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Years Active
Started programming in ~2006


Person Intro

Stefan Bauwens is mainly a 68k programmer. He has mainly learned programming from his older brother Jim Bauwens. Stefan's most used programming language is Ti-Basic. Although Stefan already has used Axe and Newprog he still slightly prefers ti-basic. Stefan has also been a great time active on Omnimaga which also boosted his programming skills.

Person Significance

Stefan is best known for his game: Myst 89, a black and white demo-port of the PC game,where he reached POTY 68k in 2011.

Person Contributions

In no particular order:
-The Mysterious School(A simple text-adventure)
-Makebot(A easy and simple chatbot builder)
-Magic Quest-Quest for the key(a small RPG-style game)
-Ballz(a slow platform game)
-Basic Mario(a slow platform game)
-Holes, Blocks and Ladders(a puzzle game)
-Myst 89(By far his most famous game) Discription:
Myst for the TI-89! This great adventure game is a point-and-click game. NOTE: Myst 89 is a demo because the whole game would impossibly fit on your calc. But don't worry. There'll be still enough fun in this game even though it's limited to the main island(meaning there are no extra ages) and some other things. Myst is huge and really heavy on files, meaning you'll probably won't be able to have any other files on your calc, but I think it's worth it! I did my best to make the great graphics great on calc. Wait no longer and try it out! Don't forget to read the readme for IMPORTANT installation info and more.
-Pop 89(a port of David Gomes Axe game POP in Newprog)
Ticalc .org discription:
You are the arrow and move with the arrow keys. Every time you hit the circle the "blackness" goes down. Before you can pop the circle, you have to go first up(into the blackness) and then only you can pop it. Your goal is to get the "blackness" completely to the bottom of the screen so you can go to the next level. Each level gets harder.(For example: The "blackness" goes faster up). If the level reaches the top you get "Game Over". You must try to get to the most far level.
-Duo Tunnel(an axe tunnel game)
-Squareball(a port of the ipod game, made for the zContest 2011(8st place hybrid)) description:
Squareball is a based on the eponymous iOS game. Your goal is to get the highest score every time you play before reaching the end of the level.
Everytime you play a new level is random generated. By breaking certain blocks your time/highscore goes up. Just don't let it reach 0…

Person Milestones

-Around 2006 started learning Ti-basic on TI-92
-Beginning of 2011 starts his serious work(Myst 89) and joins Omnimaga.
-23 June 2011 uploads Myst 89 to
-29 June 2011 Gets featured with a news article on
-30 December 2011 Is announces POTY 2011

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(Screenshot of Stefan's homepage around May 2012)

Person History

Started programming around 2006


Likes drawing and making games.