Outdone TI

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Jeremy Steinert

Founding Date

March 17, 2003

Years Active

2003 to 2004

Programmed For

TI-83+, TI-84+







Outdone TI was a short-lived TI-Basic programming group that programmed for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ graphing calculators.

Group Significance


Known for their Timerize program, which was the first program to take advantage of the new time chip and TI-Basic time commands added to the TI-84+/SE graphing calculators. It included several time-based features, including a digital clock, analog clock, binary clock, a chronograph, and a stopwatch. Timerize was also a featured program on ticalc.org.

Group Staff

  • Jeremy Steinert — founder
  • Spencer Wohlers
  • Ben Fortin

Group Milestones

Site URLs

  • http://www.ispencer.us/outdoneti
  • http://outdoneti.ispencer.us

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Group History

(Taken from Outdone TI about page)

Outdone TI was founded on March 17, 2003 by Jeremy Steinert. The name is derived from the never to-be-released BASIC conic program that he created in his algebra 2 class. He was pissed off at TI's conic app because it was insufficient, sucked, and was a general memory hog. He found a way, using the built-in BASIC editor on his TI-83 Plus to create a better conic program, without the fancy ASM stuff. Even though the program was only version 0.005 beta, it still outdid TI's crap app. Unfortunately, it was lost to the infamous bowels of “Ram Clear,” but not after receiving good usage in class.

In short: TI got it's butt whooped by a BASIC program. That, my friends, is sad.

Spencer Wohlers, a classmate of Jeremy, joined the group May 11, 2004 with the creation of Timerize 1.0, which completely outdid TI's practically nonexistent time display.