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APP Development Contest

May 15 - August 15, 2001

Develop Calculator Software Applications this summer for the TI-83 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-89, or TI-92 Plus, and you could WIN Cool Prizes…

PAID 3-month opportunity to develop Application Software for TI*
Travel to a Conference to show off your APP
Possibility of bundling your APP with a graphing product at retail
Robot, SDK, Free Products, and More!

We're looking for Creative, Mind-Expanding, User-Friendly APPS, so start coming up with great ideas! Come on… All the cool kids are doing it!

Check out the Official Rules, FAQs, and Prizes for more information.

  • See Official Rules for more information.

App Development Contest Winners

We were exceedingly pleased with the results of our first-annual App Development Contest. The entries were very impressive. Competition was fierce, so the judging took longer than expected. Thank you to all who participated! We were thrilled with the variety and quality of the submissions! You will be contacted shortly about your prize(s). Here are the results*:


First Prize
Polynom, Sebastian Theiss
Symbolic Differentiation, Brandon Sterner
Second Prize
Calendar, Jason Kovacs
Third Prize
Equation Editing Application, Andy Hochhaus
Nifty, Peter Martijn Kuipers
StopWatch, Christian Jantz


First Prize
Equation Writer, E.W.
Second Prize
Circuit3, Felipe Mora
ExtHelp, Mike Grass
Third Prize
FFT, Bhuvanesh Bhatt
More Trigonometry Functions, Scott Noveck
Advanced Shell II, Greg Dietsche
Runners Up
Peaworm, Scott Noveck
Font Installer, Mike Grass
Startup Customization, Mike Grass
Crypt 2 GUI, Chris Leiter
Books of the Bible for TI, Danny Newport
Horse Races, Mark Johnson II

  • If you would like your App linked to a particular web page, please email the App title and URL to us.

App Development
Contest Winners

We had some good entries from the under-16-year-olds, as well! Check them out:


First Prize
Flight, Justin Clifford
Second Prize
Hook Manager, Michael Vincent


First Prize
Race2, Barrett Anderson
Second Prize
ChemSolv, Taylor Southwick