TI French Team (TIFT)

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Julien Le Guen

Founding Date

Fall 2000

Years Active

2000 to 2008

Programmed For

TI-82, TI-83, TI-83+


TI-Basic, Assembly


French group of programmers




French TI Community

TI French Team (TIFT) is a French programming group. Their goal has been to help z80 assembly programmers and facilitate the learning process.

Group Significance

TIFT took on and followed through to completion some pretty big projects. Examples include such programs as Tiny Carz, FastRPL, and zDOOM. A more complete list is below.

FastRPL is a fast, interpreted programming language. It is designed to be programmed on the calculator, making programming quick and easy. Here are some programs made with it:

gravpong.gif minesweeper.gif snake.gif

And if you are familiar with Doom:


Guillaume also wrote the TI-z80 Unification FAQ, which helps programmers who program only for the TI-82, TI-83 or TI-83+ to program for all three calculators at the same time.

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(Screenshot of TI French Team homepage circa 2002)

Group History

The TI French Team (TIFT) was founded by Julien Le Guen in Fall 2000. It started out with just a couple members, and gradually grew over time. Many of the members were inactive, however, and the group had a relatively high turn-over rate. Some of the members were involved with their own TI site or other sites in the community. In particular, TIman62 ran the popular les83plus (URL: http://les83plus.free.fr) and Deus Makina ran his personal site TIDev (URL: http://membres.multimania.fr/tidev/).


deeph of TIFT hosted a programming contest in 2011 called zContest. The contest was open to programs written in assembly, pure TI-Basic, or hybrid TI-Basic (using assembly libraries or tools for assistance). There were over a dozen entries into the contest with many of them featuring fun gameplay.

TIFT member Deus Makina committed suicide a few days before October 4, 2003. The reason for his suicide was unknown, and he was a recent member of the TIFT but a long-time TI community member. pacHa and Deus Makina was good friends, and had both entered the TIFT together. pacHa decided to finish his PaperPlane game as a tribute to him.