Mogsoft, Inc.

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Thomas Peeples

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December 1998

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1998 to 2000

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Mogsoft, Inc. was a short-lived programming group for the TI-89. It was one of the TI sites that got hosting through TI-Galaxy.

Group Significance

The group didn't release very much while it was active. Their main claim to fame is their Secret Button game, which forces a person to find the secret key before they can exit the program. Although it is a cheap gimmick worth a couple laughs, it does feature nicely commented code that details what everything does. It was originally written for the TI-89 and then later ported to the TI-83+.

Group Staff

Miles Raymond was later a member of TCPA and TBPA.

  • Thomas Peeples (ZeromusMog) — founder
  • Miles Raymond (Killer2) — admin
  • Kyle Putnam (Kokiri89) — admin
  • Benjamin Rodgers (Bentensai)
  • Matthew Waters (PizzaOfHut)
  • Jean (?)
  • Eddy (?)
  • Charles (?)

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Group History

(Taken from Mogsoft homepage circa 2000)

Goodbye, Mogsoft.

I'd just like to explain why I'm leaving. When I first joined mogsoft, it was a rather small group. I think there were about 3 or 4 members. I was currently making my own webpage but I didn't really have anything to put on it, so I basically offered to join Mogsoft, make their webpage, and then start learning 68K assembly.

Well, I still haven't learned ASM but I never really made it a priority. In fact I became much more intersted in web design and development. As I write this, multiple notepad windows are open containing the projects I've been working on for the Mogsoft site.

Now, to the point. Why am I quitting? Well when I first joined shortly after, Ben joined also. I've seen his site, as well as all of his programs and I thought pretty highly of him. I didn't think Mogsoft was going anywhere, at least very fast until he joined. Then he started working on Brave Warrior Itami.. an RPG for the TI-89. I think this happened before I "died".

Let me explain. I think it was about 3 weeks before Christmas that I drifted away from the internet, and even computers in general. I was getting real frustrated because I didn't know HTML well, and things weren't going well with making the new site. I became engrossed with all the video games I got for Christmas and nearly forgot that I had a job to do; make Mogsoft their website. Well it was about a month after Christmas vacation (I think…) that I got bored from playing video games, and it was back to school. I started working on the site again and then when I went on AIM to see if they had fired me yet (I would have fired me too). I learned we were being hosted at! This was terrific news because we'd been trying to get space on for nearly a year and there weren't any responses from them (as usual). I quickly finished our site with lots of help from the tigalaxy staff.

That's pretty much where we are now. I set up a news script thinking we could update the page at least once a week. Ha! That was true for the first week. Everybody complained that they couldn't remember the URL or they had some excuse to pull out of their asses. I pretty much tolerated it, because I thought they would post news if they could just remember the URL. Strike two! At least 50% of the news on the site was from me, and I have to admit much of it was pointless. I'd just post stuff to make it look like we had a pulse, because the only thing that was going on was Ben's RPG and the newer site. The rest of the news was from Miles and his 'K2 semi-weekly update' which didn't really pertain to programming either.

Well if you didn't figure it out already, we didn't post a lot of news because there wasn't any! Thomas was half-way working on a BASIC RPG, but he seemed interested in other things. It's pretty bad when the leader of a programming group stops working, or even encouraging work. Half the members agreed that he was rather lazy, and it was pretty much proven because in the last poll, "Do you think Tutoricode is helpful?" about 80% of the voters (there were around 90) voted yes, that we should write more. About 5% said that it wasn't helpful, while the rest already knew ASM. Gee, it sort of says something. Maybe we should start writing more? Nah, Miles was pretty much inactive, hovering over the TV he wanted to buy, and then later his girlfriend, which was quite understandable.. but it got to the point where he wasn't online for weeks. And what about Thomas? Well he was busy playing all sorts of video games, he went to Japan - which was pretty cool, I can understand taking a break to do that - and lastly starting to plan how he was going to write his RPG.

About every day I think to myself "If I finish this web site, and they continue to be as inactive as they all have been, (just like before) I'm going to quit. I've had enough of this and there's no point making a webpage just for the hell of it." yet I would continue coding because truthfully, I had nothing else to do. Well today it's done with. No progress is going on, no news has been written in the last 2 weeks (3 or 4 if you dont count news by me) and everyone is basically doing nothing. I'll give Ben and Jean some credit, they have jobs. Although Jean is the beta tester, we have nothing to test… so you can't expect anything. Ben works rather late, and he had to format his harddrive, in effect losing all of his progress on Itami. Ben's moved on, he isn't going to be working on it anymore (Thomas doesn't know this yet) and he's pretty much learning before he starts anything. I think he doesn't really want to do it, and that he's becoming inactive as well.

And the final thing that really ticked me off. Thomas hired a friend from school, Eddy. I never got to talk to him in person (I mean on AIM), and only about 2 emails. He was supposed to be learning ASM I guess, but he commented he knew a little C. I thought maybe he could teach me because I'd pretty much given up on ASM. Well it's been about 5 months since he was hired… and I've gotten a total of 2 emails. Then, a few days ago I learned that we hired 'PizzaOfHut'. I've seen the guy around on a few times but I didn't really know him. I'd asked Thomas what he was going to contribute to Mogsoft, and his reply was something like "I dunno ^_^. He can be a moderator for the comment boards" (which isn't going to happen). Wow! That's just nice! We've hired 2 people, which do nothing. Just another two to the list for a total of 7. Charles didn't seem to thrilled to be in Mogsoft, and he was urging me to join him in a web-developement team, because he too was fed up with Thomas. I think he was working on an address book in ASM, but he never released it. Charles, I just might take you up on that offer.

So there you have it. I quit mogsoft. Nothing gets done around here, while I spend hours coding the new site. But it isn't easy to write a website if you have nothing to write about.

So long, Mogsoft. May I go in peace,
Kokiri - 10:59 PM (GMT) 7/24/2000