to yourself.. "Hey, you're a year early then!" That's why these are the "TI millenium awards" instead of the "TI millennium awards." Well. According to the Microsoft Press® Computer and Internet Dictionary, "millenium" was a word invented to mean "the year 2000," since people were misusing that way. So, for our TI millenium awards (taking advantage of the overused and overhyped theme), we figured that we might as well get it right and call it the "TI millenium awards" instead of the "TI millennium awards." For more information about the millenium please view this.

Here are the long awaited results of the Millenium Awards.

Best Author
Author Votes
Jimmy Mårdell 142
Bill Nagel 126
Rusty Wagner 108
Ahmed El-Helw 104
Xavier Vassor 101
Joe Wingbermuehle 100
Patrick Davidson 62
Andreas Ess 52
Matthew Shepcar 51

Best BASIC Game
Program Votes
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 240
Final Fantasy Destination 143
Final Fantasy 7, Cloud's Quest 138
Monopoly 124
Risk 89 115
Ground Assault 56
Angelo 3D 56
Lords 49

Best BASIC Program
Program Votes
Visual OS 186
Symbolic Circuit Simulator 141
Elements 118
Backup 89 115
Quadratic Toolbox 86 73
Basic Textviewer 69
Funk3D 61
Cos 5 Operating System 50
SCS-Shell 33

Best Assembly Game
Program Votes
ZTetris 185
Super Mario Quest 135
Street Fighter II 124
Phoenix 114
Sonic MisAdventures 87
Sqrxz 77
Super Mario 86 60
Bomberbloke 37
Super mario Brothers w/Level Editor 27

Best Assembly Program
Program Votes
Doors Explorer 196
Archive Utility 145
Z80 Assembly Compiler 126
Calcsys 92
Periodic Table 89 85
TxTRider 62
Picture Viewer 55
Tezxas ZX Spectrum Emulator 54
Attrib 31

Best Shell
Program Votes
DoorsOS II 247
Ion 141
ZShell 121
Usgard 77
Plus Shell 77
Yet Another Shell 72
AuroraShell Enhanced 60
Rascall 51

Best Utility
Program Votes
Virtual TI 297
Virtual TI-89/92(+) Emulator 115
Assembly Studio 99
TISShot 96
TI-GCC Library 45
TI-89/92+ ROM Patcher 43
W32Tran8x 40
GtkTiLink 14