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TI-8X Haven

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Shaun McCormick

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September 18, 1997

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1997 to 1998




Your source for TI programs & info



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TI-8X Haven was a short-lived one-person TI community site created by Shaun McCormick, and the site had one of the largest program archives on the Internet while it was active. He had a few interesting sections of the site including: a columns and reviews section; the TIHaven award given to the best TI site based on content, layout, and size of program archives (and which both ticalc.org and TI-Files won); the 1997 TI Site Competition in Review, and the Game of the Month award.

He was the person that created the last actively used graphics for the TI-Files website, and he later joined TI-Files and Dimension-TI when he got tired of working on the site.

Site Content

The 1997 TI site competition review.

Ok. The year started out with the domination of ticalc.org. This site provided the most recent updates available. The presence of TI-Philes was seen, but it was not even near to what the fierce competition it is now. TI-Philes started as a more user-friendly site, while ticalc.org took the business-related site. TI-Philes became more popular with users, and mIRC became the place to go for both sites, on EFNet. The ticalc channel was finally "killed" by #Ti-Files and #ti, and both now race for population. Bots became a must have, and TI-Philes reigned supreme at this, thanks to tErMiNaTo, the bot master. Later, the #Ti-Files website was created, showing quotes and the users currently on and the top talkers.

(Come on term… let me back in! ;) )

A #Ti-files site totally devoted to quotes was created by me, Emp (Empeoror), but doesn't exist anymore. Dimension TI was there, but was in desperate need of a major upgrade. I created the newer graphics, and the webmaster, aka atombomb, totally updated the site and the title, now called Dimension TI: The Resurrection. TI-8X Haven was born in September, and continues to be one of the fastest growing sites, second only to Ti-Philes. Bill Nagel became the most respected programmer known, and ASM programs and shells popped up everywhere for every calc. New webrings started coming, but sites still stayed in the same number, for new sites that were actually worth it in content. New programmers popped up everywhere, and one of the most popular series, FFX, came to life. It has been the most popular calc. game series ever, created by KuraiKat. Overall, Ti-Philes leads the TI web in visits and popularity, but ticalc.org is not far behind. This page, TI-8X Haven, continues to be a contender, but with only one person, me, working on it, unlike the mass staffs of ticalc.org and the Ti-Philes, it probably will not rank number one anytime soon.

This concludes the 1997 TI site competition in review.

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  • Shaun McCormick

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  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

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  • http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Horizon/5256/index.html

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(Screenshot of Site homepage circa year)

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(Taken from support page)

TI-8X Haven was founded to serve the growing population of TI calculator users in their quests to find information and programs over the Internet. It was founded on September 18th, 1997, and has been a constant and reliable source for TI programs and info. It is founded by Shaun McCormick, and has been maintained by him alone throughout its history. It started as a simple file archive, then expanded with a columns and reviews section. More sections have opened, including special sections like the 1997 TI Site Competition in Review, and the Game of the Month Poll. Although TI-8X Haven will probably never compare to the multi-staffing of ticalc.org or the TI-Philes, it still reigns supreme as an individually maintained, user-friendly site. As TI-8X Haven continues to expand, it will bring you the latest news, info, and special discussions on Texas Instruments graphical calculators. Updated daily, this is your best site to find the latest info on the gaming and programming TI market. Thanks for visiting TI-8X Haven, and enjoy your stay!

Dedicated to serving you,
Shaun McCormick