Ti Community Memes

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Over the decades, various inside jokes occured in the TI community, some which reached a certain notability, while others were forgotten. Those jokes were usually part of only one site and did not happen anywhere outside the calculator community. Some popular memes lasted for years before fading away.

Notable TI Community Memes

Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069

When Ticalc.org popularity peaked, there were many complains about the quality and originality of TI-BASIC programs that were being uploaded in the archives. One notable example were the high amount of number guessing games available for download. To make fun of the situation, Ticalc.org staff Nick Disabato uploaded a game called Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator v1.00000069, a slow number guessing game, with a description written in all-caps, then make a parody news article about it, praising the game as it was the best calculator game ever created. Initially, the prank caused some ordeal as it was mistakenly included in the July 2000 Program of the Month award (which it won, until the program was disqualified).

The joke became very notable and being discussed about for years afterward on every other calculator website. As a result, it became a long running gag, and in 2004, another fake, red-bordered news article featuring an ASM port of the game followed. It remained popular until 2008, then saw a second rise in popularity for a shorter while in late 2010, when a TI-Nspire version of the game was released (along with a fake news about it).

As a result of its impact in the TI community, over the years the game has been ported to almost every post-Zshell era calculator model and even the Nintendo Wii. Since 2011, however, the inside joke once again faded away in popularity, although this time, arguably, for overusage.

Original news article: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/news/articles/3/38/38229.html

Peanut Bags

This inside joke originated on Omnimaga forums on June 4th 2006, when staff member Spellshaper said "grab some peanuts at the entrance, they're for free!" to a new member who was introducing himself in the Final Fantasy: Reign of Shadow topic. It was re-used two days later with another new member and then it eventually spread. By then, it became an inside joke where everytime a new forum member would join the forums, he would be welcomed with messages telling him to grab peanuts at the entrance. In late 2006, a forum emoticon showing a peanut was introduced, although it was quickly replaced with a photoshopped peanut bag from Taylor's Home Cooked Peanuts, replacing most of the writing on the bag with an Omnimaga logo, which would be used as welcome "present" to every new member.

The joke became so popular that it would even spread over United-TI forums from Late 2007 to Early 2008 and would survive a 6 months Omnimaga downtime, returning there after its re-opening with more popularity than before the forums closing.

In 2010, Omnimaga members started to create different photoshops of the Omnimaga bag, leading to people using those instead for a while, although the 2006 bag would start getting used again on a regular basis in 2011.

As of July 2015, the inside joke is still widely popular and still used on a regular basis, even by newer members who adopted it, making it the second longest-lasting TI community meme behind Wacky Fun Random Numbar Generator. Although it had no real signifiance in the rest of the TI community in terms of calculator programming and usage, it is still particularly notable due to its age and how its popularity have never really dwindled despite being so old.

The Omnimaga Introduction sub-forum, where you can see the joke being used in almost every thread from June 2006 to Present: http://www.omnimaga.org/index.php?board=10.0


In 2005, Rivereye started an inside joke on Cemetech where people would put an ASCII-art fish in their signature and it would sometimes get referenced in various posts. The ASCII fish, named Blub, looked like this: >(<')

Due to its popularity at the time, it would act as some sort of Cemetech mascot until Early 2007. As of today, it doesn't appear to be used anymore, although some older members who are not as active anymore have kept it in their signature.

During its peak years, the joke was sometimes refered to on other forums that were frequented by certain Cemetech members.

Blue lobster

This inside joke about Netham45, a former Omnimaga administrator being a blue lobster started on said forum around Early 2009, probably initiated by a post by Iambian. It lasted for a few years. Ironically, after CodeWalrus opening, this resulted into the big three English TI forums of the time (Cemetech, CodeWalrus and Omnimaga) having a sea animal-related inside joke or mascot (Blub, Blue Lobster and Walrii).

Necroposting and Halloween

For some reasons, United-TI, Cemetech, Omnimaga and to a lesser extent CodeWalrus all experienced waves of necroposting (replying to a forum topic in which the previous reply was several months ago) in October, shorthly before Halloween. The most notable waves were on United-TI in 2005 and 2009 (which resulted into this topic: https://www.cemetech.net/projects/uti/viewtopic.php?t=3684 ). It is unknown if Halloween has an influence or if it is simply because of a larger amount of users seeking calculator help being around in October.


Although 133 is not related to TI calculators, but rather a Casio one, this running gag happened exclusively on Omnimaga, which is primarily TI-related. It started in response to the notoriously intense smell that early Casio fx-CG10 calculators had. Most new electronic devices have a similar smell, but nowhere close to this much, so as a result, various jokes were made on Omnimaga about it, culminating into an IRC quote, which was saved with the ID #133 in the site's IRC quotes database. Most jokes made references about illicit substance effects, with people jokingly being refered to as being under the influence of 133 when people talked about the Casio PRIZM smell. Some satire (fake) news articles were written about it, notably one about an overclocked PRIZM LAN party going wrong as a result of the smell. It is unclear how long this running gag lasted, but it probably lasted until about the end of 2012.