Program Piracy

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Taken from
TI Calculator Anti-Piracy Agreement as proposed by George Limpert

Recently, programming groups such as Hayes Games Company have
stolen source code and released several games without crediting
the original programmers. This is software piracy and the TI
community must not tolerate this. I am calling for the major
calculator sites (ticalc, ti-files, dimension-ti, tiuser, and
planetcalc) to agree on a method to stop piracy. The following
is the agreement I suggest fulfilling this purpose.

A program and the source code of the program are the property
of the programmer. Programs can be displayed in unmodified
form unless otherwise requested by the programmer. Source code
should be displayed only with the consent of the programmer.
Any programmer who chooses to re-use source code should
properly credit the programmers whose source they use.

Screenshots are the property of the person who took them.
Screenshots should only be re-used with the consent of the
person who took them.

Graphics are the property of the person or persons that created
them. If graphics were created for and used by a site, the
graphics are the property of the site. Graphics should only be
re-used with the consent of the person who created them or the
site that owns the graphics.

Piracy is unauthorized re-use or display of programs, source
code, screenshots, or graphics, or any other original work.
Piracy should be punished by loss of privileges to display
programs in an archive, loss of the privilege of having a major
calculator site host their site, public report of the piracy in
the form of a news item or other post, and loss of privileges
to be in calculator channels on IRC in the form of a ban.

By agreeing to this document, you agree to uphold the standards
and procedures described in it.

Please have your site agree to this treaty and to uphold the
principles it describes. Indicate your acceptance by sending
an e-mail stating your agreement to ten.llebws.eciffotsop|spmil#ten.llebws.eciffotsop|spmil
as soon as possible.

George Limpert
President and News Director
Planetcalc Incorporated

MTSystem 2004 -
Darwin Mach (machdarw)
This Flash Application has 4 different useful sub-programs: Advanced Chemistry Plus, ACP Notes Editor, Math Works, and a Virus Scanner.
Copying without permission

It seems to me that machdarw copies programs without permission. I found his MTSystem 2004 for which he asked betatesters in the ticalc archives and it's a modified basicbuilder app. He never mentions that he just copied the code form basicbuilder and didn't put it in the basicbuilder folder.

When I looked at his site, I saw that he also had copied my sorting program, Dan Englender's Remote Calc and Archive recover. There is no mention of the source of the program and he claims that he made them himself.

UPDATE: He removed all programs mentioned here except MTSystem 2004.

i lloked at the readme… the programs included seem to be copied from the basic archives… saw them somewhere

His Advanced Chemistry Plus would also seem to be a direct copy from the the program located here. I did a side-by-side comparison, and the interfaces match in a remarkable way. Even going under some of the solvers and converters the interfaces stil match pixel by pixel, prompt by prompt. Because the original (as I shall use the term) was a protected program, and the copied version was done with BasicBuilder (I'm still looking at the beta), I was unable (or to lazy to) get sources to each, but I'm guessing they would seem to match pretty well.

Normally one gives the person the benifit of the doubt - but at this point there's no doubt in my mind that these files are copied illegally. I hope that machdarw addresses these issues. This isn't the first time this has happened in this community either.