Rabid Child Programming

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Ben Carter

Founding Date

Sometime 1994

Years Active

1994 to 1996


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Rabid Child Programming was a TI-Basic programming group for the TI-82 graphing calculator. The group released a few notable programs including Football, TI-Bowling, Stratego, Yahtzee, and Mosaic. They also wrote a decent TI-Basic tutorial for programming the TI-82 that was released on Dimension-TI.

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Group Contributions

  • Football '96 — We programmed this game back in 1996. It is a football game for 1 or 2 players that allows you to choose from a list of the 30 NFL teams to play as. The stats of the teams are based on the actual statistics of the 1995-96 football season. (So, unfortunately, the Jaguars suck) Anyway, this is very smooth running game with a good AI for one player mode. We plan to release updates for more recent seasons soon.
  • TI-Bowling — This is a pretty good bowling game in which you can choose the position AND curve of the ball, as opposed to just the position. If you choose to run this on the TI-83, be warned that it already runs fast on the TI-82, so on the 83 it might actually run TOO fast. One player only.
  • Stratego — A calculator translation of the classic board game. The rules are exactly the same as the board. The only problem with this game is that it runs VERY slow. Other than that, though, it's a good game. Two players only.
  • TI-Yahtzee — A great translation of the dice game to the calculator! It runs surprisingly fast for a TI-Basic game, and it's completely graphical! The best thing for playing during math class. One player only.
  • Mosaic — Ya know that annoying little puzzle that has numbers printed on sliding squares and you have to slide them into the right order? Well, now you can be that frustrated on your TI-calculator. It's a very small file, and the game is FAST. (Not to mention the pretty graphics…) One player only. (It's a PUZZLE game, for cryin' out loud!)
  • Video Poker — This game is a good (I like to think) translation of a popular game at casinos - Video Poker. It's like poker, except instead of playing against another hand, you play against the odds, winning money depending on which hand you get. Hopefully, this will become part of a bigger casino game, with things like slot machines, keno, craps, etc. COMING SOON.

Group Staff

  • Ben Carter

Group Milestones

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Site URLs

  • http://www.unf.edu/~carb0001/ti.html

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