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Myst for the TI-89! This great adventure game is a point-and-click game. NOTE: Myst 89 is a demo because the whole game would impossibly fit on your calc. But don't worry. There'll be still enough fun in this game even though it's limited to the main island(meaning there are no extra ages) and some other things. Myst is huge and really heavy on files, meaning you'll probably won't be able to have any other files on your calc, but I think it's worth it! I did my best to make the great graphics great on calc. Wait no longer and try it out! Don't forget to read the readme for IMPORTANT installation info and more.


Myst 89 is a game made by Stefan Bauwens in the first half on 2011. It's a demo for the TI-89 and titanium calculators and is based of the original PC game: Myst.
Myst 89 got featured on Ticalc and also became POTY(Program of The Year) 2011 for the 68k section.
Myst is a point-and-click adventure where you have no clue what you have to do. You start on a island without any extra knowledge given. You have to find clues and puzzle around to make stuff happen and make you understand what your goal is.
Although Myst 89 is a demo you can have plenty of room to explore and do some puzzles. The main reason why it's also a demo is because else it wouldn't fit on the calculator due to the amount of pictures it requires(Now it's "only" around 300).
Myst 89 is then also programmed entirely in TI-Basic. Although Stefan didn't draw all the pictures by hand he had to edit them quite a lot to make them look in monochrome visible enough to play.


Some pictures of the game, including the animated screenhot with the Ticalc POTY award banner:


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