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François Goldgewicht

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November 28, 1999

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1999 to 2003






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Program Archives

Ti-Fr was the premier TI site for the French community, featuring a large program archive with frequently updated TI community news. It consisted of several prominent French TI community programmers. They commonly posted their programs and games on the site first, and forced the other TI community sites (including ticalc.org) to wait a week before adding them to their archives. It is no longer online, however, but a new incarnation of TI-Fr, called TI-Fr v3, opened around 2005 at @http://www.ti-fr.com/

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  • Forum
  • Reviews
  • News
  • PUDs
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  • Sourcecode
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  • Programming

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Site Staff

François Goldgewicht — http://visualos.ticalc.org
Zewoo — http://www.multimania.com/zewoo
MicroSheep — http://microsheep.ifrance.com/microsheep/
TI-Sources — http://www.ti-sources.org/ti-sources.old/team.htm

  • François Goldgewicht — founder
  • Pascal Martin
  • Preuvot Quentin
  • Quentin Preuvot
  • Olivier Miclo
  • Jean-Baptiste Lobel (palpatine/jibsoft) — http://perso.wanadoo.fr/palpatine/
  • Frédéric Brown (Quesoft)
  • Jean-Francois Geyelin (jfgeyelin)
  • Stoopidguy
  • Chevalier Thibaut (moitib)
  • Thomas Corvazier
  • Cedric Gehin
  • Jean Milleron
  • Brian Tribondeau
  • Xavier Vassor
  • Clement Vasseur
  • Microsheep
  • Spectras
  • PèreNono
  • Manuel Creach
  • Gabriel Bordeaux
  • Jean-Christophe Budin (jcbudin)
  • Florian Drevet (zorglop)
  • Patrick Pelissier
  • Philippe Gervaise (CandyMan) — http://www.ifrance.com/CandyMan/

Site Milestones

  • List of their important milestones (founding, important programs, etc.)

Site Names

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  • http://www.ti-fr.org
  • http://www.ti-fr.com
  • http://www.ti-fr.fr.st

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(Screenshot of Site homepage circa year)

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(Taken from jibsoft home page)

NEWS 28/11/99
Ticalc.org, dimension-ti, ti-files were very good sites, but in English .. Luckily, Thomas Corvazier, Cedric Gehin, Jean Milleron, Brian Tribondeau, Xavier Vassor, Clement Vasseur, the webmaster of T & T 89, microsheep, the 89, Robert and ti-92's and myself, in short, the cream of the scene ti French came together to make the best site on the French ti68k: ti-fr — www.ti-fr.fr.st

(Taken from ticalc.org news article)

Ti-Fr Translators Wanted
Posted by Eric on 4 November 2001, 04:54 GMT

François Goldgewicht of Ti-Fr, the de facto French headquarters of the TI world, emailed me recently about a new plan he's attempting: a real-time translation of Ti-Fr news into English. Not a bad idea, so email him if you'd like to join their translation staff.

Francois Goldgewicht has a new hosted site on ticalc.org called visualos.ticalc.org. This site is designed to give more information on the TI-89; it is also the home of VisualOS. A lot of the site is still in French, but it'll be translated to English as soon as possible. Babelfish may be a good quick fix in the interim.