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Ndless 3.1 beta r623


TI-Nspire assembly shell


Olivier Armand
Geoffrey Anneheim

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Feb 26, 2010



Ndless combines an executable loader and utilities to open the TI-Nspire to third-party C and assembly development. As a TI-Nspire user, installing Ndless on your calculator will enhance the Operating System with the functions required to run assembly programs.



Ndless finally turned the TI-Nspire into a machine that could utilise all of it's power. Previously it was just a calculator, and nothing more, you could not even script simple graphical programs using the built in TI-Basic language. But Ndless opened opportunities to make the device worth it's money. A small community started around Ndless, and has grown since (mainly on Omnimaga and on TI-Planet). Several products have been created for Ndless, including a gameboy emulator and a DOOM port.

However, Texas Instruments does not support Ndless and blocks each new Ndless version when releasing a new OS. This has lead to developers abandoning the platform and switching to other platforms such as the Casio Prizm1 that do allow native coding. TI's reason for blocking is because they want to make sure teachers can control what content runs on their students calculator.


Development of Ndless happens in private until beta. This is to ensure that exploits that Ndless uses don't leak to TI, and the source code is only released when Ndless is ready for public consumption.
Currently there exists an Ndless version for every major OS release beside 5.X.

Details about the TI-Nspire hardware, software and Ndless itself are documented on Hackspire.


Date Version Significance
19 January 2012 Ndless v3.1 beta Support for OS v3.1 and CX models
11 June 2011 Ndless v2.0 Supports OS's v1.7, v2.0.1 and v2.1.0
4 December 2010 Ndless v1.7 Supports OS v1.7
16 October 2010 Ndless v1.1.1 Diagnostic mode
31 July 2010 Ndless v1.1 Compatible with Computer Link Software 1.4
26 February 2010 Ndless v1.0 First public release of Ndless, supported OS v1.1
Ndless Beta 4 Private release
Ndless Beta 3 Private release
Ndless Beta 2 Private release

List of products developed for Ndless

(This list is taken from Hackspire and does not contain all released products)

Tools and engines

  • Ncaster: Nspire Raycasting Engine (forum)
  • Ntracer: Nspire Ray Tracer demo (forum)
  • Nleash (forum): Utility to bypass the downgrade restriction of OS 2.1. Caution, OS 1.x are not compatible with TouchPad TI-Nspire models, except with a non-CAS ClickPad keypad.
  • Norse: Wireless chatting program, uses Press-to-Test LED to send messages in norse code.
  • Nover: Allows one to uses the same overclocking methods used by Texas Instruments in OS 2.1 in earlier operating systems.
  • mViewer: Allows one to view .bmp images on the TI-Nspire.
  • nDoom: A port of the 1997 Open Source version of the famous first-person shooter Doom engine
  • nPlayer: Video Player for the TI-Nspire
  • nwriter: Program to view or write/edit .txt files on the Nspire.


  • Block Dude Nspire (forum)
  • Trapped (forum)
  • Chip's Challenge (not yet released)
  • nTris (not yet released)
  • Shunledge (not yet released)


  • gbc4nspire: Game Boy and Game Boy Color emulator (source code lost)
  • NES emulator: (browse the topic to get the latest version)
  • TI-89 emulator: (unreleased, source code lost)


Ndless is, without a doubt, one of the most revolutionary calculator tools written. It unlocks the Nspire to third-party programs, allowing for the abilities of the Nspire (which are far greater than those of any TI calculator previously created) to be fully exploited.

As an end user of Ndless, you will enjoy the ability to run quality applications, such as calc84maniac's gbc4nspire Gameboy Color emulator. As a developer, you will enjoy the ability to write programs in C and assembly for the most powerful TI platform ever created.