New Programmers Order (NPO)

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Mike Delsi
Hulk Kuhn
Ron States
Chuck Taylors

Founding Date

May 1998

Years Active

1998 to 2000


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Programmed For

TI-83, TI-83+




NPO / nPo
New Programming Order


Hays Corporation
Hays Games Company
Ellis Industries
Lipid Inc.

New Programmers Order (NPO) was one of the offshoot programming groups that was a cover for Hays Games Company, which was notorious in the TI community for re-posting other people's games and programs as their own, code theft, misappropriation of author's names, and homepage hacking of other TI sites. The group was started by some of the Hays members, and was designed to be a rival programming group that was against their activities — there was a Hays vs. NPO war.

The TI community was especially united against Hays at that time, as they had angered many with their antics, and garnered a reputation within the community for stealing and fraud. In fact, the community had their programs removed off of the major TI sites (including Dimension-TI, TI-Files, and and even had their web host remove their website. The NPO group lasted until early 2000, when Hays "acquired" them and thus the rivalry ended.

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Contributions

  • List of their programs and games
  • Include a screenshot for some of their best games/programs

Group Staff

  • Mike Delsi
  • Hulk Kuhn
  • Ron States
  • Chuck Taylors

Group Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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