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Alan Hamlett

Founding Date

March 22, 2002

Years Active

2002 to 2004

Programmed For







Cirrus Programming
Anthem Software

The Calc Site was a TI community site for the TI-83+ graphing calculators. The site featured program archives, an active forum, and some TI-Basic programming tutorials. It was one of the TI community sites hosted on the TI-Galaxy network. The site was involved in discussions with some of those sites to merge into United-TI (UTI), but they ultimately decided not to go through with it.

Group Significance

  • Notable programs/games (including screenshots)
  • Notable tutorials/documents
  • Other

Group Staff

  • Alan Hamlett — founder
  • David Lindström — admin
  • Mark Hawkinson
  • Jak Ditko
  • Paul Workman
  • David Sanders
  • Josh Kasten
  • Josh Cole
  • Drew LeSuer
  • Jeremiah Walgren
  • Justin Bundens
  • Justin Clifford (BigRedDog)
  • Chris (dinkos)
  • Tommy Corrigan (intrnaldsk)
  • Justin Birkhofer (JBirk)
  • Danny Hilliard
  • Edward Stone

Group Milestones

Site URLs

The site originally used the custom domain name until it expired in March 2002, and then they got hosting through TI-Galaxy and the URL became


Site Screenshots

(Screenshot of The Calc Site circa 2003)

Group History

Alan Hamlett started The Calc Site sometime in 2000, and the site primarily just consisted of a program archive of his programs and games. The programming group was created by Alan Hamlett on March 22, 2002. The site gradually grew over time, adding new members, an active forum, TI-Basic programming tutorials, and projects. The group was affiliated with some of the other sites hosted by TI-Galaxy, with those site founders being active members of The Calc Site. In particular, Justin Birkhofer of CalcBasic, David Lindström of Cirrus Programming, and Jak Ditko of Anthem Software.