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Re: A82: Zelda

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Subject: Re: A82: Zelda
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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 22:45:11 EST
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I used to be an 86 owner till someone stole it, I know have an 89,
whats wrong with 86 owners?

At approximately 5:44 PM -0500GMT on the day Earth People call
1/18/99, moc.loa|601NAMMADA#moc.loa|601NAMMADA declared:

> OH don't get us started on TI-86 owners…we (at least I and a few


> absolutely HATE them. Just take a look at some ticalc.org news comments,
> you'll see what I mean

Well, understand that it is by far not all 86 owners, but definitely a good
portion of them. ANY time some game is released, it's all "when will it be
ported" and stuff like that. They have some sort of "my calculator is better
than yours, port it and more people will like you" superiority complex that is
so amazingly omnipresent that it's become their claim to flame.
Please NO FLAMES. This is MY OPINION. email me personally to let off steam,
don't bother the list