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Telnet 83


Connect the TI-83 to the Internet


Justin Karneges


Release Date

September 20, 1998





Telnet 83 is used to connect to the internet with your TI-83 graphing calculator. What you need is a TI-83, an external modem, and a cellular phone. Connect the TI-83 to the modem using a graphlink and connect the modem to the cellular phone via the cellular phone's RJ11 adapter.

Product Screenshot

(Screenshot of Telnet Layout)

Significance of Product

What is it?

Telnet83 is a terminal program for the TI-83 graphing calculator. It has an 80x25 virtual screen (can only display 24x10) that you can pan around. It emulates VT100, also. With four shift keys, you can type every character on the TI-83 that you would have been able to type on a keyboard.

How does it work?

Hook the TI-83 to a TI Graphlink (you can buy them at Staples for around $35-40) and then plug the Graphlink into an external modem or just about any other serial device that you want to control (like a TNC). You MUST use a null-modem cable and you MAY need a size and/or gender changer to make the necessary connection. The Graphlink is a 25-pin female. The modem must be a 9600+ bps modem because anything faster than 9600 will be able to slow down to 9600, but anything slower than 9600 will not be able speed up to 9600. Get it?

What's the point?

Well, you should be able to see the many great points already, but I'll explain a couple anyways. The greatest idea I think is email:
1) Check your email wirelessly by using an external modem and cellular phone. Just dial your ISP (they must have a unix shell of course).
2) Check your email from a hotel room or any other place where you don't have a computer on you. Just plug the external modem into a wall jack.

Basically, the point is that —
a) by using a free program that you can download here
b) and using a calculator that you already have,
c) you can go online by using an external modem that should cost no less than $20.

If you have a laptop or palmpilot, then obviously this is useless to you because those systems already have a better telnet terminal plus software specifically for email and web browsing so you don't even need telnet anyway. Also, they do graphics. For those of you that don't have this stuff though, Telnet83 is definitely a cheap alternative (since a laptop or palmpilot can easily clear $400 and you still have to pay the cell phone bill with those also).

Specs of Telnet 83 —

Telnet 83 is pretty much just a terminal program. It's features are:
* 80x25 screen with a 24x10 scrolling viewport
* Roughly 90% VT100 terminal emulation
* 4 shift keys allow all keyboard keys to be entered from the keypad, including ctrl characters
* Minimap appears during scrolling so you know where you are.

Telnet bad stuff:
* Occasional garble characters appear (since I allow typing during incoming data) as the TI linkport is not full-duplex. (Blame TI!!)


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