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Bryce Taylor

Founding Date

October 2004

Years Active

2004 to 2007

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Outside The Box Programming

Penguin Studios (PS) was a programming group for the TI-83+ and TI-84+ graphing calculators. They released a few notable TI-Basic programs and games including Nibbles, Agility, FallDown, Bomb Man, Cave Game, Jump, Organizer, Phoenix Basic, and Spades. The group merged with Outside The Box Programming (OTBP) in January 2007, and the members then released programs under the OTBP banner.

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Contributions

mathprogram.gif harrypotter.gif cavegame.gif spades.gif
  • Organizer — A program made to keep track of tasks with 3 statuses: not complete, partway complete, and finished.
  • Agility — This game is like an upsidedown version of avalanche (in basic).
  • AntiNibblz — Move around and dodge small randomly appearing points, the walls, as well as your ever-growing tail.
  • Blink 2.0 — An addicting key-puncher game.
  • AMT Plugin — A plugin for other programmers to make custom animated text.
  • Secure — A basic screen locking program.
  • Math Program — A program designed to simplify common mathematical problems.
  • Cave — A basic side-scrolling Falldown-like game.

Group Staff

  • Bryce Taylor (b-flat) — founder
  • Carl Schultz
  • Tyler
  • Justin
  • Kyle
  • Cody
  • Joseph
  • Matthew

Group Milestones

  • Jan. 20, '07 — Penguin Studios and Outside The Box Programming became official partners.
  • Dec. 2, '06 — Minor updates to the site, including staff section "inactive members". Also added Bryce's new Penguin Studios Organizer program.
  • Nov. 26, '06 — Two new programs by Carl were added today: Agility and AntiNibblz.
  • Oct. 10, '06 — Staff section updated again, White and Nerdy added!
  • Sep. 27, '06 — A major graphical update to the website. (From grey to blue!) Staff section updated. News made its own section.
  • Sep. 23, '06 — Some new programs are uploaded, and a few things are updated. Hit counter added.
  • June 7, '06 — Staff section updated, including ranks and Kyle V.
  • May 24, '06 — Smileys are added to the site!
  • May 22, '06 — The site is updated to include new content, and the downloads section is changed to other stuff. The links on the link page gain functionality, much to Justin's liking!
  • May 6, '06 — This site was created by Tyler. It didn't have any content, but rather was a sample. It was approved by Bryce on that day, and became the official Penguin Studios website.

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Site Screenshot

(Screenshot of Group homepage circa year)

Group History

(Taken from OTBP forum post)

Anyway, I founded Penguin Studios back in 2004 and was the only member until spring of 2006, when several other people at my school joined. Until this point, most of the programs I had created weren't all that great and filled with labels (I made a version of DDR, HoboHunt 4 (this was before the real one came out), NYCSE; mostly textbased stuff).

Then, we joined. I have told the other members of Penguin Studios, so we should be getting more members of the forum soon.