Researching Content

Summary: When researching, check, the Wayback Machine, the mailing lists and message boards, or try googling it.

When you are trying to research a contributor or contribution, there are a few different tools available for you to use. As the premier site in the TI community, is the main source of information. It is not only the place where everybody goes for TI calculator games and programs and likewise where people upload their games and programs, but it has been involved in the TI community since 1996. Subsequently, it is the only TI site from that time period still around today, and it has a rich archive of information available.

Since the majority of the early contributors in the TI community are no longer online, you have to try to access them using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. There is no guarantee that you will find anything useful, however, as many of them have incomplete history or there is simply no record available. Thus, the history of their presence and their contributions is lost to the community; all that remains is their name and the site URL that accompanied it.

The other primary research tool used is the firsthand accounts of people that were in the TI community at that time that got posted on the various mailing lists and message boards. This also proves rather limited in its effectiveness. One of the principal reasons is that a considerable amount of time has passed (especially important when considering how fast everything changes on the Internet), as well as the fact that there were simply so many TI sites online that people have a hard time remembering them all and not mixing them up.

If all else fails, you can always try googling it. Start with the contributor or contribution by itself and see what results come up. If nothing relevant shows up, you can try adding "ti" or "ticalc" or other appropriate phrases to the search query and see if that gives better results. Just like with the Wayback Machine, there are no guarantees and you might simply not get any relevant results.