Thomas J Hruska

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thruska (at) tir (dot) com



United States

Years Active

1997 to 1998

Thomas Hruska was a TI-Basic & assembly programmer for the TI-82 & TI-83 calculators. He had his own one-person programming group called Shining Light Productions, which is the banner that he released all of his programs under.

He was a regular on the Calc-TI mailing list, as well as the various mailing lists.


Thomas released a selection of games in TI-Basic for the TI-82 calculator, such as Breakout, Nuclear War, Decsent & Star Trek: The Next Generation. Decsent was also released on the TI-83.

He also wrote an assembly program for the TI-82 called Game Wizard, which was a game hacking type program, designed to allow users to adjust the speed at which programs run, as well as search for and modify in-game variables (player lives, health, etc.)


  • Breakout (82 basic)
  • Decsent (82 & 83 basic)
  • Game Wizard (82 assembly)
  • Laser Fighter (82 basic)
  • Nibbles (82 basic)
  • Nuclear War (82 basic)
  • Scorched Earth (82 basic)
  • Spikes (82 basic)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (82 basic)
  • Tic-Tac-Toe (82 basic)